An Archaeological Guide To Mexico S Yucat N Peninsula

Author : Joyce Kelly
ISBN : 0806125853
Genre : Travel
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Joyce Kelly has visited each site personally. Her purpose is to provide readers with up-to-date information presented as clearly, simply, and accurately as possible. Readers will easily find the exact information they need.
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An Archaeological Guide To Central And Southern Mexico

Author :
ISBN : 0806133449
Genre : Social Science
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A visitor's guide to the ancient Maya cities of Mexico provides photos, descriptions, and up-to-date tourist information on seventy archaeological sites and sixty museums, detailing the art, architecture, and history of each.
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Adventure Guide To Yucatan Cancun And Cozumel

Author : Bruce Concord
ISBN : 1588433706
Genre : Travel
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Defining adventure broadly enough to include "lying on the beach and sipping margaritas," this tourist guidebook to the southern Mexican state of the Yucatan has a focus on activities, but does include the standard information on transportation, hotels, food and drink, and other topics helpful to visiting the beaches and archaeological sites.
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Mesoamerica S Ancient Cities

Author : William M. Ferguson
ISBN : 0826328008
Genre : Social Science
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William Ferguson's classic photographic portrayal of the major pre-Columbian ruins of Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras is now available from UNM Press in a completely revised edition. Magnificent aerial and ground photographs give both armchair and actual visitors unparalleled views of fifty-one ancient cities. The restored areas of each site and their interesting and exotic features are shown within each group of ruins. The authors have thoroughly revised the text for this new edition, and they have added over 30 new photographs and illustrations as well as a completely new chapter by Richard E. W. Adams on regional states and empires in ancient Mesoamerica. Over a span of three thousand years between 1500 B.C. and A.D. 1500 great civilizations, including the Olmec, Teotihuacan, Maya, Toltec, Zapotec, and Aztec, flourished, waned, and died in Mesoamerica. These indigenous cultures of Mexico and Central America are brought to life in Mesoamerica's Ancient Cities through stunning color photographs. The authors include the most recent research and most widely accepted theoretical perspectives on Mesoamerican civilizations. Ideal for the general reader as well as scholars of Mesoamerica, this volume makes a significant contribution to our knowledge of the Americas.
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Handbook Of Latin American Studies

Author : Dolores Moyano Martin
ISBN : 0292752113
Genre : Social Science
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Beginning with volume 41 (1979), the University of Texas Press became the publisher of the Handbook of Latin American Stuides, the most comprehensive annual bibliography in the field. Compiled by the Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress and annotated by a corps of more than 130 specialists in various disciplines, the Handbook alternates from year to year between social sciences and humanities. The Handbook annotates works on Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and the Guianas, Spanish South America, and Brazil, as well as materials covering Latin America as a whole. Most of the subsections are preceded by introductory essays that serve as biannual evaluations of the literature and research underway in specialized areas. The Handbook of Latin American Studies is the oldest continuing reference work in the field. Dolores Moyano Martin, of the Library of Congress Hispanic Division, has been the editor since 1977, and P. Sue Mundell has been assistant editor since 1994. The subject categories for Volume 55 are as follows: Anthropology (including Archaeology and Ethnology) Economics Electronic Resources for the Social Sciences Geography Government and Politics International Relations Sociology
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An Archaeological Guide To Northern Central America

Author : Joyce Kelly
ISBN : 0806128615
Genre : Travel
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Tikal, Copán, Uaxactún - ancient Maya cities whose names conjure up romance, mystery, and science all at once. Joyce Kelly’s clear descriptions and captivating photographs of these and many other sites will make you want to pack your bags and head for Central America. And when you arrive, this guidebook will not let you down. It covers 38 sites and 25 museums - more than any other guidebook - in Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Kelly’s information is accurate and up to date: she has visited every site personally. The descriptions include all the major, well-known sites and many not appearing other guidebooks. Kelly describes each site and museum, from its pyramids and temples to its hieroglyphic stairways and "eccentric flints." She includes many site plans, and her description of each site includes its ancient history as well as its recent archaeological activity. Equally important, Kelly describes exactly how to get there. Clear maps and precise written directions include the distance (in miles and kilometers) and the driving time required for each segment of the trip. If you need a four-wheel-drive vehicle to negotiate rutted dirt roads, Kelly tells you. If you need a guide, she tells you where to find one.
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Heritage Or Heresy

Author : Cameron Jean Walker
ISBN : 9780817355142
Genre : Business & Economics
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How can we effectively interpret and present one culture to another without stereotypes or over-simplifications? What is the best way to present an authoritative version of a national heritage without also endangering ancient sites or being insensitive to the local customs, beliefs, and religious practices of the indigenous peoples? This volume addresses the ongoing thrust in archaeology to take the next step after preserving the past: interpreting that past for the future. That future audience includes both local citizens and tourists who may have little background in archaeology, anthropology, or the history of the culture featured. Walker presents the key components of the anthropological study of tourism as a global phenomenon, with particular emphasis on the more prominent arguments for how and why tourism is a universal and meaningful human activity. The highly controversial topic of authenticity is examined, with special attention given to how "authentic" has been defined and how it relates to the ways in which archaeological sites, artifacts, and cultural traditions are presented--or not presented--to the visiting public. The ephemeral promise of “authenticity” drives the heritage tourism industry, which is a key consideration for the long term economy of the Maya Riviera and elsewhere. Through analysis of seven archaeological sites on the Yucatan peninsula that are open to heritage touring, Walker reveals the planned growth of the Maya Riviera since the early 1970s and examines the impact of international tourism on both ancient structures and the contemporary Maya people and culture.
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The Yucatan From Prehistoric Times To The Great Maya Revolt

Author : Douglas T. Peck
ISBN : 9781462821013
Genre : History
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This book introduces an innovative and verified pattern of Maya history that follows the origin of the Olmec culture in Tabasco through its melding into and becoming the Chontal Maya/Itza of the Yucatan. The Yucatan has been the focal point and geographical crossroad of profound cultural, ethnological, and sociological change and development in Mesoamerica from ancient times to the present. This far-reaching and historically significant acculturation was brought about by two widely separated epic migrations and military conquests by foreign peoples bringing radically new, innovative, and advanced culture to the area. The first of these was the migration and military conquest by the Olmec/Chontal Maya/Itza from Tabasco bringing their written language, mathematics, architectural expertise, and religion into northern and central Yucatan. This golden age of Maya civilization, centered in the Yucatan, lasted for a millennium during which the advanced Maya culture flowered and spread south into Honduras and Guatemala and west into the highlands of Mexico. In like manner, the second migration and military conquest of the Yucatan by Spanish conquistadors also brought new and advanced cultural norms to the area. The history of the origin, development, and impact of these two momentous events constitutes the thrust of this book and is contrary to and challenges much of the currently accepted historiography related to the subject. Contrary to current consensus the book shows that the seafaring and mercantile oriented Chontal Maya/Itza from Yucatan were a populous worldly element of the Maya civilization who traveled and spread their cultural influence not only throughout continental Mesoamerica, but ventured across the seas to the islands of the Caribbean and to the shores of Southwest Florida in the territory of the Calusa Indians. Consistent with this accomplishment, they had developed naval engineering, Metallurgy, tool design, woodworking, and ship building capabilities that enabled them to construct the large composite seaworthy vessels (not just log canoes) required. And from their expertise in mathematics and astronomy they developed a sophisticated method of celestial navigation for their overseas voyages a millennium before celestial navigation was developed in Europe.
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