Anthropological Insights For Missionaries

Author : Paul G. Hiebert
ISBN : 0801042917
Genre : Religion
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Expert anthropologist shows missionaries how to better understand the people they serve and their historical and cultural settings.
Category: Religion

This Way To Youth Ministry

Author : Duffy Robbins
ISBN : 9780310248699
Genre : Religion
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Practical applications, theological foundations, and valuable information for the student beginning a youth ministry.
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Cross Cultural Connections

Author : Duane Elmer
ISBN : 0830874828
Genre : Religion
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With the new realities of global interconnectedness comes a greater awareness of cultural diversity from place to place. Besides differences in food and fashion, we face significant contrasts of cultural orientation and patterns of thinking. As we travel across cultures, what should we expect? How do we deal with culture shock? And can we truly connect with those we meet? Experienced cross-cultural specialist Duane Elmer provides a compass for navigating through different cultures. He shows us how to avoid pitfalls and cultural faux pas, as well as how to make the most of opportunities to build cross-cultural relationships. Filled with real-life illustrations and practical exercises, this guide offers the tools needed to reduce apprehension, communicate effectively, and establish genuine trust and acceptance. Above all, Elmer demonstrates how we can avoid being cultural imperialists and instead become authentic ambassadors for Christ. Whether you are embarking on a short-term mission trip or traveling for business or pleasure, this book is both an ideal preparation and a handy companion for your journey.
Category: Religion

Der Schwarze K Rper Als Missionsgebiet

Author : Siegfried Weichlein
ISBN : 9783412501662
Genre : History
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Der Körper ist ein Ort, an dem religiöse Identitäten und gesellschaftliche Wissensbestände entstehen. Der Band verbindet Missions-, Religions- und Wissensgeschichte. Er untersucht den missionarischen Blick auf den schwarzen Körper. Wie waren Mission, Körper und Wissen zwischen 1880 und 1960 miteinander verflochten? Bereits im letzten Drittel des 19. Jahrhunderts vermittelten europäische Missionare ihre religiöse Botschaft in Afrika über Körperpraktiken. Gleichzeitig trugen die Missionare als globale Akteure zur Erzeugung von Wissen in der Medizin, der Ethnologie und der Theologie bei. Welche Verbindungen gingen missionarisches, medizinisches, spirituelles und akademisches Wissen über den Körper in der Arbeit der Missionare ein?
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Ethiopia And The Missions

Author : Verena Böll
ISBN : 3825877922
Genre : Social Science
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Since the sixteenth century, Ethiopian Orthodox Chris-tianity and the indigenous religions of Ethiopia have been confronted with, and influenced by, numerous Catholic and Protestant missions. This book offers historical, anthropological and personal analyses of these encounters. The discussion ranges from the Jesuit debate on circumcision to Oromo Bible translation, from Pentecostalism in Addis Ababa to conversion processes among the Nuer. Juxtaposing past and present, urban and rural, the book breaks new ground in both religious and African studies. Verena Bll and Evgenia Sokolinskaia are researchers at the department of African and Ethopian Studies at the Asia-Africa Institute, University of Hamburg. Steven Kaplan is professor of African Studies and Comparative Religion at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
Category: Social Science

Culture In A Post Secular Context

Author : Alan Thomson
ISBN : 9780227902776
Genre : Religion
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Is culture a theologically neutral concept? The contemporary experts on culture—anthropologists and sociologists—argue that it is. Theologians and missiologists would seem to agree, given the extent of their reliance on anthropological and sociological definitions of culture. Yet this appears a strange reliance given that presumed neutrality in the sciences is a consistently challenged assumption. It is stranger still given that so much theological energy has been expended on understanding and defining the human person in specifically theological as opposed to anthropological terms when culture is in some sense the expression of this personhood in corporate and material forms. This book argues that culture is not and has never been a theologically neutral concept; rather, it always expresses some theological posture and is therefore a term that naturally invites theological investigation. Going about this task is difficult however, in the face of a long-term reliance on the social sciences that seems to have starved the contemporary theological community of resources for defining culture. Against this it is argued that rich subterranean veins for such a task do exist within the recent tradition, most notably in the writings of John Milbank, Karl Barth, and Kwame Bediako.
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Missions Strategies Of Korean Presbyterian Missionaries In Central And Southern Philippines

Author : Hoo-Soo Jose Nam
ISBN : 1596890606
Genre : History
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MISSIONS STRATEGIES OF KOREAN PRESBYTERIAN MISSIONARIES IN CENTRAL AND SOUTHERN PHILIPPINES is the most important book on Presbyterian missions in the Philippines to be published in this century. Historians of Asia and scholars of Christian history interested in learning about the planting of the Presbyterian movement in the Philippines cannot ignore this book. This book describes the origin and growth of the Presbyterian Church of the Philippines (PCP), a major Presbyterian denomination in the Philippines, and it explains the strategies used by Presbyterian missionaries to accomplish Presbyterianism in the Philippines. Written by the current director of the main missionary training agency of the Korean Presbyterian Church (Ko-Shin), one of the biggest Korean Presbyterian denominations with thousands of churches throughout the world and dozens of co-operative "daughter" Korean Presbyterian denominations worldwide - in the USA, Australia, the European Union, Indonesia, etc. - this book provides a picture into the secrets of success behind Korean Presbyterian missions work. This book is written by Rev. Dr. Hoo-Soo Jose Nam who has served as the President of Cebu Bible College in the Philippines for over a decade and trained hundreds of Christian clergy and leaders. Rev. Dr. Nam is not only an academic but personally founded or help found over 10 Filipino Presbyterian churches in the Philippines. This book is an authoritative book on Presbyterian missionary activity in the Philippines by one who was an important part of that history.
Category: History


Author : Paul G. Hiebert
ISBN : 0816657874
Genre : Social Science
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Konduru was first published in 1971. Minnesota Archive Editions uses digital technology to make long-unavailable books once again accessible, and are published unaltered from the original University of Minnesota Press editions. This is a detailed anthropological description and analysis of life in Konduru, a village in the central part of southern India about one hundred miles south of Hyderabad. The study is based on field work done by Professor Hiebert over a period of several years when he lived in the village, spoke its language, Telugu, and became closely acquainted with the people and their culture. After sketching the geographic and historical setting of the village, Professor Hiebert describes and discusses the social structure, including the societal categories, the various castes, the social groups including family, patrilineage, associations, and communities, and hamlets, villages, and towns in the region. There are chapters on status and power, networks of interpersonal relationships, panchayats (the system of justice), and rituals. Finally, the author discusses changes which are taking place in the society and culture of Konduru and presents his conclusions. He points out that this study of Konduru illustrates the importance of the village within the social order but at the same time demonstrates that the village cannot be understood apart from the other social groups in which its members are involved and interrelated, and that these relationships are neither static nor simple. But, as he concludes, the village is, for the individual, the concrete expression of his society. The book is illustrated with photographs, maps, and drawings. E. Adamson Hoebel, Regents' professor of anthropology at the University of Minnesota, writes a foreword.
Category: Social Science