Daidalos And The Origins Of Greek Art

Author : Sarah P. Morris
ISBN : 069100160X
Genre : Art
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This book uses the myths surrounding Daidalos as an example to describe the profound influence of the Near East on ancient Greece's artistic and literary origins. Morris's broad focus on the Mediterranean world combined with her interdisciplinary apppraoch allows for new insights into a wide range of topics, including the meaning of myth, sculpture, the evolution of the alphabet, Homeric poetics, and Attic drama. `Gathering an imposing array of linguistic, literary, archaeological and historical sources from around the Mediterranean, the author has demonstrated the profound, appreciative dependence of the Greeks on the Levantine east begining in the Bronze Age' - Choice .
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Imago Res Mortua Est

Author : Thomas Pekáry
ISBN : 3515082484
Genre : History
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Trotz der riesigen Zahl antiker Kunstwerke, die unsere Museen fuellen, gab es bei Griechen und Romer zahlreiche ablehnende bis bilderfeindliche Stimmen. Schon Platon wollte Kuenstler aus seinem Idealstaat ausschlieaen; andere waren der Meinung Bilder seien schadlich, unsittlich, Gotter konne man nicht darstellen, Kunst dient nur der Sinnenlust und ist verganglich. Bildnisse zeigen nur das Auaere des Menschen und sind ihm haufig unahnlich, Kuenstler sind zu verachten, Kunstkenntnisse gehoren nicht zur Bildung. Zu diesem bisher groatenteils nicht bearbeiteten Themenkomplex werden ueber eintausend Aussagen von Homer bis Augustin im Text in deutscher Ubersetzung oder Paraphrase zitiert; die Originale stehen in den Anmerkungen. "Pekary steht [a] fuer hochwertige wissenschaftliche Arbeit. [a] Der Band stellt eine Textsammlung erster Guete dar." Bonner Jahrbuecher.
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Art And Experience In Classical Greece

Author : Jerome Jordan Pollitt
ISBN : 0521096626
Genre : Art
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The development of Greek sculpture, architecture, and painting during the Classical period is examined within a social and cultural context
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ISBN : 16135628
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The Mediterranean Context Of Early Greek History

Author : Nancy H. Demand
ISBN : 9781444342345
Genre : History
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The Mediterranean Context of Early Greek History reveals the role of the complex interaction of Mediterranean seafaring and maritime connections in the development of the ancient Greek city-states. Offers fascinating insights into the origins of urbanization in the ancient Mediterranean, including the Greek city-state Based on the most recent research on the ancient Mediterranean Features a novel approach to theories of civilization change - foregoing the traditional isolationists model of development in favor of a maritime based network Argues for cultural interactions set in motion by exchange and trade by sea
Category: History

Wisdom Literature In Mesopotamia And Israel

Author : Richard J. Clifford
ISBN : 9781589832190
Genre : Literary Criticism
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The last fifty years have seen a dramatic increase of interest in the wisdom literature of the Bible, as scholars have come to appreciate the subtlety and originality of Proverbs, Job, and Ecclesiastes as well as of Sirach and Wisdom of Solomon. Interest has likewise grown in the wisdom literatures of the neighboring cultures of Canaan, Egypt, and especially Mesopotamia. To help readers understand the place of biblical wisdom within this broader context, including its originality and distinctiveness, this volume offers a collection of essays by Assyriologists and biblicists on the social, intellectual, and literary setting of Mesopotamian wisdom; on specific wisdom texts; and on key themes common to both Mesopotamian and biblical culture. --From publisher's description.
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From Ikaria To The Stars

Author : Peter Green
ISBN : 9780292758773
Genre : Social Science
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"I hadn't, till I really started digging, gauged the fierce intensity of the need for myth in the human psyche, of any age, or sensed the variety of motives dictating that need," writes Peter Green in the introduction to this wide-ranging collection of essays on classical mythology and the mythic experience. Using the need for myth as the starting point for exploring a number of topics in Greek mythology and history, Green advances new ideas about why the human urge to make myths persists across the millennia and why the borderland between mythology and history can sometimes be hard to map. Green looks at both specific problems in classical mythology and larger theoretical issues. His explorations underscore how mythic expression opens a door into non-rational and quasi-rational modes of thought in which it becomes possible to rewrite painful truths and unacceptable history—which is, Green argues, a dangerous enterprise. His study of the intersections between classical mythology and Greek history ultimately drives home a larger point, "the degree of mythification and deception (of oneself no less than of others) of which the human mind is capable."
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The Measure Of Civilization

Author : Ian Morris
ISBN : 9781400844760
Genre : Social Science
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In the last thirty years, there have been fierce debates over how civilizations develop and why the West became so powerful. The Measure of Civilization presents a brand-new way of investigating these questions and provides new tools for assessing the long-term growth of societies. Using a groundbreaking numerical index of social development that compares societies in different times and places, award-winning author Ian Morris sets forth a sweeping examination of Eastern and Western development across 15,000 years since the end of the last ice age. He offers surprising conclusions about when and why the West came to dominate the world and fresh perspectives for thinking about the twenty-first century. Adapting the United Nations' approach for measuring human development, Morris's index breaks social development into four traits--energy capture per capita, organization, information technology, and war-making capacity--and he uses archaeological, historical, and current government data to quantify patterns. Morris reveals that for 90 percent of the time since the last ice age, the world's most advanced region has been at the western end of Eurasia, but contrary to what many historians once believed, there were roughly 1,200 years--from about 550 to 1750 CE--when an East Asian region was more advanced. Only in the late eighteenth century CE, when northwest Europeans tapped into the energy trapped in fossil fuels, did the West leap ahead. Resolving some of the biggest debates in global history, The Measure of Civilization puts forth innovative tools for determining past, present, and future economic and social trends.
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