Body Counts

Author : Sean Strub
ISBN : 9781451661972
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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The founder of POZ magazine shares “a captivating…eyewitness account from inside the AIDS epidemic” (Next) and “a moving, multi-decade memoir of one gay man’s life” (San Francisco Chronicle). As a politics-obsessed Georgetown freshman, Sean Strub arrived in Washington, DC, from Iowa in 1976, with a plum part-time job running a Senate elevator in the US Capitol. He also harbored a terrifying secret: his attraction to men. As Strub explored the capital’s political and social circles, he discovered a parallel world where powerful men lived double lives shrouded in shame. When the AIDS epidemic hit in the early 1980s, Strub was living in New York and soon found himself attending “more funerals than birthday parties.” Scared and angry, he turned to radical activism to combat discrimination and demand research. Strub takes you through his own diagnosis and inside ACT UP, the organization that transformed a stigmatized cause into one of the defining political movements of our time. From the New York of Studio 54 and Andy Warhol’s Factory to the intersection of politics and burgeoning LGBT and AIDS movements, Strub’s story crackles with history. He recounts his role in shocking AIDS demonstrations at St. Patrick’s Cathedral as well as at the home of US Sen­ator Jesse Helms. With an astonishing cast of characters, including Tennessee Williams, Gore Vidal, Keith Haring, Bill Clinton, and Yoko Ono, is a vivid portrait of a tumultuous era: “A page-turner…[with] the suspense and horror of Paul Monette’s memoir Borrowed Time and the drama of Larry Kramer’s play The Normal Heart….What a lot of action—and life—there is in this gripping book” (The Washington Post).
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Sex Drugs And Body Counts

Author : Peter Andreas
ISBN : 9780801476181
Genre : Political Science
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Big, attention-grabbing numbers are frequently used in policy debates and media reporting: "At least 200,000-250,000 people died in the war in Bosnia." "There are three million child soldiers in Africa." "More than 650,000 civilians have been killed as a result of the U.S. occupation of Iraq." "Between 600,000 and 800,000 women are trafficked across borders every year." "Money laundering represents as much as 10 percent of global GDP." "Internet child porn is a $20 billion-a-year industry." Peter Andreas and Kelly M. Greenhill see only one problem: these numbers are probably false. Their continued use and abuse reflect a much larger and troubling pattern: policymakers and the media naively or deliberately accept highly politicized and questionable statistical claims about activities that are extremely difficult to measure. As a result, we too often become trapped by these mythical numbers, with perverse and counterproductive consequences. This problem exists in myriad policy realms. But it is particularly pronounced in statistics related to the politically charged realms of global crime and conflict-numbers of people killed in massacres and during genocides, the size of refugee flows, the magnitude of the illicit global trade in drugs and human beings, and so on. In Sex, Drugs, and Body Counts, political scientists, anthropologists, sociologists, and policy analysts critically examine the murky origins of some of these statistics and trace their remarkable proliferation. They also assess the standard metrics used to evaluate policy effectiveness in combating problems such as terrorist financing, sex trafficking, and the drug trade. Contributors: Peter Andreas, Brown University; Thomas J. Biersteker, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies-Geneva; Sue E. Eckert, Brown University; David A. Feingold, Ophidian Research Institute and UNESCO; H. Richard Friman, Marquette University; Kelly M. Greenhill, Tufts University and Harvard University; John Hagan, Northwestern University; Lara J. Nettelfield, Institut Barcelona D'Estudis Internacionals and Simon Fraser University; Wenona Rymond-Richmond, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Winifred Tate, Colby College; Kay B. Warren, Brown University
Category: Political Science

Body Counts

Author : Yen Le Espiritu
ISBN : 9780520277717
Genre : Social Science
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Body Counts: The Vietnam War and Militarized Refuge(es) examines how the Vietnam War has continued to serve as a stage for the shoring up of American imperialist adventure and for the (re)production of American and Vietnamese American identities. Focusing on the politics of war memory and commemoration, this book retheorizes the connections among history, memory, and power and refashions the fields of American studies, Asian American studies, and refugee studies not around the narratives of American exceptionalism, immigration, and transnationalism but around the crucial issues of war, race, and violence—and the history and memories that are forged in the aftermath of war. At the same time, the book moves decisively away from the “damage-centered” approach that pathologizes loss and trauma by detailing how first- and second-generation Vietnamese have created alternative memories and epistemologies that challenge the established public narratives of the Vietnam War and Vietnamese people. Explicitly interdisciplinary, Body Counts moves between the humanities and social sciences, drawing on historical, ethnographic, cultural, and virtual evidence in order to illuminate the places where Vietnamese refugees have managed to conjure up social, public, and collective remembering.
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Body Count

Author : Burl Barer
ISBN : 9780786030255
Genre : True Crime
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He Seemed So Normal . . . By day, Robert Lee Yates, Jr., was a respected father of five, a skilled helicopter pilot who served in Desert Storm and the National Guard, and a man no one suspected of a deadly hidden life. By night he prowled the streets where prostitutes gathered, gaining their trust before betraying them with a bullet to the head. On August 26, 1997, the decomposed bodies of two young women were discovered in Spokane, Washington. Within months four more women were added to the mounting death toll. In 2000, Yates pleaded guilty to thirteen murders to avoid the death penalty. But in 2001 he was convicted of two more murders and is now on death row in Washington State, waiting for the day when he will die by lethal injection. Updated with the latest disturbing developments, awardwinning author Burl Barer's reallife thriller is a shocking portrait of one man's depravity. "Brilliant investigative journalism. . .a nonstop chilling thrill ride into the mind of an evil and savage killer." Dan Zupansky, author of Trophy Kill Includes 16 pages of photos "A must read." True Crime Book Reviews
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Body Counts

Author : Gérard Jorland
ISBN : 077352925X
Genre : Literary Criticism
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In an invigorating comparative and interdisciplinary reconsideration of the role of different types of medical counting, this wide-ranging bilingual volume takes us from the mortality tables of the eighteenth century to the movement for evidence-based medicine in our own day. Culled from the proceedings of La quantification dans les sciences medicales et de la sante: perspective historique held at the Musee Claude-Bernard in France in 2002, Body Counts moves beyond the usual emphasis on public health and clinical medicine to include the central role of numbers in laboratory work and medical instrumentation. Body Counts provides an innovative, historical, and sociological account of the functions of quantification. (McGill University), Sir Iain Chalmers (James Lind Library, Oxford), Nicholas Dodier (INSERM, CNRS, Paris), Michael Donnelly (Bard College), Volker Hess (Humboldt-University), Peter Keating (University of Quebec at Montreal), Ann La Berge (Virginia Tech University), Ilana Lowy (INSERM, CNRS, Paris), Harry M. Marks (Johns Hopkins University), Lion Murard (INSERM, CNRS, Paris), Mark Parascandola (National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland), Theodore M. Porter (University of California at Los Angeles), Andrea Rusnock (University of Rhode Island), Christiane Sinding (INSERM, CNRS, Paris), and Ulrich Trohler (Institut fur Geschichte der Medizin der Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat)."
Category: Literary Criticism

Presidents Body Counts The Twelve Worst And Four Best American Presidents Based On How Many Lived Or Died Because Of Their Actions

Author : Al Carroll
ISBN : 9781304982162
Genre : History
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Endorsed by the Thom Hartmann Show! Over 1000 downloads! Most rankings of presidents are popularity contests based on most recognized or best liked based on the political bias of the judges. This book abandons all partisan nonsense for the only ranking that matters a humanitarian one: Who were our best and worst presidents, based on how many lived or died because of their actions? Twelves presidents were our worst, guilty of crimes as serious as genocide or wars of aggression. Many ignored genocide or terrorism, or were so incompetent or blinded by politics, that sometimes millions died. Four presidents, each strongly despised by many, were actually our best presidents, saving millions of lives, defending human rights, and preventing wars. For more info on author see
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Global Burden Of Armed Violence 2015

Author : Geneva Declaration Secretariat
ISBN : 9781107069930
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 49.41 MB
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The Global Burden of Armed Violence 2015 examines international debates on including peace and security in the post-2015 development framework.
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War Violence And Population

Author : James A. Tyner
ISBN : 9781606234013
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 24.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Grounded in theory and research, this book offers a spatial perspective on how and why populations are regulated and disciplined by mass violence—and why these questions matter for scholars concerned about social justice. James Tyner focuses on how states and other actors use acts of brutality to manage, administer, and control space for political and economic purposes. He shows how demographic analyses of fertility, mortality, and migration cannot be complete without taking war and genocide into account. Stark, in-depth case studies provide a powerful and provocative basis for retheorizing population geography. Winner--AAG Meridian Book Award for Outstanding Scholarly Work in Geography
Category: Social Science

Body Counts

Author : Gerard Jorland
ISBN : 9780773572478
Genre : Medical
File Size : 21.79 MB
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Contributors include Luc Berlivet (INSERM, CNRS, EHESS, Paris), Alberto Cambrosio (McGill University), Sir Iain Chalmers (James Lind Library, Oxford), Nicholas Dodier (INSERM, CNRS, EHESS, Paris), Michael Donnelly (Bard College), Volker Hess (Humboldt-University), Peter Keating (University of Quebec at Montreal), Ann La Berge (Virginia Tech University), Ilana Löwy (INSERM, CNRS, EHESS, Paris), Harry M. Marks (Johns Hopkins University), Lion Murard (INSERM, CNRS, Paris), Mark Parascandola (National Cancer Institute, Bethesda, Maryland), Theodore M. Porter (University of California at Los Angeles), Andrea Rusnock (University of Rhode Island), Christiane Sinding (INSERM, CNRS, EHESS, Paris), and Ulrich Tröhler (Institut für Geschichte der Medizin der Albert-Ludwigs-Universität).
Category: Medical

Every Body Counts Every Drop Matters

Author : Donna L. Goodman
ISBN : 9211009316
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 31.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This classroom resource guide is designed to inform students about the world's water resources and get them involved in preserving them. It takes an interdisciplinary and multi-cultural approach to explaining issues and concepts such as water cycle, hydroelectricity and dams, water and health, and water and culture. Each chapter is supplemented with activities such as testing rainwater, making an aquifer or distilling seawater. Also included are features such as games, puzzles, fun facts and questions for discussion. Bibliography and resources for further research are also provided.
Category: Political Science