Field Experiments

Author : Alan S. Gerber
ISBN : 0393979954
Genre : Mathematics
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A brief, authoritative introduction to field experimentation in the social sciences. Written by two leading experts on experimental methods, this concise text covers the major aspects of experiment design, analysis, and interpretation in clear language. Students learn how to design randomized experiments, analyze the data, and interpret the findings. Beyond the authoritative coverage of the basic methodology, the authors include numerous features to help students achieve a deeper understanding of field experimentation, including rich examples from the social science literature, problem sets and discussions, data sets, and further readings.
Category: Mathematics

Field Experiments And Their Critics

Author : Dawn Langan Teele
ISBN : 9780300169409
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 76.84 MB
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In recent years, social scientists have engaged in a deep debate over the methods appropriate to their research. Their long reliance on passive observational collection of information has been challenged by proponents of experimental methods designed to precisely infer causal effects through active intervention in the social world. Some scholars claim that field experiments represent a new gold standard and the best way forward, while others insist that these methods carry inherent inconsistencies, limitations, or ethical dilemmas that observational approaches do not. This unique collection of essays by the most influential figures on every side of this debate reveals its most important stakes and will provide useful guidance to students and scholars in many disciplines.
Category: Social Science

Field Experiments And Measurement Programs In Geomorphology

Author : Olav Slaymaker
ISBN : 9780774844680
Genre : Science
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This book advances a typology of experimentation in the field science of geomorphology -- the study of the form of the earth's surface and the evolution of its relief. Commissioned by the International Geographical Union, this work is the first to document different field methodologies in geomorphology. The contributors are internationally known geomorphologists from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan. They review methods, global coverage, and advances in understanding while at the same time promoting a more dynamic, more relevant, and more applied science of earth surface change -- the geomorphological aspects of global change.
Category: Science

Handbook Of Field Experiments

Author : Esther Duflo
ISBN : 9780444633255
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 75.71 MB
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Handbook of Field Experiments explains how to conduct experimental research, presents a catalog on what research has uncovered thus far, and describes which areas remain to be explored. The section on methodology will be of particular interest to scholars working with experimental methods. Among substantive findings, contributors report on a body of results in areas from politics, to education, and firm productivity, demonstrating the power of these methods, while shedding light on issues such as robustness and external validity. Separating itself from circumscribed debates of specialists, this volume surpasses in usefulness the many journal articles and narrowly-defined books written by practitioners. Balances methodological insights with analyses of principal findings and suggestions for further research Appeals broadly to social scientists seeking to develop an expertise in field experiments Strives to be analytically rigorous Written in language that is accessible to graduate students and non-specialist economists
Category: Business & Economics

Agricultural Field Experiments

Author : Roger G. Petersen
ISBN : 084938477X
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 60.52 MB
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This text provides statistical and biometrical procedures for designing, conducting, analyzing and interpreting field experiments. It addresses the most important research topics in agriculture, including agronomy, breeding and pasture trials; farming systems research; and intercropping research.
Category: Technology & Engineering