The Cat In Ancient Egypt

Author : Jaromír Málek
ISBN : 0714119709
Genre : Cats
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Cats in Egypt were probably domesticated by around 4000 BC from wild ancestors. Over the following centuries, they became popular household pets and are regularly shown in tomb paintings of family life. This volume draws on artistic and written sources to show how they became widely-esteemed and revered animals in Egypt.
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The Cat In Ancient Egypt

Author : N. Langton
ISBN : 0710307101
Genre : History
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"This volume is a detailed visual record of art and artefacts associated with the worship of the cat and the goddess Bastet in ancient Egypt. The book begins with a brief history of the cult, tracing its development from earliest times to the height of its popularity under the Bubastite dynasty, noting that organized divinity only passed from the cat and the goddess in 392 AD when the Emperor Theodosius I forbade paganism. The remainder of the work, profusely illustrated with objects from the authors' collection, describes pieces depicting cat figures, cat heads, groups, inscriptions, mummy cases, scarabs, amulets and jewelry."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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The Cat Of Bubastes A Tale Of Ancient Egypt

Author : G. A. Henty
Genre : Fiction
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Thanks to the care with which the Egyptians depicted upon the walls of their sepulchers the minutest doings of their daily life, to the dryness of the climate which has preserved these records uninjured for so many thousand years, and to the indefatigable labor of modern investigators, we know far more of the manners and customs of the Egyptians, of their methods of work, their sports and amusements, their public festivals, and domestic life, than we do of those of peoples comparatively modern. My object in the present story has been to give you as lively a picture as possible of that life, drawn from the bulky pages of Sir J. Gardner Wilkinson and other writers on the same subject. I have laid the scene in the time of Thotmes III., one of the greatest of the Egyptian monarchs, being surpassed only in glory and the extent of his conquests by Rameses the Great. It is certain that Thotmes carried the arms of Egypt to the shores of the Caspian, and a people named the Rebu, with fair hair and blue eyes, were among those depicted in the Egyptian sculptures as being conquered and made tributary. It is open to discussion whether the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt took place in the reign of Thotmes or many years subsequently, some authors assigning it to the time of Rameses. Without attempting to enter into this much-discussed question, I have assumed that the Israelites were still in Egypt at the time of Thotmes, and by introducing Moses just at the time he began to take up the cause of the people to whom he belonged, I leave it to be inferred that the Exodus took place some forty years later. I wish you to understand, however, that you are not to accept this date as being absolutely correct. Opinions differ widely upon it; and as no allusion whatever has been discovered either to the Exodus or to any of the events which preceded it among the records of Egypt, there is nothing to fix the date as occurring during the reign of any one among the long line of Egyptian kings. The term Pharaoh used in the Bible throws no light upon the subject, as Pharaoh simply means king, and the name of no monarch bearing that appellation is to be found on the Egyptian monuments. I have in no way exaggerated the consequences arising from the slaying of the sacred cat, as the accidental killing of any cat whatever was an offense punished by death throughout the history of Egypt down to the time of the Roman connection with that country.
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The Cat Of Bubastes

Author : G. A. Henty
ISBN : 9780486115832
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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A young Egyptian accidentally kills a sacred cat and must flee from an angry mob. Set in 1250 B.C., this thrilling adventure also features fascinating details about Egyptian religion, geography, farming, and burial.
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Per Bast

Author : Lara-Dawn Stiegler
ISBN : 0978179307
Genre : Fiction
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The story behind the statue of a cat. "As a deadly plague spreads over Egypt, Neferure [ed.--the cat] finds herself stranded in the turmoil surrounding death. A promise has been silenced, a piece of her heart torn away, and the high priest of Karnak temple has just been entombed. In the wake of her loss, Neferure finds herself enshrouded in a mystery no one else acknowledges, and unveils a sinister plot threatening all of Egypt"--P. 4. of cover.
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Author : Katharine M. Rogers
ISBN : 1861892926
Genre : Art
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Cattraces the relationship between humans and the cat from its original domestication in ancient Egypt c. 2000 BC, where it enjoyed high status, through its centuries as a mere utilitarian rodent catcher, its gradual acceptance as a charming and amiable pet, and its present status as a companion on a par with the dog. Cats spread from Egypt, reaching Britain by the fourth century BC and Japan by about the seventh. They were immediately appreciated in Japan, but in the West they were regarded as harmless and necessary at best, and, at worst, as convenient targets for abuse. Finally, in late-seventeenth-century France, an aristocratic coterie began to make much of their pet cats. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, people of all classes came to appreciate cats as companions, and now there are more pet cats than pet dogs in both the UK and the USA. Long before people valued cats as companions, however, they recognized something special about them. Cats' ease of negotiation in the dark, their silent movements, their self-detachment even as they live in our homes, their refusal to defer to humans, seem to indicate strange, even supernatural powers. At first these attributes seemed sinister, but for later cat lovers they add to the animals' fascination. They have inspired writers from Poe to Lewis Carroll to imaginative creations. But cats can also be the embodiment of a happy home and good friends, whether they sustain a lonely old woman like Hall's Fräulein Schwartz or chat pleasantly with an old man in Murakami's Kafka on the Shore. The peculiar fascination of the cat, indeed, is the diversity of images it projects – sweet and ferocious, affectionate and independent, elegant and earthy, cosily domestic and eerie. This book will appeal to the enormous number of people who like and are interested in cats. Unlike many other cat books, it offers substantial and accurate information about the history of cats and their presentation in literature and art.
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The Winged Cat

Author : Deborah Nourse Lattimore
ISBN : 0606084347
Genre : Cats
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In ancient Egypt, a young servant girl and a High Priest must each find the correct magic spells from the Book of the Dead that open the twelve gates of the Netherworld, to determine who is telling the truth about the death of the girl's sacred cat.
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Temple Cat

Author : Andrew Clements
ISBN : 0618111395
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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A temple cat in ancient Egypt grows tired of being worshipped and cared for in a reverent fashion and travels to the seaside, where she finds genuine affection with a fisherman and his children.
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Classical Cats

Author : Donald W. Engels
ISBN : 9781134692866
Genre : History
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This is the definitive book on classical cats. The cat has played a significant role in history from the earliest times. Well known is its role in the religion and art of ancient Egypt, no less than its association with witchcraft in the Middle Ages. But when did the cat become a domestic companion and worker as well? There has been much debate about the position of the cat in ancient Greece and Rome. Artistic representations are sometimes ambiguous, and its role as a mouse-catcher seems often to have been carried out by weasels. Yet other evidence clearly suggests that the cat was as important to Greeks and Romans as it is to many modern people. This book is the first comprehensive survey of the evidence for cats in Greece and Rome, and of their functions and representations in art. Donald Engels draws on authors from Aesop to Aristotle; on vase-painting, inscriptions and the plastic arts; and on a thorough knowledge of zoology of the cat. He also sets the ancient evidence in the wider context of the Egyptian period that preceded it, as well as the views of the Church fathers who ushered antiquity into the Middle Ages.
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Cat Mummies

Author : Kelly Trumble
ISBN : 0547562640
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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Clearly written text offers an answer to the question of why ancient Egyptians mummified thousands and thousands of cats. An easy-to-understand introduction to ancient Egyptian history.
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