Absoluter Gegensto

Author : Slavoj Žižek
ISBN : 9783104034133
Genre : Fiction
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Der bekannte Philosoph und Kulturkritiker Slavoj Žižek schließt mit seinem neuen Buch ›Absoluter Gegenstoß. Versuch einer Neubegründung des dialektischen Materialismus‹ an seine umfangreiche Hegel-Neudeutung ›Weniger als Nichts‹ aus dem Jahr 2014 an. Ausgehend von Hegel unternimmt er nichts weniger als eine Neubestimmung des philosophischen Materialismus: In drei Teilen entfaltet er sein Vorhaben, Hegels Begriff des absoluten Gegenstoßes zu einem allgemeinen ontologischen Prinzip zu erheben. Ausgehend von einer kritischen Lektüre Badious und Althussers über eine Auseinandersetzung mit dem Hegel’schen Absoluten skizziert Žižek die Grundzüge einer Ontologie des »den«, des »Weniger-als-nichts«, um eine neue Grundlegung des dialektischen Materialismus zu formulieren. Ein so aufregender wie zentraler Beitrag zur zeitgenössischen Philosophie, mit Witz und Verve vorgetragen.
Category: Fiction

Hegelsche Dialektik

Author : Andries Sarlemijn
ISBN : 9783110833522
Genre : Philosophy
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Category: Philosophy

Postmodern Theology

Author : Carl A. Raschke
ISBN : 9781498203876
Genre : Religion
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Postmodern Theology consists in a sharp-edged retrospective and reflection on the forty-year history of the most important movement in contemporary religious thought that is only now passing from the scene. The author, Dr. Carl Raschke, is generally credited with having sparked the movement, even if he did not always happen to be its leading spokesperson. Not only has a comprehensive survey of postmodern theology in all its different phases and complexity not been published prior to the appearance of this book, but it is even more remarkable for someone who both “launched” it and had a central role in shepherding it along to offer what may be termed a “movement memoir.” Postmodern Theology surveys and summarizes the major figures and trends that have given currency to such familiar expressions as “deconstruction,” “deconstructive theology,” “radical theology,” “a/theology,” “God is dead,” and of course, “postmodernism” itself. Dr. Raschke also contextualizes the emergence of these catchy phrases from a frothy soup of new intellectual theories and philosophical innovations, which were international in scope but customized for both academic and popular religious writers—mainly in Britain and America—from the late 1960s onward.
Category: Religion

Confabulations Storytelling In Architecture

Author : Paul Emmons
ISBN : 9781317162285
Genre : Architecture
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Paul Emmons is a registered architect and Professor at the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center of Virginia Tech where he directs the PhD program in Architecture + Design Research. Marcia F Feuerstein is an architect and associate professor at the Washington Alexandria Architecture Center of Virginia Tech. Her research investigates links between theory, practice and performance in architecture and she studied at Tufts University, the University at Buffalo and University of Pennsylvania, where she also received a PhD in Architecture. Carolina Dayer is an architect in her native country Argentina and recently received her PhD degree from Washington Alexandria Architecture Center of Virginia Tech. She currently teaches at Aarhus School of Architecture in Denmark. Her research and personal practice focuses on multivalent forms of architectural drawing.
Category: Architecture

Die Absolute Form

Author : Thomas S. Hoffmann
ISBN : 9783110883374
Genre : Philosophy
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Category: Philosophy