Author : bell hooks
ISBN : 9781135883973
Genre : Social Science
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What does it mean to call a place home? Who is allowed to become a member of a community? When can we say that we truly belong? These are some of the questions of place and belonging that renowned cultural critic bell hooks examines in her new book, Belonging: A Culture of Place. Traversing past and present, Belonging charts a cyclical journey in which hooks moves from place to place, from country to city and back again, only to end where she began--her old Kentucky home. hooks has written provocatively about race, gender, and class; and in this book she turns her attention to focus on issues of land and land ownership. Reflecting on the fact that 90% of all black people lived in the agrarian South before mass migration to northern cities in the early 1900s, she writes about black farmers, about black folks who have been committed both in the past and in the present to local food production, to being organic, and to finding solace in nature. Naturally, it would be impossible to contemplate these issues without thinking about the politics of race and class. Reflecting on the racism that continues to find expression in the world of real estate, she writes about segregation in housing and economic racialized zoning. In these critical essays, hooks finds surprising connections that link of the environment and sustainability to the politics of race and class that reach far beyond Kentucky. With characteristic insight and honesty, Belonging offers a remarkable vision of a world where all people--wherever they may call home--can live fully and well, where everyone can belong.
Category: Social Science

Laufen Lernt Man Nur Durch Hinfallen

Author : Brené Brown
ISBN : 9783641197124
Genre : Self-Help
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Wahre innere Stärke erwächst nicht aus Siegen, sondern aus Niederlagen: Gerade zu straucheln und hinzufallen, birgt die Chance für inneres Wachstum und weist uns den Weg zu Weisheit, Hoffnung und einem tieferen Lebenssinn. Die US-amerikanische Starpsychologin Brené Brown erforscht seit vielen Jahren die Gesetzmäßigkeiten innerer Stärke. Anschaulich und anhand vieler Beispiele beschreibt sie den Entwicklungsprozess, der uns in Krisenzeiten positiv formt: Wir lernen, mit Scham umzugehen. Uns trotz widriger Umstände als wertvoll zu empfinden. Gehen das Wagnis ein, uns in unserer Verletzlichkeit zu zeigen. Entwickeln den Mut, uns über die eigenen Grenzen hinauszuwagen und unser Leben aktiv zu gestalten – und sind schließlich stärker als je zuvor.
Category: Self-Help

Jahrbuch Des Simon Dubnow Instituts Simon Dubnow Institute Yearbook X 2011

Author : Dan Diner
ISBN : 9783647369372
Genre : History
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Das Jahrbuch des Simon-Dubnow-Instituts 2011 befasst sich in einem seiner Schwerpunkte mit der jüdischen Präsenz in der mittelosteuropäischen kommunalen Selbstverwaltung vornehmlich der Zwischenkriegszeit und im Besonderen in Polen. Ein weiterer Schwerpunkt reflektiert Fragen literarisierter Geschichte nach 1945 anhand von ikonischen Texten, aber auch anhand von Geschichtserfahrung theoretisch verarbeiteter Zugänge. Der Allgemeine Teil und die Rubriken enthalten Beiträge zur Stadtforschung im östlichen Europa, zur Geschichte des jüdischen Zeitschriftenwesens, zur frühen Erforschung des Holocaust, zu Gelehrtenzirkeln der Wissenschaft des Judentums und zur Transfer- und Wirkungsgeschichte kontinentaler Theoriebildung in Amerika.
Category: History

Ein Neues Land

Author :
ISBN : OCLC:489041910
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Ein Mann verabschiedet sich von seiner Familie, verlässt seine bedrohte Heimat, um in einem anderen Land eine Zukunft zu suchen. Seine Erlebnisse, wer ihm dabei begegnet und was ihm widerfährt, wird hier - nur in Bildern - geschildert.

Building A Culture Of Hope

Author : Robert D. Barr
ISBN : 9781936764631
Genre : Education
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Research demonstrates that children of poverty need more than just academic instruction to succeed. Discover a blueprint for turning low-performing schools into Cultures of Hope! The authors draw from their own experiences working with high-poverty, high-achieving schools to illustrate how to support students with an approach that considers social as well as emotional factors in education.
Category: Education

Die Ambivalenz Der Gef Hle

Author : Jochen Kleres
ISBN : 9783658016548
Genre : Social Science
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​Grundlegende Prämisse der Soziologie der Emotionen ist es, dass Gefühle für alle Aspekte des Sozialen relevant sind. Wenn Emotionen von Individuen und soziale Kontexte in einem Wechselverhältnis zueinander stehen, stellt sich die Frage, welche Formen sozialer Verknüpfungen so konstituiert werden. Jenseits ihres verbindenden Potentials gilt es dabei insbesondere, Ambivalenzen der von Emotionen begründeten Sozialität in den Blick zu nehmen. Inkludierende und exkludierende Aspekte von Emotionen können dabei eng miteinander verwoben sein und sogar Teil ein und derselben sozialen Beziehung ausmachen. Diese Perspektive lässt sich auch für transnationale Kontexte nutzbar machen. Schließlich gilt es, diese Fragen methodologisch für empirische Forschung zu reflektieren. Der vorliegende Band zeigt somit eindrücklich, dass alle Bereiche des gesellschaftlichen Lebens von Emotionen nicht nur grundiert und durchzogen sind, sondern dass sie für Gesellschaft vielmehr konstitutiv sind.
Category: Social Science

Appalachia Revisited

Author : William Schumann
ISBN : 9780813166995
Genre : Social Science
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Known for its dramatic beauty and valuable natural resources, Appalachia has undergone significant technological, economic, political, and environmental changes in recent decades. Home to distinctive traditions and a rich cultural heritage, the area is also plagued by poverty, insufficient healthcare and education, drug addiction, and ecological devastation. This complex and controversial region has been examined by generations of scholars, activists, and civil servants -- all offering an array of perspectives on Appalachia and its people. In this innovative volume, editors William Schumann and Rebecca Adkins Fletcher assemble both scholars and nonprofit practitioners to examine how Appalachia is perceived both within and beyond its borders. Together, they investigate the region's transformation and analyze how it is currently approached as a topic of academic inquiry. Arguing that interdisciplinary and comparative place-based studies increasingly matter, the contributors investigate numerous topics, including race and gender, environmental transformation, university-community collaborations, cyber identities, fracking, contemporary activist strategies, and analyze Appalachia in the context of local-to-global change. A pathbreaking study analyzing continuity and change in the region through a global framework, Appalachia Revisited is essential reading for scholars and students as well as for policymakers, community and charitable organizers, and those involved in community development.
Category: Social Science

The Exile Of Britney Spears

Author : Christopher R. Smit
ISBN : 9781841504100
Genre : Social Science
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As sustainability and eco-responsibility become a part of our everyday cultural conversation, we’re finally being forced to acknowledge that what we consume matters. What we fail to realize is that we unconsciously, continually, and at times violently consume much more than just food—including celebrities. The Exile of Britney Spears takes the ubiquitous pop star of its title as its primary example, explaining that we have consumed, digested, and eliminated Britney Spears in a process uniquely characteristic of American popular culture. In Christopher Smit’s provocative account of the sociological, aesthetic, and political outcomes of this new mediated cannibalism, he offers the idea of exile as a new metaphor for the outcome of popular consumption. By investigating the psychological, personal, and social matrix of Britney’s rise and fall, he outlines the process of her inevitable exile from global taste and favor.
Category: Social Science

Genre Und Gemeinsinn

Author : Hermann Kappelhoff
ISBN : 9783110466966
Genre : Performing Arts
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Based on the premise that a society’s sense of commonality depends upon media practices of political communitarization, this study examines how Hollywood was deployed during the Second World War. It shows that Hollywood responded to the crisis of democracy in the war by creating a new genre. Using an affective theory of genre cinema, it offers a new characterization of the relationship between politics and poetics in forming commonality.
Category: Performing Arts

Early Career Teachers

Author : Bruce Johnson
ISBN : 9789812871732
Genre : Education
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This book addresses one of the most persistent issues confronting governments, educations systems and schools today: the attraction, preparation, and retention of early career teachers. It draws on the stories of sixty graduate teachers from Australia to identify the key barriers, interferences and obstacles to teacher resilience and what might be done about it. Based on these stories, five interrelated themes - policies and practices, school culture, teacher identity, teachers’ work, and relationships – provide a framework for dialogue around what kinds of conditions need to be created and sustained in order to promote early career teacher resilience. The book provides a set of resources – stories, discussion, comments, reflective questions and insights from the literature – to promote conversations among stakeholders rather than providing yet another ‘how to do’ list for improving the daily lives of early career teachers. Teaching is a complex, fragile and uncertain profession. It operates in an environment of unprecedented educational reforms designed to control, manage and manipulate pedagogical judgements. Teacher resilience must take account of both the context and circumstances of individual schools (especially those in economically disadvantaged communities) and the diversity of backgrounds and talents of early career teachers themselves. The book acknowledges that the substantial level of change required– cultural, structural, pedagogical and relational – to improve early career teacher resilience demands a great deal of cooperation and support from governments, education systems, schools, universities and communities: teachers cannot do it alone. This book is written to generate conversations amongst early career teachers, teacher colleagues, school leaders, education administrators, academics and community leaders about the kinds of pedagogical and relational conditions required to promote early career teacher resilience and wellbeing.
Category: Education