Archaeology Of The Land Of The Bible

Author : Amihai Mazar
ISBN : 0718828909
Genre : Bible
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Israeli archaeologist Amihai Mazar introduces the achievements of the dynamic archaeological research in Israel and Jordan and discusses its implications for our knowledge of the world of the Old Testament. The volume covers the period starting with the first permanent settlements around 10,000 B.C.E., and ends with the destruction of the First Temple by Nebuchadnezzar in 586 B.C.E. and the Babylonian domination of the country. Each of the archaeological periods is presented against its historical and biblical background. Various aspects of the material culture of each period are discussed: the distribution of settlements, the discoveries in the main sites, aspects of civil and religious architecture, pottery making, metallurgy, agriculture, crafts and arts, weapons, jewelry, ritual objects, writing, burial customs, and evidence for trade and cultural relations with neighbouring countries. All these subjects are briefly introduced to create the jigsaw puzzle out of which archaeologists reconstruct the cultural history of the country. The relationship between the archaeological evidence and biblical history is discussed in all relevant chapters. Step-by-step, era-by-era, Amihai Mazar shows just what each archaeological age has to teach the modern reader about the past.The book is illustrated with hundreds of line drawings, maps, photographs, and charts. Bibliographic references provide access to the most recent publications on each of the issues under discussion. This introductory synthesis was written for students and scholars, as well as for those readers interested in expanding their knowledge of the Bible and its world.
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Archaeology Of The Land Of The Bible 10 000 586 B C E

Author : Amihay Mazar
ISBN : 0385425902
Genre : Religion
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The standard text on biblical archaeology--an award-winning, comprehensive introduction to the subject, from the very beginnings to the divided monarchy and the kingdoms of Israel and Judah.
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Biblical Bethsaida

Author : Carl E. Savage
ISBN : 9780739137833
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In his illuminating, well-researched book examining the site of Et-Tell, also known as Bethsaida, Carl E. Savage explores archaeological evidence to offer readers a portrait of the religious beliefs and practices of the community living near the north shore of the Sea of Galilee during the first century CE. In the study of the cultural and social matrix of the first century in the Galilee, scholars have commonly prioritized written sources over archaeological evidence because written sources seem to contribute more directly to an understanding of the religious beliefs and practices of a community. However, there exist many competing views of the landscape during that time due to the varying interpretations of the textual sources. Using archaeological data from Bethsaida itself, Savage investigates the material practices of Bethsaida's ancient inhabitants, describing these practices as significant indicators of their sense of place both ideologically and geographically. He evaluates the historical plausibility of various social reconstructions for the region, and finds that the image that emerges of first-century Bethsaida is one similar to those of other Jewish communities in the Galilee.
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K Nig David

Author : Steven L. McKenzie
ISBN : 3110171961
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Konig David ist eine der herausragendsten Gestalten der Alten Welt. Sein sagenhafter Aufstieg vom Hirten zum Konig durch den Sieg uber Goliath hat Dichter und Kunstler uber die Jahrhunderte inspiriert. In dieser erstmals auf deutsch veroffentlichten Biographie zeigt der renommierte amerikanische Alttestamentler Steven McKenzie auf, dass viele Geschichten, die sich um David ranken, tatsachlich Mythen sind: Die Bezeichnung "Hirte" ist eine Metapher fur "Konig," und David kam aus einer reichen Familie der Oberschicht und nicht aus "kleinen Verhaltnissen." Der David, der bei kritischer Durchsicht der biblischen Texte, althistorischen Dokumente und neuen archaologischen Funde zum Vorschein kommt, war ein Thronrauber, Ehebrecher und Morder, der seinen Aufstieg zum Konig geschickter Machtpolitik und Terror verdankte. Steven McKenzie bietet mit dieser sorgfaltig recherchierten und spannend geschriebenen Biographie ein provokantes Portrait. Die englische Originalausgabe wurde mit dem Preis "Best Book of the Year 2000" der Los Angeles Times Book Review ausgezeichnet."

Geschichte Des Alten Orients Bis Zur Zeit Alexanders Des Grossen

Author : Klaas R. Veenhof
ISBN : 3525516851
Genre : History
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Knapp, prazise und auf dem neuesten Wissensstand informiert diese Geschichte des Alten Orients Spezialisten wie Laien uber den Verlauf der Geschichte in Agypten, Mesopotamien, Kleinasien, Syrien und Palastina vom 3. Jahrtausend v.Chr. bis zum Ende des Groareichs der Achameniden (550-330 v.Chr.). Im Mittelpunkt steht die den schriftlichen Quellen entnommene politische Geschichte. Dank groaer Fortschritte auf archaologischem und epigrafischem Gebiet lassen sich aber auch okonomische, gesellschaftliche und religiose Entwicklungen aufzeigen. Das Buch zeichnet sich durch eine klare Gliederung der gewaltigen Stoffmenge aus. Die chronologisch angeordneten Kapitel sind nach Gebieten unterteilt. Eine kapitelweise Lekture informiert somit uber einzelne Epochen; folgt man den Kapiteluntergliederungen, erhalt man fortlaufende Geschichtsdarstellungen einzelner Lander. Zehn Zeittafeln vermitteln einen soliden Uberblick; wer sich umfassender mit der Materie beschaftigen will, wird die allgemeine Bibliografie und die nach Themen geordneten Literaturzusammenstellungen als wahre Fundgruben schatzen.Ubersetzung von De Wereld van de Bijbel, Bijbels Handboek Deel I, Kampen 2. Auflage 1986 (fur die deutsche Ausgabe uberarbeitet und aktualisiert).
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Social Justice And The Hebrew Bible Volume Two

Author : Norman K. Gottwald
ISBN : 9781498292191
Genre : Religion
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CONTENTS PART 1: THE ORIGINS OF ANCIENT ISRAEL Early Israel as an Anti-Imperial Community The Origins of Israel as a Textual Models for Envisioning Early Israel Triumphalist versus Anti-Triumphalist Versions of Early Israel: A Response to Articles by Lemche and Dever Historical Description versus Historical Representation and Symbol The Interplay of Religion and Ethnicity in Ancient Israel Proto-Globalization and Proto-Secularization in Ancient Israel Revisiting the Tribes of Yahweh after Twenty-five Years PART 2: THE POLITICS OF ANCIENT ISRAEL Religion and Politics: Early Israel and Judaism The Puzzling Politics of Ancient Israel The Role of Biblical Politics in Contextual Theologies PART 3: REVIEW AND REFLECTIONS Forward to Jeremy Young, The Violence of God and the War on Terror Reflections on R. S. Sugirtharajah’s Asian Biblical Hermeneutics and Postcolonialism. Contesting the Interpretations and The Bible and the Third Way: Precolonial, Colonial and Postcolonial Encounters Review of Stephen L. Cook, The Social Roots of Biblical Yahwism Review of Marty E. Stevens, Temples, Tithes, and Taxes: The Temple and the Economic Life of Ancient Israel Review of Philip R. Davies, The Origins of Biblical Israel Panel Presentation on Joshua A. Berman, Created Equal: How the Bible Broke with Ancient Political Thought
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The Hebrew Bible

Author : Frederick E. Greenspahn
ISBN : 9780814731871
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In April of 2001, the headline in the Los Angeles Times read, “Doubting the Story of the Exodus.” It covered a sermon that had been delivered by the rabbi of a prominent local congregation over the holiday of Passover. In it, he said, “The truth is that virtually every modern archeologist who has investigated the story of the exodus, with very few exceptions, agrees that the way the Bible describes the exodus is not the way it happened, if it happened at all.” This seeming challenge to the biblical story captivated the local public. Yet as the rabbi himself acknowledged, his sermon contained nothing new. The theories that he described had been common knowledge among biblical scholars for over thirty years, though few people outside of the profession know their relevance. New understandings concerning the Bible have not filtered down beyond specialists in university settings. There is a need to communicate this research to a wider public of students and educated readers outside of the academy. This volume seeks to meet this need, with accessible and engaging chapters describing how archeology, theology, ancient studies, literary studies, feminist studies, and other disciplines now understand the Bible.
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David S Secret Demons

Author : Baruch Halpern
ISBN : 0802827977
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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The Bible portrays King David as an exceptional man and a paragon of godly devotion. But was he? Some scholars deny that he existed at all. Did he? This challenging book examines the written and archaeological evidence critically in an effort to paint an accurate picture of one of the Bible's central figures. Neither defending nor rejecting the traditions about David, Baruch Halpern, a leading scholar of biblical history and the ancient Near East, traces the origins and development of David's persona. Because the biblical text clearly responds to concerns that can only be contemporary with David himself, we can believe that David was both real and a central actor in the historical drama of ancient Israel. Yet at the same time, the written record also shows that contemporaries understood David's character to be much more unsavory than the tradition has hitherto allowed. Halpern digs beneath the layers of tradition to understand David as an individual, as a person. The man he uncovers turns out to have been complex, ambiguous, and--above all--surprising. According to Halpern, the image of David grew over time. He was the founder of the dynasty that perpetuated the texts about him, and they progressively exaggerated his accomplishments. But in the earliest writings David remains a modest figure, as this book shows for the first time. To understand David as a human being, one must keep in mind that he was primarily a politician who operated in a rough-and-tumble environment in which competitors were ready literally to slit throats. Halpern's work raises many provocative questions: Was David an Israelite or a Philistine? Was Solomon really David's son? Did David take the throne ofIsrael by the consent or against the will of the people? How many murders did he commit on his way to the crown? Indeed, was David someone it would have been wise to even invite to dinner? The challenging arguments in "David's Secret Demons are sure to provoke all kinds of discussion among biblical scholars and general readers alike. In addition--a big bonus--Halpern's accessible, at times humorous prose will itself draw readers everywhere into the compelling story of David found between these covers.
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The Bible In Church Academy And Culture

Author : Alan P.F. Sell
ISBN : 9781630877958
Genre : Religion
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This collection of essays celebrates the contribution of John Tudno Williams to the church, to biblical scholarship and teaching, and to the culture of Wales. Written by biblical scholars, historians, theologians, and authorities on Welsh culture, the papers gather around the central theme of the Bible: its interpretation and exegesis and its place in hymns as well as in the visual culture of Welsh Presbyterianism, in theological colleges, and in theological reflection and construction.
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