Along The Archival Grain

Author : Ann Laura Stoler
ISBN : 140083547X
Genre : Social Science
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Along the Archival Grain offers a unique methodological and analytic opening to the affective registers of imperial governance and the political content of archival forms. In a series of nuanced mediations on the nature of colonial documents from the nineteenth-century Netherlands Indies, Ann Laura Stoler identifies the social epistemologies that guided perception and practice, revealing the problematic racial ontologies of that confused epistemic space. Navigating familiar and extraordinary paths through the lettered lives of those who ruled, she seizes on moments when common sense failed and prevailing categories no longer seemed to work. She asks not what colonial agents knew, but what happened when what they thought they knew they found they did not. Rejecting the notion that archival labor be approached as an extractive enterprise, Stoler sets her sights on archival production as a consequential act of governance, as a field of force with violent effect, and not least as a vivid space to do ethnography.
Category: Social Science

Francos T Nzerinnen Auf Auslandstournee

Author : Cécile Stephanie Stehrenberger
ISBN : 9783839422847
Genre : History
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Die Folkloretanzgruppen der faschistischen »Falange«-Partei waren im franquistischen Spanien allgegenwärtig. In den 1950er Jahren tourten sie um den Globus - in hochpolitischer Mission. Anhand von reichhaltigem Quellenmaterial untersucht Cécile Stephanie Stehrenberger, wie sich in ihren Auftritten Kolonial- und Geschlechterpolitik miteinander verschränkten. Mit seiner neuen Perspektive auf den Franquismus leistet das Buch einen wichtigen Beitrag zu den Gender und Postcolonial Studies und stellt mit seinem innovativen Zugang zur Geschichtswissenschaft eine interessante Lektüre für eine breite Leserschaft dar.
Category: History

Challenging Ideas

Author : Maren Lytje
ISBN : 9781443887373
Genre : History
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Challenging Ideas is a selection of articles which address the intersections between theory and empirical research. In general, the contributions to the volume focus on how imaginations of the temporal relationship between past and present might inform theory as well as empirical research. It is divided into two parts, the first of which, Memory, looks at the memory turn in the discipline of history, and includes investigations into the relationship between past and present in the working through of trauma and reflections on the relationship between media memory, collective memory and trauma. The second part of the volume, History looks at the intersections between social science, political theory and the writing of history. This section includes reflections on how the historian’s archival work might inform the construction of social and political theory and explorations of the temporal relationship between past and present at work in the archives. The contributions to this volume encourage historically oriented scholars to approach their work with an active interest in disciplines close to their topic and a reflexive attentiveness to the broader power relations within which they work. They offer different perspectives on the intrinsic relationship between past and present at work in the interactions between theory and empirical research, and thereby give impetus to challenging ideas and to the challenging of ideas in the social sciences and in the humanities.
Category: History

Grenz Berschreibungen

Author : Markus Heide
ISBN : STANFORD:36105119480072
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Die Studie untersucht Chicano/a-Erzahlliteratur als Verhandlung von ethnischen Identitatsbildern. Im Mittelpunkt steht die Frage nach den vorgefuhrten Umsetzungsformen literarischen 'Kulturkontakts': Wie nutzen die Texte das Begegnungsfeld des Literarischen zur Kommunikation von Differenzen, Positionen und Konfliktgeschichte? Wie konturieren die Texte imaginierte Trennlinien? Wie formen sie Gemeinsamkeiten aus? Der Blick richtet sich sowohl auf den Inszenierungscharakter von Identitaten als auch auf die Inszenierung von kulturellem 'Kontakt' als Strategie der ethnischen Positionierung. Unter Berucksichtigung der Geschichte der Chicano/a-Literatur wird die Beziehungsmetaphorik einzelner Erzahltexte von Oscar Zeta Acosta, Gloria Anzaldua, Ana Castillo, Sandra Cisneros, Cherrie Moraga, Americo Paredes und John Rechy analysiert. Dabei werden Relationsbildungen wie Begegnungen, Verschmelzung, Verweigerung, Abgrenzung und Widerstand als literarische Strategien und als Inszenierungen von Kulturkontakten sichtbar. Der Titel Grenzuberschreibungen betont nicht nur die fur Chicano/a-Literatur zentrale thematische Bedeutung des Grenzgebietes zwischen USA und Mexiko, sondern hebt daruber hinaus zwei Beobachtungen der Lekture hervor: Zum einen die Paradoxe Gleichzeitigkeit von Abgrenzung und Grenzuberschreitung. Zum anderen die vorgefuhrte textuelle Vielschichtigkeit und Prozesshaftigkeit der entworfenen Identitatsbilder.
Category: Literary Criticism

Early Modern Emotions

Author : Susan Broomhall
ISBN : 9781315441351
Genre : History
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Early Modern Emotions is a student-friendly introduction to the concepts, approaches and sources used to study emotions in early modern Europe, and to the perspectives that analysis of the history of emotions can offer early modern studies more broadly. The volume is divided into four sections that guide students through the key processes and practices employed in current research on the history of emotions. The first explains how key terms and concepts in the study of emotions relate to early modern Europe, while the second focuses on the unique ways in which emotions were conceptualized at the time. The third section introduces a range of sources and methodologies that are used to analyse early modern emotions. The final section includes a wide-ranging selection of thematic topics covering war, religion, family, politics, art, music, literature and the non-human world to show how analysis of emotions may offer new perspectives on the early modern period more broadly. Each section offers bite-sized, accessible commentaries providing students new to the history of emotions with the tools to begin their own investigations. Each entry is supported by annotated further reading recommendations pointing students to the latest research in that area and at the end of the book is a general bibliography, which provides a comprehensive list of current scholarship. This book is the perfect starting point for any student wishing to study emotions in early modern Europe.
Category: History

Crossing Colonial Historiographies

Author : Anne Digby
ISBN : 9781443822121
Genre : Political Science
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This book offers an innovative engagement with the diverse histories of colonial and indigenous medicines. Engagement with different kinds of colonialism and varied indigenous socio-political cultures has led to a wide range of approaches and increasingly distinct traditions of historical writing about colonial and indigenous modes of healing have emerged in the various regions formerly ruled by different colonial powers. The volume offers a much-needed opportunity to explore new conceptual perspectives and encourages critical reflection on how scholars’ research specialisms have influenced their approaches to the history of medicine and healing. The book includes contributions on different geographical regions in Asia, Africa and the Americas and within the varied contexts of Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch and British colonialisms. It deals with issues such as internal colonialism, the plural history of objects, transregional circulation and entanglement, and the historicisation of medical historiography. The chapters in the volume explore the scope for conceptual interaction between authors from diverse disciplines and different regions, highlighting the synergies and thematic commonalities as well as differences and divergences.
Category: Political Science

Empires Of Panic

Author : Robert Peckham
ISBN : 9789888208449
Genre : History
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Empires of Panic is the first book to explore how panics have been historically produced, defined, and managed across different colonial, imperial, and post-imperial settings—from early nineteenth-century East Asia to twenty-first-century America. Contributors consider panic in relation to colonial anxieties, rumors, indigenous resistance, and crises, particularly in relation to epidemic disease. How did Western government agencies, policymakers, planners, and other authorities understand, deal with, and neutralize panics? What role did evolving technologies of communication play in the amplification of local panics into global events? Engaging with these questions, the book challenges conventional histories to show how intensifying processes of intelligence gathering did not consolidate empire, but rather served to produce critical uncertainties—the uneven terrain of imperial panic. Robert Peckham is associate professor in the Department of History and co-director of the Centre for the Humanities and Medicine at the University of Hong Kong. "Charting the relays of rumor and knowledge that stoke colonial fears of disease, disorder, and disaster, Empires of Panic offers timely and cautionary insight into how viscerally epidemics inflame imperial anxieties, and how words and their communication over new technologies accelerate panic, rally government intervention, and unsettle and entrench the exercise of global power. Relevant a century ago and even more so today." — Nayan Shah, University of Southern California; author ofContagious Divides: Epidemics and Race in San Francisco's Chinatown "Empires generated anxiety as much as ambition. This fine study focuses on anxieties generated by disease. It is the first book of its kind to track shifting forms of panic through different geopolitical regimes and imperial formations over the course of two centuries. Working across medical and imperial histories, it is a major contribution to both." — Andrew S. Thompson, University of Exeter; author of Empire and Globalisation: Networks of People, Goods and Capital in the British World, c. 1850–1914(with Gary B. Magee)
Category: History

The Oxford Handbook Of Postcolonial Studies

Author : Graham Huggan
ISBN : 9780191662423
Genre : Literary Collections
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The Oxford Handbook of Postcolonial Studies provides a comprehensive overview of the latest scholarship in postcolonial studies, while also considering possible future developments in the field. Original chapters written by a worldwide team of contritbuors are organised into five cross-referenced sections, 'The Imperial Past', 'The Colonial Present', 'Theory and Practice', 'Across the Disciplines', and 'Across the World'. The chapters offer both country-specific and comparative approaches to current issues, offering a wide range of new and interesting perspectives. The Handbook reflects the increasingly multidisciplinary nature of postcolonial studies and reiterates its continuing relevance to the study of both the colonial past, in its multiple manifestations, and the contemporary globalized world. Taken together, these essays, the dialogues they pursue, and the editorial comments that surround them constitute nothing less than a blueprint for the future of a much-contested but intellectually vibrant and politically engaged field.
Category: Literary Collections

Archives Of Authority

Author : Andrew N. Rubin
ISBN : 9781400842179
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 39.66 MB
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Combining literary, cultural, and political history, and based on extensive archival research, including previously unseen FBI and CIA documents, Archives of Authority argues that cultural politics--specifically America's often covert patronage of the arts--played a highly important role in the transfer of imperial authority from Britain to the United States during a critical period after World War II. Andrew Rubin argues that this transfer reshaped the postwar literary space and he shows how, during this time, new and efficient modes of cultural transmission, replication, and travel--such as radio and rapidly and globally circulated journals--completely transformed the position occupied by the postwar writer and the role of world literature. Rubin demonstrates that the nearly instantaneous translation of texts by George Orwell, Thomas Mann, W. H. Auden, Richard Wright, Mary McCarthy, and Albert Camus, among others, into interrelated journals that were sponsored by organizations such as the CIA's Congress for Cultural Freedom and circulated around the world effectively reshaped writers, critics, and intellectuals into easily recognizable, transnational figures. Their work formed a new canon of world literature that was celebrated in the United States and supposedly represented the best of contemporary thought, while less politically attractive authors were ignored or even demonized. This championing and demonizing of writers occurred in the name of anti-Communism--the new, transatlantic "civilizing mission" through which postwar cultural and literary authority emerged.
Category: Literary Criticism

The Homoerotics Of Orientalism

Author : Joseph A. Boone
ISBN : 9780231521826
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 65.17 MB
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One of the largely untold stories of Orientalism is the degree to which the Middle East has been associated with “deviant” male homosexuality by scores of Western travelers, historians, writers, and artists for well over four hundred years. And this story stands to shatter our preconceptions of Orientalism. To illuminate why and how the Islamicate world became the locus for such fantasies and desires, Boone deploys a supple mode of analysis that reveals how the cultural exchanges between Middle East and West have always been reciprocal and often mutual, amatory as well as bellicose. Whether examining European accounts of Istanbul and Egypt as hotbeds of forbidden desire, juxtaposing Ottoman homoerotic genres and their European imitators, or unlocking the homoerotic encoding in Persian miniatures and Orientalist paintings, this remarkable study models an ethics of crosscultural reading that exposes, with nuance and economy, the crucial role played by the homoerotics of Orientalism in shaping the world as we know it today. A contribution to studies in visual culture as well as literary and social history, The Homoerotics of Orientalism draws on primary sources ranging from untranslated Middle Eastern manuscripts and European belles-lettres to miniature paintings and photographic erotica that are presented here for the first time.
Category: Literary Criticism