Finding Darwin S God

Author : Kenneth R. Miller
ISBN : 0061233501
Genre : Science
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From a leading authority on the evolution debates comes this critically acclaimed investigation into one of the most controversial topics of our times
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God After Darwin

Author : John F. Haught
ISBN : 9780786733217
Genre : Philosophy
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In God After Darwin, eminent theologian John F. Haught argues that the ongoing debate between Darwinian evolutionists and Christian apologists is fundamentally misdirected: Both sides persist in focusing on an explanation of underlying design and order in the universe. Haught suggests that what is lacking in both of these competing ideologies is the notion of novelty, a necessary component of evolution and the essence of the unfolding of the divine mystery. He argues that Darwin’s disturbing picture of life, instead of being hostile to religion-as scientific skeptics and many believers have thought it to be-actually provides a most fertile setting for mature reflection on the idea of God. Solidly grounded in scholarship, Haught’s explanation of the relationship between theology and evolution is both accessible and engaging. The second edition of God After Darwin features an entirely new chapter on the ongoing, controversial debate between intelligent design and evolution, including an assessment of Haught’s experience as an expert witness in the landmark case of Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District on teaching evolution and intelligent design in schools.
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Darwin S God

Author : Cornelius G. Hunter
ISBN : STANFORD:36105110150377
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Argues that Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution were motivated by theological concerns.
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Beyond The Firmament

Author : Gordon J. Glover
ISBN : 9780978718619
Genre : Science
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As debates within the Church over the scientific details of creation become more frequent, the experts seem to grow more entrenched while the rest of us only become more confused. Somewhere between the endless arguments over distant starlight and Carbon-14 dating, calculating the mathematical improbabilities of things that already exist, and parsing ancient Hebrew and Greek, somebody needs to ask the simple question, If 3,500 years of scientific progress can't help modern Christians figure out Genesis, then how could the ancient Israelities possibly have understood it so well? What secret did this newly liberated gaggle of Hebrew nomads take with them out of Egypt that holds the key to understanding God's telling of His own creation story? Beyond the Firmament challenges all creationist camps --whether Young-Earth, Old-Earth, or Theistic Evolutionist -- to step outside of traditional paradigms and recognize how our modern, Western, post-Enlightenment scientific worldview actually blinds us from seeing the simple truth of Creation as it was originally intended, and how our failure to grasp the theological significance of the Biblical creation model puts science and faith on a collision course.
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Religion And Science In Context

Author : Willem B. Drees
ISBN : 9781135275129
Genre : Religion
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How should we think about religion, science, and their relationship in modern society? Some religious groups oppose evolution; some atheists claim science is on their side. Others reconcile their beliefs with science, or consider science and faith to deal with fundamentally different aspects of human life. What indeed is religion: belief or trust in God’s existence? How do we distinguish sense from superstition? What does science have to say on such issues? Willem B. Drees considers contemporary discussions of these issues in Europe and North America, using examples from Christianity and religious naturalism, and reflections on Islam and Tibetan Buddhism. He argues that the scientific understanding leaves open certain ultimate questions, and thus allows for belief in a creator, but also for religious naturalism or serious agnosticism. By analysing the place of values in a world of facts, and the quest for meaningful stories in a material world, Religion and Science in Context offers an original and self-critical analysis of the field, its assumptions and functions, and ends with a vision of its possible future.
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The Case For Divine Design

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ISBN : 1555179002
Genre : Religion
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A timely contribution to the current debate.-Richard Schmutz, Ph.D., HistoryWas creation an act of God, or did it occur by natural processes?Can science logically disprove the existence of God?Does the apparent design of living things point to the work of a Creator?Author Frank B. Salisbury, retired professor of biology and ecology and former head of the Plant Science Department at Utah State University, answers these questions in this important book that brings understanding and respect to the ongoing debate regarding the origin of life.In the Case for Divine Design, the author argues that we must find God on our own and not be enticed by scientific evidence to believe or disbelieve. His own belief in God, coupled with decades of study and research that he shares in this book, has led him to appreciate the beauty of an Intelligent Creation.
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Galileo And The Conflict Between Religion And Science

Author : Gregory W. Dawes
ISBN : 9781317268895
Genre : Philosophy
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For more than 30 years, historians have rejected what they call the ‘warfare thesis’ – the idea that there is an inevitable conflict between religion and science – insisting that scientists and believers can live in harmony. This book disagrees. Taking as its starting point the most famous of all such conflicts, the Galileo affair, it argues that religious and scientific communities exhibit very different attitudes to knowledge. Scripturally based religions not only claim a source of knowledge distinct from human reason. They are also bound by tradition, insist upon the certainty of their beliefs, and are resistant to radical criticism in ways in which the sciences are not. If traditionally minded believers perceive a clash between what their faith tells them and the findings of modern science, they may well do what the Church authorities did in Galileo’s time. They may attempt to close down the science, insisting that the authority of God’s word trumps that of any ‘merely human’ knowledge. Those of us who value science must take care to ensure this does not happen.
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Evolution Challenges

Author : Karl S. Rosengren
ISBN : 0199730423
Genre : Medical
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Evolution Challenges goes beyond the science versus religion debate to ask why evolution is so often rejected as a legitimate scientific fact, focusing on a wide range of cognitive, socio-cultural, and motivational factors that make concepts such as evolution difficult to grasp.
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Einstein S Jewish Science

Author : Steven Gimbel
ISBN : 9781421405759
Genre : Science
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There are some senses, Gimbel claims, in which Jews can find a special connection to E = mc2, and this claim leads to the engaging, spirited debate at the heart of this book.
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