Author : Paul Levesque
ISBN : 9781458777522
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Teaches concrete, real-world skills for turning any dream into a reality; Provides step-by-step exercises for defining and achieving dreams and overcoming internal and external obstacles; Includes inspirational profiles and real-life examples of high-achieving individuals who exemplify the skills described in the book.....Many people set out to achieve a dream-starting a business or learning to play the piano or publishing a book-but they don't succeed, and the dream fizzles away. In many cases, these people have lots of skills and expertise, such as deep knowledge of the business or career they are interested in, so why don't they succeed? Paul Levesque and Art McNeil have discovered that making a dream come true requires cultivating skills of a higher order-macro skills-that inevitably spell the difference between success and failure no matter what the specifics of a person's dreams are. These are the skills Dream crafting outlines in detail.

Haga Realidad Sus Sue Os

Author : Paul Levesque
ISBN : 9788480046220
Genre : Self-Help
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Muchas personas desean hacer realidad un sueño (empezar un negocio, aprender a tocar el piano o publicar un libro) pero no lo consiguen, y el sueño se disipa. En muchos casos, estas personas tienen destrezas y experiencia técnica, por ejemplo, un profundo conocimiento de ese negocio o línea profesional en el que están interesados; entonces, ¿por qué no triunfan?. El libro presenta las técnicas básicas que todos podemos utilizar para superar los obstáculos que nos impiden hacer realidad nuestros sueños.
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Bu Slim Dan Pak Bil Mengimpikan Sekolah Imajinasi

Author : Hernowo
ISBN : 9789793611297
Genre : Education
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Bu Slim dan Pak Bil mencoba mengobrolkan kemungkinan dibangunnya sekolah imajinasi. Yaitu sekolah yang di dalamnya potensi imajinasi dapat dirangsang dan ditumbuhsuburkan secara rasional.ÿ[Mizan Learning Center, Inspirasi, Motivasi, Indonesia]
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Dream Crafters Of Marimoor

Author : Gary Lee Carmichael
ISBN : 1631221310
Genre : Fiction
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Girl Frenzs is a devotional book written especially for the purpose of strengthening and empowering women from all walks of life to seek God where they are, to be enlightened by His words, and to know and understand that there are women all over the world who experience the same things that they do every day. Our answer is not in ourselves but in Christ Jesus our Savior. These 26 examples are from my journey and personal relationship with God and his Son, Jesus Christ. You'll find truth for yourself and for your children. After reading each chapter, I ask that you pray and meditate on your thoughts. Keep notes to reflect upon. This will help you to walk closer to God and build the trust you need to have a faithful and long-lasting relationship with God and Jesus Christ! Amen.
Category: Fiction

Steampunk Iii Steampunk Revolution

Author : Ann VanderMeer
ISBN : 9781616961091
Genre : Fiction
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Playfully mashing up the romantic elegance of the Victorian era with whimsically modernized technology, the wildly popular steampunk genre is here to stay. Now...long live the revolution! Steampunk Revolution features a renegade collective of writers and artists, including steampunk legends and hot, new talents rebooting the steam-driven past and powering it into the future. Lev Grossman’s “Sir Ranulph Wykeham-Rackham, GBE, a.k.a. Roboticus the All-Knowing” is the Six-Million-Dollar Steampunk Man, possessing appendages and workings recycled from metal parts, yet also fully human, resilient, and determined. Bruce Sterling’s “White Fungus” introduces steampunk’s younger cousin, salvage-punk, speculating on how cities will be built in the future using preexisting materials. Cat Valente’s “Mother Is a Machine” explores the merging of man and machine and a whole new form of parenting. In Jeff VanderMeer’s anti-steampunk story “Fixing Hanover,” a creator must turn his back on his creation because it is so utterly destructive. And Cherie Priest presents “The Clockroach,” a new and very unsettling mode of transportation. Going far beyond corsets and goggles, Steampunk Revolution is not just your granddad’s zeppelin—it’s an even wilder ride.
Category: Fiction

Guitar Lessons

Author : Bob Taylor
ISBN : 1118038681
Genre : Business & Economics
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The inside story of the founding and growth of Taylor Guitars, one of the world's most successful guitar manufacturers Bob Taylor mixes the details of his experience as a tradesman and cofounder of Taylor Guitars, a world-famous acoustic and electric guitar manufacturer, with philosophical life lessons that have practical application for building a business. From the “a-ha” moment in junior high school that inspired his very first guitar, Taylor has been living the American dream, crafting quality products with his own hands and building a successful, sustainable business. In Guitar Lessons, he shares the values that he lives by and that have provided the foundation for the company’s success. Be inspired by a story of guts and gumption, an unwavering commitment to quality, and the hard lessons that made Taylor Guitars the company it is today.
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Die Kunst Des Tr Umens

Author : Carlos Castaneda
ISBN : 9783104904405
Genre : Fiction
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Wieder verblüfft der Erzähler atemberaubender Erkundungsfahrten in die unerforschten Weiten der Wirklichkeit seine Leser mit verblüffenden Einsichten und Wissensschätzen. Diesmal begibt er sich mit Hilfe von Träumen und ihren Zauberkräften auf Entdeckungsreise in die Welten des Geistes, die wie Schalen einer Zwiebel unsere eigene kleine Realität umgeben und nur durch ständiges Lernen und Üben erreichbar sind. Nach langen Studien- und Meditationsjahren beschreibt Carlos Castaneda, wie die Schüler Don Juans das »vierte Tor« der Träume als Zugang zu anderen Welten und Wirklichkeiten benutzen können. Geheimes Wissen über das Bewußtsein von Träumen, die Begegnung mit unter uns lebenden uralten, zuweilen gefährlichen Wesen und Wesenheiten, gemeinschaftliches Träumen und Weltendurchsegeln - dies sind einige der abenteuerlichen Themen, die Carlos Castaneda vor seinen Lesern ausbreitet. Leseprobe
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Jeff Herman S Guide To Book Publishers Editors And Literary Agents 2004

Author : Jeff Herman
ISBN : 0871162016
Genre : Authors and publishers
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A guide to the names and specialities of American and Canadian publishers, editors, and literary agents includes information on the acquisition process and on choosing literary agents.
Category: Authors and publishers