Creating White Australia

Author : Jane Carey
ISBN : 9781920899424
Genre : Australia
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The adoption of White Australia as government policy in 1901 demonstrates that whiteness was crucial to the ways in which the new nation of Australia was constituted. And yet, historians have largely overlooked whiteness in their studies of Australia¿s racial past. Creating White Australia takes a fresh approach to the question of 'race¿ in Australian history. It demonstrates that Australia¿s racial foundations can only be understood by recognising whiteness too as 'race¿. Including contributions from some of the leading as well as emerging scholars in Australian history, it breaks new ground by arguing that 'whiteness¿ was central to the racial ideologies which created the Australian nation.This book pursues the foundations of white Australia across diverse locales. It also situates the development of Australian whiteness within broader imperial and global influences. As the recent Apology to the Stolen Generations, the Northern Territory Intervention, and controversies over asylum seekers reveal, the legacies of these histories are still very much with us today.
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From White Australia To Woomera

Author : James Jupp
ISBN : 0521697891
Genre : Political Science
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Immigration specialist James Jupp surveys changes in immigration policy since 1972.
Category: Political Science

Transforming A White Australia

Author :
ISBN : 9788190228299
Genre : Australia
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Mass immigration post World War II has transformed Australian society and politics. This is indeed a far cry from the vision of the architects of the 'White Australia' policy over a hundred years ago. This volume explores this dramatic change by examining the politics of the peopling of Australia dating from the Immigration Restriction Act 1901, the so-called 'White Australia' policy which sought to forge the Australian nation as a 'citadel of the British speaking race' (Prime Minister Curtin). The book examines how critical issues of race and immigration still haunt the political landscape even as we find an increasingly cosmopolitan Australia becoming more Asian oriented. As a study of this unique and successful experiment in creating a diverse and multicultural society, this book will be useful to anyone interested in what drives and sustains a diverse and pluralistic society.
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Indigenous Networks

Author : Jane Carey
ISBN : 9781317659327
Genre : History
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This edited collection argues for the importance of recovering Indigenous participation within global networks of imperial power and wider histories of "transnational" connections. It takes up a crucial challenge for new imperial and transnational histories: to explore the historical role of colonized and subaltern communities in these processes, and their legacies in the present. Bringing together prominent and emerging scholars who have begun to explore Indigenous networks and "transnational" encounters, and to consider the broader significance of "extra-local" connections, exchanges and mobility for Indigenous peoples, this work engages closely with some of the key historical scholarship on transnationalism and the networks of European imperialism. Chapters deploy a range of analytic scales, including global, regional and intra-Indigenous networks, and methods, including histories of ideas and cultural forms and biography, as well as exploring contemporary legacies. In drawing these perspectives together, this book charts an important new direction in research.
Category: History

Creating Australia

Author : Wayne Hudson
ISBN : 9781741150582
Genre : History
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Essays from some of Australia's leading historians showing how Australian history has been rewritten in the past twenty years to accommodate different notions of Australian identity.
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Experience Of Nationhood

Author : K. J. Mason
ISBN : UOM:39015029699645
Genre : History
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Third and completely revised edition of a resource book first published in 1975, which covers Australian history from Federation to the present. Emphasis is on an enquiry-based approach to the subject with questions, accompanying documents and photographs. Indexed.
Category: History

Kinship Law And The Unexpected

Author : Marilyn Strathern
ISBN : 0521849926
Genre : Law
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How can we hold in the same view both cultural or historical constructs and generalities about social existence? Kinship, Law and the Unexpected takes up an issue at the heart of studies of society - the way we use relationships to uncover relationships. Relationality is a phenomenon at once contingent (on certain ways of knowing) and ubiquitous (to social life). The role of relations in western (Euro-American) knowledge practices, from the scientific revolution onwards, raises a question about the extent to which Euro-American kinship is the kinship of a knowledge-based society. The argument takes the reader through current issues in biotechnology, new family formations and legal interventions, and intellectual property debates, to matters of personhood and ownership afforded by material from Melanesia and elsewhere. If we are often surprised by what our relatives do, we may also be surprised by what relations tells us about the world we live in.
Category: Law

Australian Settler Colonialism And The Cummeragunja Aboriginal Station

Author : Fiona Davis
ISBN : 1845196902
Genre :
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In 1938, the anthropologist Norman Tindale gave a classroom of young Aboriginal children a set of crayons and asked them to draw. The children, residents of the government-run Aboriginal station Cummeragunja, mostly drew pictures of aspects of white civilization - boats, houses and flowers. What now to make of their artwork? Were the children encouraged or pressured to draw non-Aboriginal scenes, or did they draw freely, appropriating the white culture they now lived within? Did their Aboriginality change the meaning of their art, as they sketched out this ubiquitous colonial imagery? Australian Settler Colonialism and the Cummeragunja Aboriginal Station traces Cummeragunja's history from its establishment in the 1880s to its mass walk-off in 1939 and finally, to the 1960s, when its residents regained greater control over the land. Taking in oral history traditions, the author reveals the competing interests of settler governments, scientific and religious organizations, and nearby settler communities. The nature of these interests has broad and important implications for understanding settler colonial history. This history shows white people set boundaries on Aboriginal behaviour and movement, through direct legislation and the provision of opportunities and acceptance. But Aboriginal people had agency within and, at times, beyond these limits. Aboriginal people appropriated aspects of white culture - including the houses, the flowers and the boats that their children drew for Tindale - reshaping them into new tools for Aboriginal society, tools with which to build lives and futures in a changed environment.