British And Irish Archaeology

Author : Anthony King
ISBN : 0719018757
Genre : Excavations (Archaeology)
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Category: Excavations (Archaeology)

Mesolithic Europe

Author : Geoff Bailey
ISBN : 9780521855037
Genre : History
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A pan-European overview of the archaeology of hunter-gatherer societies, written by experts in each region.
Category: History

Atlas Of World Art

Author : John Onians
ISBN : 9781856693776
Genre : Art
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Combines a survey of world art with maps showing the associations and dissemination of culture across the globe.
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An Inquiry Into The Ethnic Resolution Of Mesolithic Regional Groups

Author :
ISBN : 9004090975
Genre : History
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Recent Western European Mesolithic research has greatly augmented our understanding of the time and space parameters of material derived from settlements. Perusals of those regularities have led to a renewed scrutiny of the ethnographic literature in an attempt to perceive the resulting temporal and spatial units as anthropologically relevant regional groups. The proposition that the breeding population was identical to the ethnic identity of the participants is untenable. After a review of the physical anthropological composition of that population and its forms of social and spatial organization, the emic relevance of decorative ornamentation and costume is established in terms of society-specific styles. Proceeding from a series of tenets of processual ethnographic analogy, the ornaments extant in the post- glacial hunter-fisher-gatherer cultures of Western Europe are examined for their formal properties and time and space parameters. By means of an explicit set of postulates they are tested for the identification, definition and territorial placement of mesolithic social, ethnic and linguistic groups.
Category: History

History Of Humanity Prehistory And The Beginnings Of Civilization

Author : Sigfried J. de Laet
ISBN : 9231028103
Genre : Civilization
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All historiography is 'work in progress' and the study of the history of humanity has undergone considerable changes since the publication of UNESCO's History of Mankind. After almost fifteen years of intensive work, it is UNESCO Publishing's privilege to present an entirelyrevised and updated edition of this major work. The new edition, now called History of Humanity, is a radical new work providing an account of cultural and scientific achievements in the light of new facts and methods of historiographical investigation. This major undertaking required an International Commission and the cooperation of some 450 distinguished specialists, in a great number of disciplines, from all over the world. A truly interdisciplinary work, the History of Humanity sheds new light on many hitherto unknown features of our common past. Forty internationally renowned specialists from various countries provide a broad introduction to the study of the eve of civilization. Starting from the origins of humankind to the first societies 5,000 years ago, the events, chronologically charted, present a comprehensive picture of how civilization emerged and developed over this period. Particular attention is given to archaeological aspects.
Category: Civilization

Mesolithic Europe

Author : Geoff Bailey
ISBN : 9780521855037
Genre : History
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A pan-European overview of the archaeology of hunter-gatherer societies, written by experts in each region.
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Mapping Doggerland

Author : Vincent L. Gaffney
ISBN : 1905739141
Genre : History
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Oxbow says: Mapping Doggerland documents the methodology and results of an innovative project to investigate a large area of the Southern North Sea, submerged during the last Glacial Maximum between 10,000 and 7500 bp. The North Sea Palaeolandscape Project mapped more than 23,000 sq km of the North Sea basin, once a dryland inhabited by Mesolithic populations, and its methodology and results are presented in this publication. The project made use of marine survey data and 3D seismic reflection data, but also carried out geomorphological investigations, examined borehole sediments for environmental reconstruction and developed spatial and visualisation techniques for processing and interpreting data. The study is important on a number of different levels: for the information it can provide on the Mesolithic period in Britain; for what it can tell us about a 'lost' area of the North Sea; and for developing a methodology for investigating such environments.
Category: History