The Archaeology Of Death

Author : Robert Chapman
ISBN : 0521237750
Genre : Social Science
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This volume brings together studies on the disposal of the dead and the archaeological research potential of found remains.
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The Archaeology Of Time

Author : Gavin Lucas
ISBN : 0415311977
Genre : Social Science
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Lucas offers an introduction to issues of chronology and dating, and to time as a theoretical concept: how it is understood and how it is employed in contemporary archaeology. He discusses time and the nature of the archaeological record, chronology and change, and also the perception of time and history in past societies.
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The Archaeology Of Ancient Israel

Author : Amnon Ben-Tor
ISBN : 0300059191
Genre : Art
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In this illustrated book, some of Israel's foremost archaeologists present a survey of early life in the land of the Bible, from the Neolithic era (eighth millenium BC) to the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the First Temple in 586 BC. Each chapter covers a particular era and includes a bibliography.
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What Is Archaeology

Author : Paul Courbin
ISBN : 0226116565
Genre : Social Science
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Paul Courbin puts forward a penetrating and eloquent critique of the New Archeology, a movement of primarily American and British archaeologists that began in the 1960s and continues today. The New Archeologists dropped the "ae" spelling, symbolizing their intent to put the field on a modern and scientific footing. They questioned the bases, the objectives, and consequently the methods of traditional archaeology. Courbin examines this movement, its latent philosophy, its methods and their application, its theories, and its results. He declares that the record shows a devastating failure. The New Archeologists, he contends, may have developed scientific hypotheses, but in most cases they failed to carry out what is necessary to test their theories, thus contradicting the very goals they had set for the discipline. Reevaluating the field as a whole, Courbin asks, What is archaeology? He distinguishes it from such related fields as history and anthropology, emphatically arguing that the primary task of archaeology is what the archaeologist alone can accomplish: the establishment of facts—stratigraphies, time sequences, and identification tools, bones, potsherds, and so on. When archaeological findings lead to historical or anthropological conclusions, as they very often do, archaeologists must be aware that this involves a specific change in their work; they are no longer archaeologists proper. The archaeologist's work, Courbin stresses, is not a humble auxiliary of anthropology or history, but the foundation upon which historians and anthropologists of ancient civilizations will build and without which their theories cannot but collapse. What Is Archaeology? was originally published in French in 1982.
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The Archaeology Of Animals

Author : Simon J. M. Davis
ISBN : 0300063059
Genre : Social Science
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In this pioneering work, Simon J. M. Davis presents a broad overview of the new science of zooarchaeology-the analysis of fossil remains of animals-explaining its methods and showing how it helps the archaeologist interpret a site and reconstruct our prehistory and history.
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Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015014262847
Genre : Archaeology
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The Archaeology Of Etruscan Society

Author : Vedia Izzet
ISBN : 9781107320918
Genre : Social Science
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The late sixth century was a period of considerable change in Etruria; this change is traditionally seen as the adoption of superior models from Greece. In a re-alignment of agency, this 2007 book examines a wide range of Etruscan material culture - mirrors, tombs, sanctuaries, houses and cities - in order to demonstrate the importance of local concerns in the formation of Etruscan material culture. Drawing on theoretical developments, the book emphasises the deliberate nature of the smallest of changes in material culture form, and develops the concept of surface as a unifying key to understanding the changes in the ways Etruscans represented themselves in life and death. This concept allows a uniquely holistic approach to the archaeology of Etruscan society and has the potential for other archaeological investigations. The book will interest all scholars and students of classical archaeology.
Category: Social Science

The Archaeology Of Colonialism

Author : Claire L. Lyons
ISBN : 0892366354
Genre : Architecture
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The Archaeology of Colonialism demonstrates how artifacts are not only the residue of social interaction but also instrumental in shaping identities and communities. Claire Lyons and John Papadopoulos summarize the complex issues addressed by this collection of essays. Four case studies illustrate the use of archaeological artifacts to reconstruct social structures. They include ceramic objects from Mesopotamian colonists in fourth-millennium Anatolia; the Greek influence on early Iberian sculpture and language; the influence of architecture on the West African coast; and settlements across Punic Sardinia that indicate the blending of cultures. The remaining essays look at the roles myth, ritual, and religion played in forming colonial identities. In particular, they discuss the cultural middle ground established among Greeks and Etruscans; clothing as an instrument of European colonialism in nineteenth-century Oceania; sixteenth-century Andean urban planning and kinship relations; and the Dutch East India Company settlement at the Cape of Good Hope.
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Author : Clive Gamble
ISBN : 0415346592
Genre : Social Science
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A must for anyone considering the study of archaeology, designed to provide the reader with everything they should know when embarking on an archaeological course, whether A Level or first year undergraduate.
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Author : Colin Renfrew
ISBN : 0415317576
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 39.77 MB
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This invaluable resource provides an up-to-date and comprehensive survey of key ideas in archaeology and their impact on archaeological thinking and method. Featuring over fifty detailed entries by international experts, the book offers definitions of key terms, explaining their origin and development. Entries also feature guides to further reading and extensive cross-referencing. Archaeology: The Key Concepts is the ideal reference guide for students, teachers and anyone with an interest in archaeology.
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