Ghetto At The Center Of The World

Author : Gordon Mathews
ISBN : 9780226510200
Genre : Business & Economics
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There is nowhere else in the world quite like Chungking Mansions, a dilapidated seventeen-story commercial and residential structure in the heart of Hong Kong’s tourist district. A remarkably motley group of people call the building home; Pakistani phone stall operators, Chinese guesthouse workers, Nepalese heroin addicts, Indonesian sex workers, and traders and asylum seekers from all over Asia and Africa live and work there—even backpacking tourists rent rooms. In short, it is possibly the most globalized spot on the planet. But as Ghetto at the Center of the World shows us, a trip to Chungking Mansions reveals a far less glamorous side of globalization. A world away from the gleaming headquarters of multinational corporations, Chungking Mansions is emblematic of the way globalization actually works for most of the world’s people. Gordon Mathews’s intimate portrayal of the building’s polyethnic residents lays bare their intricate connections to the international circulation of goods, money, and ideas. We come to understand the day-to-day realities of globalization through the stories of entrepreneurs from Africa carting cell phones in their luggage to sell back home and temporary workers from South Asia struggling to earn money to bring to their families. And we see that this so-called ghetto—which inspires fear in many of Hong Kong’s other residents, despite its low crime rate—is not a place of darkness and desperation but a beacon of hope. Gordon Mathews’s compendium of riveting stories enthralls and instructs in equal measure, making Ghetto at the Center of the World not just a fascinating tour of a singular place but also a peek into the future of life on our shrinking planet.
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Globalization From Below

Author : Gordon Mathews
ISBN : 9780415535083
Genre : Business & Economics
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This book explores globalization as actually experienced by most of the world's people, buying goods from street vendors brought by traders moving past borders and across continents under the radar of the law. The dimensions and practices of 'globalization from below' are depicted and analyzed in detail by a team of international scholars. Topics covered include the 'New Silk Road', African traders in China, street hawking in Calcutta and pirate CDs in Mexico. The chapters provide intimate portrayals of routes, markets and people in locations across the globe and explore theories that can help make sense of these complex and fascinating case studies. Students of globalization, economic anthropology and developing-world economics will find the book invaluable.
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Kowloon Tong

Author : Paul Theroux
ISBN : 3455077544
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Perdita Durango

Author : Portekizce Disco
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Perdita tiene veintitrés años, es hermosa, inteligente y desalmada, y cree que los únicos placeres verdaderos que les quedan a los humanos son los del sexo y la muerte (o mejor dicho, el asesinato). Aliada con el no menos bello y perverso Romeo Dolorosa, adepto a una particular rama de la "santería" que realiza sacrificios humanos, raptarán a una pareja de jóvenes estudiantes americanos en la frontera con México, les obligarán a presenciar una ceremonia en la que Romeo sacrifica a un niño mexicano y devora su corazón, harán de los dos jóvenes sus esclavos sexuales, y todos juntos se lanzarán por los caminos de América en una frenética jornada de sexo, crimen y horror.

Noble House

Author : James Clavell
ISBN : 3442357861
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Mall City

Author : Stefan Al
ISBN : 9789888208968
Genre : Architecture
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Hong Kong is the twenty-first-century paradigmatic capital of consumerism. Of all places, it has the densest and tallest concentration of malls, reaching tens of stories. Hong Kong’s malls are also the most visited, sandwiched between subways and skyscrapers. These mall complexes have become cities in and of themselves, accommodating tens of thousands of people who live, work, and play within a single structure. Mall City features Hong Kong as a unique rendering of an advanced consumer society. Retail space has come a long way since the nineteenth-century covered passages of Paris, which once awed the bourgeoisie with glass roofs and gaslights. It has morphed from the arcade to the department store, and from the mall into the “mall city”—where “expresscalators” crisscross mesmerizing atriums. Highlighting the effects of this development in Hong Kong, this book raises questions about architecture, city planning, culture, and urban life. “At the nexus of density, humidity, topography, and prosperity, Hong Kong has spawned more malls per square mile than any place on earth. This fantastic book decodes and graphically depicts an environment both apart and ubiquitous, a convulsive form of public space in a liquid territory where intensely contested politics, commerce, and sociability weirdly merge in a city like no other.” —Michael Sorkin, distinguished professor of architecture of the City University of New York “Hong Kong may be packed with the most shopping malls per square kilometer in the world, but Mall City is packed with the most drawings, information, and fascinating mall facts. The book dissects, categorizes, and displays all kinds of intriguing data on the city-state’s shopping complexes and culture. Its richly layered analysis perfectly matches Hong Kong’s multi-story machines for consumption.” —Clifford Pearson, director of USC American Academy in China “Stefan Al has again produced a book that provides a sharp lens on radically new urban forms that are emerging in China. While his previous books, Villages in the City andFactory Towns of South China introduced the site of production and housing for the migrant labor of the Pearl River Delta, here we enter the phantasmagoria of the enormous interconnected free-trade shopping zone of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Mall City dissects the basic unit of this climate-controlled consumer landscape—the mall. This beautifully illustrated book is a must-read for those who wish to understand the future of public space in high-density cities.” —Brian McGrath, professor of urban design and dean of constructed environments, Parsons School of Design
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Hong Kong Culture And Society In The New Millennium

Author : Yiu-Wai Chu
ISBN : 9789811036682
Genre : Social Science
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This book discusses the notion of “Hong Kong as Method” as it relates to the rise of China in the context of Asianization. It explores new Hong Kong imaginaries with regard to the complex relationship between the local, the national and the global. The major theoretical thrust of the book is to address the reconfiguration of Hong Kong’s culture and society in an age of global modernity from the standpoints of different disciplines, exploring the possibilities of approaching Hong Kong as a method. Through critical inquiries into different fields related to Hong Kong’s culture and society, including gender, resistance and minorities, various perspectives on the country’s culture and society can be re-assessed. New directions and guidelines related to Hong Kong are also presented, offering a unique resource for researchers and students in the fields of cultural studies, media studies, postcolonial studies, globalization and Asian studies.
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Brick Lane

Author : Monica Ali
ISBN : 9783426416563
Genre : Fiction
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Was bedeutet eigentlich Schicksal?Nazneen, in den ärmsten Verhältnissen in Bangladesch aufgewachsen, wird mit 19 Jahren verheiratet und ins ferne England geschickt. Ohne Englischkenntnisse landet sie in der Brick Lane, dem »Klein-Indien« von London, bei einem ihr völlig fremden Ehemann. Chanu ist gut zu ihr, doch aus ihrer Wohnung kommt sie selten raus. Gegen seinen Widerstand lernt sie schließlich Englisch und nimmt eine Arbeit als Näherin an. Ganz langsam, mit Hilfe ihrer Töchter und getragen von ihrer natürlichen Lebensklugheit, verlässt Nazneen den ihr vorbestimmten Weg.
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Author : Peter May
ISBN : 9783644304512
Genre : Fiction
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Seit Fin Macleod seinen kleinen Sohn verloren hat, leidet er unter starken Albträumen. Bei seinem Arbeitgeber, der Kriminalpolizei von Edinburgh, hat er sich schon ewig nicht mehr blickenlassen. Doch nun zwingt ihn sein Chef, zu entscheiden, wie es weitergeht, und so nimmt Fin den Dienst wieder auf. Er wird auf die kleine, stürmische Isle of Lewis vor der Küste Schottlands geschickt. Dort ist er aufgewachsen, aber seit achtzehn Jahren nicht mehr gewesen. Auf der Insel ist ein grausamer Mord passiert, nach demselben Modus Operandi wie bei einem Fall in Edinburgh. Bei seinen Ermittlungen trifft Fin auf die Weggefährten seiner Jugend, darunter Marsaili, seine erste Liebe. Und Artair, seinen ältesten Freund, mit dem Marsaili inzwischen verheiratet ist. Der Fall führt Fin immer tiefer in die eigene Vergangenheit und reißt alte Wunden wieder auf ...
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Author : Roger Hobbs
ISBN : 9783641106720
Genre : Fiction
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Kein Coup ist zu heiß für ihn, kein Job ist zu gefährlich ... Sich unsichtbar zu machen, ist sein tägliches Geschäft. Alles Mögliche verschwinden zu lassen, damit kennt er sich aus. Diesmal geht es um einen misslungenen Überfall auf ein Kasino. Er soll aufräumen, die Spuren beseitigen. Eine Millionen Dollar in bar stehen auf dem Spiel – 48 Stunden hat er Zeit. Und da draußen gibt es jemanden, der es auf seinen Kopf abgesehen hat. Aber auch der wird ihn zuerst einmal finden müssen. Sie nennen ihn schließlich nicht umsonst „Ghostman“.
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