Cities As Multiple Landscapes

Author : Christina Antenhofer
ISBN : 9783593506470
Genre : Social Science
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Cities are composed of a combination of urban and rural spaces, buildings and boundaries, and human bodies engaged in political, social, and cultural discourses. Together, these combine to create what the contributors to this volume call multiple landscapes. Developing a new theoretical conceptualization of cities, this book unites American and European approaches to comparative urban studies by investigating the concept of multiple landscapes in two sister cities: New Orleans and Innsbruck. As the essays reveal, both New Orleans and Innsbruck have long been centers of multicultural exchange, have strong senses of historical heritage, and profit from the spectacular geographies in which they are situated. Geography, in particular, links both cities to environmental, technological, and security challenges that must be considered in connection with aesthetic, cultural, and ecological debates. Exploring the many connections between New Orleans and Innsbruck, the interdisciplinary essays in this book will change the way we think about cities both local and abroad.
Category: Social Science

Port Cities

Author : Carola Hein
ISBN : 041578042X
Genre : Architecture
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Ports have been and continue to be critical in not just the global movement of goods, but also the global movement of ideas, social change, and cultural phenomena, including architecture and urban form. The connected points of a multi-faceted network, ports profoundly affect both each other and the cities and regions to which they belong. Shipping and trade networks have created a legacy embodied in the street patterns, land use and buildings of interconnected port cities. Multiple forces are at play: technological requirements, elite preferences and working class needs, urban policy and globalization. Port Cities brings together original scholarship by both well-published and younger scholars from multiple disciplines and builds upon long-standing research on the international exchange of architectural and planning ideas. A carefully selected series of essays examines comprehensively and globally the changing built and urban environment of selected port cities. They explore similarities, dissimilarities, and how sea-based networking has influenced urban landscapes and architecture, socio-economic and cultural development from the nineteenth to the twenty-first centuries. The first section examines global networks linking ports and cities and explores the effect of inter-continental transfers on architecture and planning. The second part focuses on interconnected port cities in regional contexts, analyzing socio-economic structures and urban and built form. The third section examines the built environment of selected cities in view of their response to changing technology, transforming socio-economic networks and political contexts, as well as evolving design concepts. Overall, the book proposes a networked analysis of the built and urban environment, arguing that international maritime networks are paradigmatic for the creation of dynamic, multi-scaled, and interconnected "port cityscapes."
Category: Architecture

Linguistic Landscape In The City

Author : Prof. Elana Shohamy
ISBN : 1847694810
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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This book focuses on linguistic landscapes in present-day urban settings. In a wide-ranging collection of studies of major world cities, the authors investigate both the forces that shape linguistic landscape and the impact of the linguistic landscape on the wider social and cultural reality. Not only does the book offer a wealth of case studies and comparisons to complement existing publications on linguistic landscape, but the editors aim to investigate the nature of a field of study which is characterised by its interest in ‘ordered disorder’. The editors aspire to delve into linguistic landscape beyond its appearance as a jungle of jumbled and irregular items by focusing on the variations in linguistic landscape configurations and recognising that it is but one more field of the shaping of social reality under diverse, uncoordinated and possibly incongruent structuration principles.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Imperial Cities

Author : Felix Driver
ISBN : 071906497X
Genre : Architecture
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The fifteen essays in this book explore the influence of imperialism in a range of urban centres, including London, Paris, Rome, Vienna, Marseilles, Glasgow and Seville. The first part on "imperial landscapes" is devoted to large-scale architectural schemes and monuments, including the Queen Victoria Memorial in London and the Vittoriano in Rome. In the second part, the focus is on imperial display throughout the city, from spectacular exhibitions and ceremonies, to more private displays of empire in suburban gardens. The final part considers the changing cultural and political identities in the imperial city, looking particularly at nationalism, masculinity and anti-imperialism.
Category: Architecture

The Cybercities Reader

Author : Stephen Graham
ISBN : 0415279569
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 73.2 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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How do the multifaceted realities of city regions interrelate in practice with new technologies in different ways in different places? This reader explores this question, providing an international and interdisciplinary analysis of the relationships between cities, urban life and new technologies.
Category: Social Science

The Living Landscape Second Edition

Author : Frederick R. Steiner
ISBN : 1610910915
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 35.79 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Living Landscape is a manifesto, resource, and textbook for architects, landscape architects, environmental planners, students, and others involved in creating human communities. Since its first edition, published in 1990, it has taught its readers how to develop new built environments while conserving natural resources. No other book presents such a comprehensive approach to planning that is rooted in ecology and design. And no other book offers a similar step-by-step method for planning with an emphasis on sustainable development. This second edition of The Living Landscape offers Frederick Steiner’s design-oriented ecological methods to a new generation of students and professionals. The Living Landscape offers • a systematic, highly practical approach to landscape planning that maximizes ecological objectives, community service, and citizen participation • more than 20 challenging case studies that demonstrate how problems were met and overcome, from rural America to large cities • scores of checklists and step-by-step guides • hands-on help with practical zoning, land use, and regulatory issues • coverage of major advances in GIS technology and global sustainability standards • more than 150 illustrations. As Steiner emphasizes throughout this book, all of us have a responsibility to the Earth and to our fellow residents on this planet to plan with vision. We are merely visiting this planet, he notes; we should leave good impressions.
Category: Architecture

Ecosystem Services In Agricultural And Urban Landscapes

Author : Stephen Wratten
ISBN : 9781118506240
Genre : Science
File Size : 36.64 MB
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Ecosystem services are the resources and processes supplied by natural ecosystems which benefit humankind (for example, pollination of crops by insects, or water filtration by wetlands). They underpin life on earth, provide major inputs to many economic sectors and support our lifestyles. Agricultural and urban areas are by far the largest users of ecosystems and their services and (for the first time) this book explores the role that ecosystem services play in these managed environments. The book also explores methods of evaluating ecosystem services, and discusses how these services can be maintained and enhanced in our farmlands and cities. This book will be useful to students and researchers from a variety of fields, including applied ecology, environmental economics, agriculture and forestry, and also to local and regional planners and policy makers.
Category: Science

Green Building Materials And Civil Engineering

Author : Jimmy C.M. Kao
ISBN : 9781315751986
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 35.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book contains select green building, materials, and civil engineering papers from the 4th International Conference on Green Building, Materials and Civil Engineering (GBMCE), which was held in Hong Kong, August 21-22, 2014. This volume of proceedings aims to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academics, and industry professionals from all over the world to present their materials, energy, environment, and civil engineering research results and development activities.
Category: Technology & Engineering

European Landscape Architecture

Author : Ian Thompson
ISBN : 9781134397853
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 48.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Drawing together case studies from all over Europe, this text explores the relationship between the overall idea of the landscape architecture for a site and the design of details. Examining concept sketches and design development drawings in relation to the details of the design, the book offers a more profound understanding of decision making through all stages of the design process. The book includes the study of the choice of materials and techniques of construction, and explores the cultural and symbolic significance of such choices, as well as questions of environmental sustainability. With projects analyzed and evaluated here that have won international acclaim, or have been awarded national prizes, European Landscape Architecture is a core book in the study and understanding of the subject.
Category: Architecture

Bedside Essays For Lovers Of Cities

Author : Daniel Solomon
ISBN : 9781597263337
Genre : Architecture
File Size : 30.36 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this provocative collection of essays, renowned architect Daniel Solomon delves into the complexities of what makes a city vibrant. Acknowledging that a city is not a static thing, he argues we need to pay more attention to nurturing what he calls “continuous cities.” In such a city, he says, “new buildings, new institutions, and new technologies don’t rip apart the old and wreck it. They accommodate, they act with respect, and they add vibrant new chapters to history without eradicating it.” Continuity, he explains, is the way to promote sustainability— and contrary to what the advocates of “modern architecture” claim, he insists that honoring the traditional ways of city building still provides a solid foundation for places to grow, evolve, be modern. However fond you are of your city, or however much you feel it needs improvement, this short collection of essays offers an enticing vision of the future. All of our cities have a past worth examining, a richness of experience that can shape the future in wonderful, surprising ways. Solomon’s prose is thought-provoking and inspiring, well worth keeping close by wherever you do your reading—be it your bedside, couch, a park, or on the metro.
Category: Architecture