Christian Ritualizing And The Baptismal Process

Author : Susan Marie Smith
ISBN : 9781630878146
Genre : Religion
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Most people, even non-Christians, know that Christians gather for worship once a week, and that they are right there to support each other when there is a baptism or a wedding or a funeral. But what about other poignant, vulnerable, or life-changing times? How does the church help people handle changes that in the past, in Christendom, were considered "secular"? Does the church have a role at retirement when one's ministry changes, or when a family's children leave home and familiar patterns seem to grind to a halt? Is there any rite possible for someone who is called to Christian ministry but not to ordination? Or to someone whose vows are broken in divorce? Christian Ritualizing and the Baptismal Process asserts that baptism marks the beginning of a process of participation in Christ's ministry, so that no part of life can finally be considered secular. Susan Marie Smith shows how every passage, healing, and ministry vocation is "holy," and she lays the groundwork needed for every church to create the rituals necessary to lament and celebrate the endings and beginnings that happen in every Christian life.
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The Shape Of Baptism

Author : Aidan Kavanagh
ISBN : 0814660363
Genre : Religion
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After revealing the genesis of the Roman tradition of initiation, Kavanagh moves on to the tensions between traditional practice and the need for change. He stresses the Church's ongoing need to focus its efforts on its main concern - the initiation of new members.
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The Sacraments In Protestant Practice And Faith

Author : James F. White
ISBN : 9781426738784
Genre : Religion
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The sacraments were a major factor in the Reformation of the sixteenth century. Ever since, they have been an important part of Protestant church life. Major changes have occurred in our time as most traditions have revised their sacramental rites and experienced many changes in sacramental practices. This book traces the most significant practices in the past five centuries, explains how they often led to controversies, and examines the faith that was expressed and experienced in the sacraments. James F. White attempts to depict the whole sweep of Protestant sacramental life, so that an overall picture is possible. And he outlines the possibilities for future developments.
Category: Religion

Understanding Catholic Christianity

Author : Thomas Zanzig
ISBN : 9780884893721
Genre : Religion
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"Understanding Catholic Christianity" offers a comprehensive overview of Catholicism for ninth graders, to serve as a foundation for other high school religion courses and faith formation experiences they will have. With pastoral sensitivity, the course's examples, stories, quotes and reflection activities bring to life the basic of the Catholic faith for adolescent hearts and minds.
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African American Christian Worship

Author : Melva W. Costen
ISBN : 9781426721991
Genre : Religion
File Size : 88.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In this update to her 1993 classic, African American Christian Worship, Melva Wilson Costen, again delights her reader with a lively history and theology of the African American worship experience. Drawing upon careful scholarship and engaging stories, Dr. Costen details the global impact on African American worship by media, technology, and new musical styles. She expands her discussion of ritual practices in African communities and clarifies some of the ritual use of music in worship. In keeping with recent congregational practices, Dr. Costen will also provide general orders of worship suitable for a variety of denominational settings.
Category: Religion

Baptism And Belonging

Author : Keith Watkins
ISBN : 0827202199
Genre : Religion
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This study calls Disciples to revitalize the church by better understanding what baptism is and what it means to us as Christians.
Category: Religion

Liturgy As Living Faith

Author : Joyce Ann Zimmerman
ISBN : UOM:39015029966697
Genre : Religion
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This work is concerned with methodology, hermeneutics, and liturgical theology. It draws on the gains of specific linguistically based methods to support its underlying thesis that the deep, dynamic structure of liturgy is identical to the deep, dynamic structure of Christian living.
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The Identity Of Anglican Worship

Author : Kenneth Stevenson
ISBN : IND:30000025837281
Genre : Religion
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Does Anglican worship have an identity? This rich collection of essays demonstrates a great diversity of conviction, styles, and perception of issuesfrom when children should be confirmed, through the status and future of the Eucharist, to the inculturation of liturgy within modern societies. From this rich tapestry emerges a common thread of deeply held identity that offers insight into the role of Anglicanism in todays and tomorrows world.
Category: Religion

Reading Writing And Ritualizing

Author : Ronald L. Grimes
ISBN : IND:30000045755778
Genre : Rites and ceremonies.
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This collection of studies on ritual and ritualizing leads the reader through religious
Category: Rites and ceremonies.