Fact And Fiction

Author : Christine Lehleiter
ISBN : 9781442645981
Genre : History
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Fact and Fiction explores the intersection between literature and the sciences, focusing on German and British culture between the eighteenth century and today. Observing that it was in the eighteenth century that the divide between science and literature as disciplines first began to be defined, the contributors to this collection probe how authors from that time onwards have assessed and affected the relationship between literary and scientific cultures. Fact and Fiction's twelve essays cover a wide range of scientific disciplines, from physics and chemistry to medicine and anthropology, and a variety of literary texts, such as Erasmus Darwin's poem The Botanic Garden, George Eliot's Daniel Deronda, and Goethe's Elective Affinities. The collection will appeal to scholars of literature and of the history of science, and to those interested in the connections between the two.
Category: History

Alexander The Great In Fact And Fiction

Author : A. B. Bosworth
ISBN : 0199252750
Genre : History
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'For those whose interest in Alexander has been stirred, as well as for students of the period, this collection must become compulsory reading.' -Contemporary ReviewProfessor Bosworth and Dr Baynham have collected together ten contributions by leading experts in the field of Alexander studies which represent the most advanced scholarship in this area. The contributions cover subjects of central importance, such as imperial ideology, conspiracy and its political manipulation, and panhellenism. The essays address issues of historiography and historical interpretation, and advance challenging new hypotheses.
Category: History

Fact And Fiction

Author : Lydia Maria Child
ISBN : UOM:39015024244546
Genre : American fiction
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Category: American fiction

Editing Fact And Fiction

Author : Leslie T. Sharpe
ISBN : 0521456932
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Editing Fact and Fiction is a concise, practical guide for people interested in book publishing or already working as editors who want to learn more about the opportunities in various kinds of book editing. Writing in a lively, informal style, two editors with extensive experience in a wide variety of fields--fiction and nonfiction, trade and reference, academic and commercial publishing--explain what editors in different jobs really do. The authors take the reader step by step through the editing process, from manuscript to bound book. They discuss the principles of sound editing and provide many specific examples of how to--and how not to--edit copy. They also give examples of how to deal tactfully with authors and show when editorial restraint is the best intervention. Editing Fact and Fiction is a book to be read, not just referred to. It will be an indispensable guide for anyone thinking about a career in book publishing, a valuable resource for working editors who want to enlarge their knowledge, and a useful tool for senior editors training staff. Leslie T. Sharpe and Irene Gunther are both editors and writers. An experienced trade book editor, Leslie T. Sharpe teaches editing and writing at New York University and Columbia University. She is also a regular contributor to New York Newsday. Irene Gunther was a senior editor at Macmillan Publishing and has extensive experience in reference and college book editing. She is the author of a teenage biography and a contributor to various publications.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Fact And Fiction In Economics

Author : Uskali Mäki
ISBN : 052100957X
Genre : Business & Economics
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This collection provides a thoughtful overview of the debate about the status of economic knowledge.
Category: Business & Economics

Fact And Fiction

Author : R. Evans Pansing
ISBN : 9781466937031
Genre : Fiction
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This book offers some clever insights after 70 years of good living as well as unique stories that should remain with the reader for repeats to young ones in the readers life.
Category: Fiction

Nature S Ways

Author : Ruth Binney
ISBN : 9780715334218
Genre : Reference
File Size : 54.55 MB
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Trying to understand the ways of the natural world has been a human preoccupation since the earliest times. The knowledge of which animals were helpful and which were dangerous, which plants had the power to heal and soothe and which to harm and kill was of obvious importance, not only to learn, but to remember and pass on. It is therefore hardly surprising that from all corners of the earth, a wealth of stories, signs, symbols, myths and legends about animals and plants have been passed down to us. There are sound principles in some of the traditional advice, wisdom in many of the stories and observations of nature, but there are also highly fanciful superstitions, tall stories and amusing anecdotes. Ruth Binney has collected them all into this entertaining and fascinating volume. Nature's Ways is a fascinating and absorbing miscellany of traditional wisdom, stories, signs and symbols of the natural world. There are intriguing tales of everything from mythical monsters and magical plants to domestic pets and humble weeds, as well as generations of advice, both sound and dubious, from age-old country remedies to predicting the weather through the observation of nature.
Category: Reference

Fact And Fiction Of Healthy Vision

Author : Clyde K. Kitchen
ISBN : 9781490825694
Genre : Medical
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Comprehensive guide to normal and abnormal eye conditions written for patients to understand.
Category: Medical

The Great American Outlaw

Author : Frank Richard Prassel
ISBN : 0806128429
Genre : Social Science
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This book explores in depth the origins, development, and prospects of outlawry and of the relationship of outlaws to the social conditions of changing times. Throughout American history you will find larger-than-life brigands in every period and every region. Often, because we hunger for simple justice, we romanticize them to the point of being unable to separate fact from fiction. Frank Richard Prassel brings this home in a thorough and fascinating examination of the concept of outlawry from Robin Hood, Dick Turpin, and Blackbeard through Jean Lafitte, Pancho Villa, and Billy the Kid to more modern personalities such as John Dillinger, Claude Dallas, and D. B. Cooper. A separate chapter on molls, plus equal treatment in the histories of gangs, traces women's involvement in outlaw activities. Prassel covers the folklore as well as the facts, even including an appendix of ballads by and about outlaws. He makes clear how this motley group of bandits, pirates, highwaymen, desperadoes, rebels, hoodlums, renegades, gangsters, and fugitives—who stand tall in myth—wither in the light of truth, but flourish in the movies. As he tells the stories, there is little to confirm that Jesse and Frank James, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the Daltons, Pretty Boy Floyd, Ma Barker, Clyde Barrow and Bonnie Parker, Belle Starr, the Apache Kid, or any of the so-called good badmen, did anything that did not enrich or otherwise benefit themselves. But there is plenty of evidence, in the form of slain victims and ruined lives, to show how many ways they caused harm. The Great American Outlaw is as much an excellent survey on the phenomenon as it is a brilliant exposition of the larger than-life figures who created it. Above all, it is a tribute to that aspect of humanity that Americans admire most and that Prassel describes as a willingness "to fight, however hopelessly, against exhibitions of privilege."
Category: Social Science