God Of Justice

Author : Daud Rahbar
Genre : God (Islam)
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Based on ten years of ethnographic fieldwork, this text offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of cursing, black magic, and ritual healing in the Central Himalayas of North India.
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God Of Justice

Author : William S Sax
ISBN : 9780199714674
Genre : Religion
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In God of Justice, anthropologist William S. Sax offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of cursing, black magic, and ritual healing in the Central Himalayas of North India. Based on ten years' ethnographic fieldwork, God of Justice shows how these practices are part of a moral system based on the principle of family unity.
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God Of Justice

Author : Abraham George
ISBN : 9780830898657
Genre : Religion
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2015 Readers' Choice Award Winner The level of injustice in the world is staggering. The church can respond. International Justice Mission (IJM) has rescued thousands of people from oppression and violence. IJM also partners with thousands of churches to help them live out the mandate of Isaiah 1:17: to seek justice, rescue the oppressed and care for orphans and widows. Christians need to be equipped and mobilized to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who are vulnerable and oppressed. The God of Justice is a twelve-session, discussion-based curriculum from IJM that explores the biblical narrative of justice throughout the whole of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation. Through the participatory study of Scripture, Christians will explore God's call to engage in bringing about justice on earth. While coming to a deeper knowledge and understanding of biblical justice, participants will draw personal application for the pursuit of justice ministry in their individual lives and the wider church. Prepare to have your heart and mind engaged, to be instructed by Scripture, and to be challenged by real-life stories of people freed by the God of justice. This curriculum will help you and your church bring freedom, restoration and reconciliation to those in need. Discover how God reveals himself to those who join him on his justice journey!
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A God Of Justice

Author : Qiana J. Whitted
ISBN : 0813927978
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Focusing on the representations of spiritual crisis in twentieth-century African American fiction and autobiography, Qiana J. Whitted asks how some of the most distinguished writers of this tradition wrestle with the inexplicable nature of God and the experience of unmerited natural and moral sufferings such as racial oppression. Although this spiritual and existential dilemma of "the problem of evil" is not unique to African Americans, writers such as Countée Cullen, Richard Wright, James Baldwin, Ernest Gaines, Alice Walker, and Toni Morrison offer paradigmatic examples of it in black life and culture after World War I. Whitted argues that these spiritual struggles so often articulated through the cry for divine justice are central to an understanding of modern black literary engagements with religion. Chapters explore the discourse of religious doubt and questioning through the crucified black Christ and the mourner’s bench tropes, womanist spiritual infidelity, and the humanist improvisations of blues narratives. For too long, the author contends, literary critics have explained this suffering through platitudes of endurance and communal redemption, valorizing problematic notions of unquestioned faith and self-sacrifice. By questioning what is at stake for African Americans who call for divine justice, Whitted challenges the assumptions about African American religiosity by revealing an alternative tradition of narrative dissent and philosophical engagement. In doing so, she broadens the horizons of critical inquiry in black literary and cultural studies.
Category: Literary Criticism

God Of Justice

Author : David E. Leininger
ISBN : 9780788024627
Genre : Religion
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With the Ten Commandments such an integral part of today's culture wars, one would think that most people are familiar with what they actually say. Yet many surveys indicate otherwise -- and even when people can name all of the commandments, they often misinterpret their meaning. In God of Justice, David Leininger sets the record straight with a new look at this ancient document. He examines the commandments in the context of today's social, cultural, and political environment -- and concludes that rather than ironclad laws, the commandments are actually God's policy statements about what is the bedrock of a good, decent, and just society. When properly understood, the commandments offer God's guidance in establishing a healthy way of life that is rewarding for everyone. With discussion questions included for each chapter, this book is an excellent study resource for adult classes -- and clear and accessible reading that will be stimulating for any thoughtful Christian.
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Where Is The God Of Justice

Author : Michael E. W. Thompson
ISBN : 9781630877118
Genre : Religion
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What does the Old Testament say about the problem of suffering? Though Christians believe themselves to be held in the care of the God of love and strength, they yet find that sufferings come their way. Moreover, whole communities, even whole nations, experience terrible sufferings--all of which frequently raises the question, "Where is the God of justice?" Those parts of the Old Testament that deal with this question are here considered and discussed, both those that understand suffering as due to human sinfulness and those that raise serious questions about that sort of understanding. Further, here are Jeremiah's questions about why he, as the Lord's prophet, must suffer; the gentler questions in Ecclesiastes; the perplexing life experiences of Joseph; the agonized prayer of Habakkuk; those most urgent questions in the book of Job; the outspoken words of psalmists; the radical talk about a "suffering servant"; and the confident hope expressed in Daniel. Thompson argues that while the Old Testament cannot always give us answers, it does point us to God for hope in the midst of suffering.
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Living The Justice Of The Triune God

Author : David Noel Power
ISBN : 9780814680452
Genre : Religion
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This groundbreaking book is distinctive for the explicit attention it gives to the communal, intersubjective, cultural, and linguistic embodiment of the workings of God in the world. It emphasizes not simply acting justly but living with, in, and from the justice of the triune God by which we are justified. Finally, it offers an important sacramental and liturgical grounding to the Christian understanding of both justice and the triune God. David N. Power and Michael Downey make clear to contemporary believers why a spiritual and sacramental life that is ordered by its trinitarian orientation must include the desire for justice. In short, it is an ethic of social justice that springs from contemplation of the Divine Trinity in the world.
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Jesus Justice And The Reign Of God

Author : William R. Herzog
ISBN : 0664256767
Genre : Religion
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By building on his view of Jesus first developed in Parables as Subversive Speech, William Herzog II argues that Jesus is intensely interested in the social, political, and economic well-being of humanity. He examines the conflict stories, exorcisms/healings, and the passion narrative to develop his thesis and, in the final chapter, he interprets the resurrection in light of this viewpoint.
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One Year Alone With God

Author : Ava Pennington
ISBN : 9780800719517
Genre : Religion
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For readers who want to know God more deeply, this one year devotional explores the names and attributes of God.
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Fingerprints Of God

Author : Stephen J. Malloy
ISBN : 9781475945935
Genre : Religion
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The small town of Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina was a simple and unassuming farming community, unheard of to most people. But all that changed during the summer of 1981, and it has since been the meeting place of millions of pilgrims. In Fingerprints of God, author Stephen J. Malloy chronicles the reported miracles and extraordinary supernatural activity that have occurred in Medjugorje since that time. It all started when five teenagers and a ten-year old boy began to report in tandem that they were having heavenly visions. According to their witness, the Madonna, the Virgin Mary had begun appearing to them in order to call the world to an urgent conversion, reconciliation, and peace through Jesus Christ. Fingerprints of God uniquely combines: the author's own experiences as a pilgrim to Medjugorje; a detailed description of the central messages given by the Virgin Mary, according to the six visionaries; stories about miraculous healings and extraordinary signs; the meaning of the ten secrets, concerning prophesied events to occur in Medjugorje and in the wider world; thorough examination of what the Catholic Church has said in its official capacity concerning the reported apparitions and related phenomena; positive assessments of renowned theologians; relationship made between the Medjugorje messages, Christian morality, and biblical revelation, especially the teachings of Jesus. Celebrating thirty-one years of the Madonna's special presence, Fingerprints of God accounts that Medjugorje has been host now to more than twenty-eight million pilgrims from all over the world.
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