Encyclopedia Of Protestantism

Author : J. Gordon Melton
ISBN : 9780816069835
Genre : Religion
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An illustrated A to Z reference containing over 600 entries providing information on the theology, people, historical events, institutions and movements related to Protestantism.
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Encyclopedia Of Protestantism

Author : Hans J. Hillerbrand
ISBN : 9781135960278
Genre : Reference
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For more information including sample entries, full contents listing, and more, visit the Encyclopedia of Protestantism web site. Routledge is proud to announce the publication of a new major reference work from world-renowned scholar Hans J. Hillerbrand. The Encyclopedia of Protestantism is the definitive reference to the history and beliefs that continue to exert a profound influence on Western thought. Featuring entries written by an international team of specialists and scholars, the encyclopedia traces the course of Protestantism from its beginnings prior to 1517, when Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of Wittenberg Cathedral, to the vital and diverse international scene of the present day.
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The Encyclopedia Of Protestantism

Author : Hans Joachim Hillerbrand
ISBN : 0415924723
Genre :
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Review: "Edited by a Duke University religious scholar with more than 1,000 articles, this encyclopedia does for Protestantism what the New Catholic Encyclopedia did for Catholicism. Topics include biographies, historical data, and organizations, as well as cultural, social, and religious themes. Controversial topics, such as abortion, creation science, and homosexuality, are treated objectively. Topping it off are a thorough index and appendixes containing historical and contemporary statistical data. Nearly 500 contributors worldwide helped create this comprehensive source."--"Reference that rocks," American Libraries, May 2005

The Encyclopedia Of Religious Phenomena

Author : J Gordon Melton
ISBN : 9781578592593
Genre : Religion
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From sacred mountains and places of pilgrimage to visions and out-of-body travel, this reference explores unusual and unexplained physical events, apparitions, and other phenomena rooted in religious beliefs. Each entry features a balanced presentation and includes a description of the phenomenon, the religious claims surrounding the occurrence, and a scientific response. Touring the world and history, this comprehensive reference includes entries on angels, comets, Marian apparitions, and religious figures such as Jesus, Mohammad, and Lao Tzu.
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Contesting The Reformation

Author : C. Scott Dixon
ISBN : 9781118272305
Genre : History
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Contesting the Reformation provides a comprehensive survey of the most influential works in the field of Reformation studies from a comparative, cross-national, interdisciplinary perspective. Represents the only English-language single-authored synthetic study of Reformation historiography Addresses both the English and the Continental debates on Reformation history Provides a thematic approach which takes in the main trends in modern Reformation history Draws on the most recent publications relating to Reformation studies Considers the social, political, cultural, and intellectual implications of the Reformation and the associated literature
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Theologisches Fach Und Fremdw Rterbuch

Author : Friedrich Hauck
ISBN : 9783525501467
Genre : Religion
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Bei jedem Stichwort werden, soweit erforderlich, Betonung und sprachliche Herkunft angegeben. Der römisch-katholische Begriffsschatz ist von einem katholischen Theologen überprüft worden. Zusätzlich zu seinem lexikalischen Teil enthält das Buch ein ausführliches Verzeichnis kirchlich-theologischer Abkürzungen und einen Überblick über die relevanten Nachschlagewerke. Das Buch berücksichtigt auch Nachbargebiete der Theologie und gibt dazu, ohne unhandlich zu werden, vielseitige Auskünfte. Dieser Band ersetzt Nr. 1480 der Kleinen Vandenhoeck-Reihe (ISBN 3-525-33585-7).
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Sehnsucht The C S Lewis Journal

Author : Grayson Carter
ISBN : 9781620323861
Genre : Religion
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Sehnsucht: The C. S. Lewis Journal, established by the Arizona C. S. Lewis Society in 2007, is the only peer-reviewed journal devoted to the study of C. S. Lewis and his writings published anywhere in the world. It exists to promote literary, theological, historical, biographical, philosophical, bibliographical and cultural interest (broadly defined) in Lewis and his writings. The journal includes articles, review essays, book reviews, film reviews and play reviews, bibliographical material, poetry, interviews, editorials, and announcements of Lewis-related conferences, events and publications. Its readership is aimed at academic scholars from a wide variety of disciplines, as well as learned non-scholars and Lewis enthusiasts. At this time, Sehnsucht is published once a year.
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A New History Of Christianity

Author : Hans J. Hillerbrand
ISBN : 9781426719141
Genre : Religion
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This book is a history of Christianity from its earliest beginnings to the end of the twentieth century. The book provides students with an introduction to the many persons, places, movements, and events necessary for the telling of our story, the story of the Church. This history of Christianity is told in its essentials, simply and straightforwardly for students with little or no experience in the academic study of religion. It is a story told within the complex contexts of larger world events and world cultures, but defined and simplified by attention to those developments which have proven most influential for the past and present shaping of Church thought and practice. The book is a comprehensive and definitive introduction to the history of Christianity. It provides students with the necessary outline and description of the broad sweep of movements and periods in this history, but it also pauses at important points to provide details about the lives of Christians as lived at various times and in various locations. This story is told in easy-to-understand prose and with illustrative photographs, maps and charts.
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