Habeas Viscus

Author : Alexander G. Weheliye
ISBN : 9780822376491
Genre : Social Science
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Habeas Viscus focuses attention on the centrality of race to notions of the human. Alexander G. Weheliye develops a theory of "racializing assemblages," taking race as a set of sociopolitical processes that discipline humanity into full humans, not-quite-humans, and nonhumans. This disciplining, while not biological per se, frequently depends on anchoring political hierarchies in human flesh. The work of the black feminist scholars Hortense Spillers and Sylvia Wynter is vital to Weheliye's argument. Particularly significant are their contributions to the intellectual project of black studies vis-à-vis racialization and the category of the human in western modernity. Wynter and Spillers configure black studies as an endeavor to disrupt the governing conception of humanity as synonymous with white, western man. Weheliye posits black feminist theories of modern humanity as useful correctives to the "bare life and biopolitics discourse" exemplified by the works of Giorgio Agamben and Michel Foucault, which, Weheliye contends, vastly underestimate the conceptual and political significance of race in constructions of the human. Habeas Viscus reveals the pressing need to make the insights of black studies and black feminism foundational to the study of modern humanity.
Category: Social Science


Author : Gilles Deleuze
ISBN : 3518286234
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Transcanadian Feminist Fictions

Author : Libe García Zarranz
ISBN : 9780773549562
Genre : Literary Criticism
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In this contradictory era of uneven globalization, borders multiply yet fantasies of borderlessness prevail. Particularly since September 11th, this paradox has shaped deeply the lives of border-crossing subjects such as the queer, the refugee, and the activist within and beyond Canadian frontiers. In search of creative ways to engage with the conundrums related to how borders mould social and bodily space, Libe García Zarranz formulates a new cross-border ethic through post-9/11 feminist and queer transnational writing in Canada. Drawing on material feminism, critical race studies, non-humanist philosophy, and affect theory, she proposes a renewed understanding of relationality beyond the lethal binaries that saturate everyday life. TransCanadian Feminist Fictions considers the corporeal, biopolitical, and affective dimensions of border crossing in the works of Dionne Brand, Emma Donoghue, Hiromi Goto, and Larissa Lai. Intersecting the genres of memoir, fiction, poetry, and young adult literature, García Zarranz shows how these texts address the permeability of boundaries and consider the ethical implications for minoritized populations. Urging readers to question the proclaimed glamours of globality, TransCanadian Feminist Fictions responds to a time of increasing inequality, mounting racism, and feminist backlash.
Category: Literary Criticism

Univision 2020

Author : Jürgen Homann
ISBN : 9783862269082
Genre : Political Science
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In der Folge der UN-Konvention über die Rechte der Menschen mit Behinderungen (BRK) entstand im April 2009 die Empfehlung der Hochschulrektorenkonferenz „Eine Hochschule für alle“. Hier, wie auch in der BRK, sind Barrierefreiheit sowie die Beteiligung von Behinderung betroffener Menschen wichtige Elemente, um Chancengleichheit zu ermöglichen. Die AutorInnen des Sammelbandes beschäftigen sich damit aus juristischer, architektonischer, gleichstellungs- und hochschulpolitischer Perspektive. In Anlehnung an die Tagung „UniVision 2020 – Ein Lehrhaus für Alle“, die das Zentrums für Disability Studies der Universität Hamburg in Kooperation mit dem Zentrum GenderWissen sowie der HafenCity Universität Hamburg im März 2012 veranstaltete, ist das Buch in zwei Teile untergliedert: Im ersten Teil werden Fragen der Barrierefreiheit und Partizipation von Behinderung betroffener Menschen behandelt und etwa von Susan Henderson am Beispiel des Ed Roberts Campus in Berkeley, USA, veranschaulicht. Der zweite Teil geht in Anlehnung an die BRK einen Schritt weiter und wendet sich der Verortung von Behinderung betroffener Menschen in der menschlichen Vielfalt zu. Disability Mainstreaming, Gleichstellung, Diversity und Intersektionalität werden diskutiert. So entsteht für die LeserInnen eine UniVision 2020 mit Hochschulen, die in baulicher und hochschulpolitischer Hinsicht gleichwie in ihrem Lehrangebot als „Lehrhäuser für Alle“ Inklusion und Diversity unauflösbar miteinander verschränken, barriere- und diskriminierungsfrei sein wollen.
Category: Political Science

Educational Commons In Theory And Practice

Author : Alexander J. Means
ISBN : 9781137586414
Genre : Education
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In this volume, critical scholars and educational activists explore the intricate dynamics between the enclosure of global commons and radical visions of a common social future that breaks through the logics of privatization, ecological degradation, and dehumanizing social hierarchies in education. In its institutional and informal configurations alike, education has been identified as perhaps the key stake in this struggle. Insisting on the urgency of an education that breaks free of the bonds of enclosure, the essays included in this volume weave together bright threads of radical thought into a vivid tapestry illustrating a critical framework for enacting a global educational commons.
Category: Education

Body Between Materiality And Power

Author : Nasheli Jiménez del Val
ISBN : 9781443812801
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This volume situates and problematizes the points of tension implicated in diverse historical and theoretical conceptualizations of the body through a visual studies framework. By proposing materiality and power as two polarities through which the body is mobilized, it highlights the interstitial function of the body as a mediator between materiality and politics beyond the body/soul-mind dichotomy. Specifically, the book brings together complex analytical approaches to representations of the body in diverse media, such as the visual arts, television, film, literature, architecture, dance, and theatre, among others. As a result, and to highlight the interdisciplinary dimension of this collection of essays, Body between Power and Materiality includes texts by scholars in a wide range of fields, from art historians, media studies experts, and sociologists to literary theorists.

Archives Of Flesh

Author : Robert F. Reid-Pharr
ISBN : 9781479885732
Genre : History
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In Archives of Flesh, Robert Reid-Pharr reveals the deep history of intellectual engagement between African America and Spain. Opening a fascinating window onto black and anti-Fascist intellectual life from 1898 through the mid-1950s, Reid-Pharr argues that key institutions of Western Humanism, including American colleges and universities, developed in intimate relation to slavery, colonization, and white supremacy. This retreat to rigidly established philosophical and critical traditions can never fully address—or even fully recognize—the deep-seated hostility to black subjectivity underlying the humanist ideal of a transcendent Manhood. Calling for a specifically anti-white supremacist reexamination of the archives of black subjectivity and resistance, Reid-Pharr enlists the principles of post-humanist critique in order to investigate decades of intimate dialogues between African American and Spanish intellectuals, including Salaria Kea, Federico Garcia Lorca, Nella Larsen, Langston Hughes, Richard Wright, Chester Himes, Lynn Nottage, and Pablo Picasso. In the process Reid-Pharr takes up the “African American Spanish Archive” in order to resist the anti-corporeal, anti-black, anti-human biases that stand at the heart of Western Humanism.
Category: History

Black Prometheus

Author : Jared Hickman
ISBN : 9780190272586
Genre : Mythology, Classical, in literature
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How did an ancient mythological figure who stole fire from the gods become a face of the modern, lending his name to trailblazing spaceships and radical publishing outfits alike? How did Prometheus come to represent a notion of civilizational progress through revolution--scientific, political, and spiritual--and thereby to center nothing less than a myth of modernity itself ? The answer Black Prometheus gives is that certain features of the myth--its geographical associations, iconography of bodily suffering, and function as a limit case in a long tradition of absolutist political theology--made it ripe for revival and reinvention in a historical moment in which freedom itself was racialized, in what was the Age both of Atlantic revolution and Atlantic slavery. Contained in the various incarnations of the modern Prometheus--whether in Mary Shelley's esoteric novel, Frankenstein, Denmark Vesey's real-world recruitment of slave rebels, or popular travelogues representing Muslim jihadists against the Russian empire in the Caucasus-- is a profound debate about the means and ends of liberation in our globalized world. Tracing the titan's rehabilitation and unprecedented exaltation in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries across a range of genres and geographies turns out to provide a way to rethink the relationship between race, religion, and modernity and to interrogate the Eurocentric and secularist assumptions of our deepest intellectual traditions of critique.
Category: Mythology, Classical, in literature

The Failed Individual

Author : Regina Schober
ISBN : 9783593507828
Genre : Social Science
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Scheitern ist in Mode: Immer offener wird in den USA über den Konkurs der eigenen Firma und (überwundene) Lebenskrisen gesprochen. Auch in der Wissenschaft hat das Thema Konjunktur. Dieser Band untersucht das individuelle Scheitern interdisziplinär. Was verstehen wir unter einem "gescheiterten Individuum ", welche sozioökonomischen und technologischen Faktoren tragen dazu bei? Wie wird das Scheitern kulturell verhandelt, und inwiefern kann man es als Widerstand gegen gesellschaftliche Normen umdeuten?
Category: Social Science


Author : Colum McCann
ISBN : 9783644037014
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 83.46 MB
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Neufundland, 1919: Die beiden Flieger Jack Alcock und Arthur Brown unternehmen den ersten Nonstopflug über den Atlantik mit Kurs Irland. Dublin, 1845: Der schwarzamerikanische Abolitionist Frederick Douglass reist durch das von Hungersnot gepeinigte Irland, wo die Leute schlimmer leiden als unter der Sklaverei. New York, 1998: US-Senator George Mitchell verlässt seine junge Frau und sein erst wenige Tage altes Baby, um in Belfast die Nordirischen Friedensgespräche zu einem unsicheren Abschluss zu führen. «Transatlantik» verwebt drei ikonische historische Momente mit dem Schicksal dreier Frauen: Angefangen mit der irischen Hausmagd Lily Duggan, in der Frederick Douglass die Liebe zur Freiheit weckt, folgt der Roman ihrer Tochter Emily und ihrer Enkelin Lottie in die USA und, später, zurück auf die Insel. Ihr Leben spiegelt den Verlauf der bewegten Nationalgeschichte Irlands und Amerikas. Dabei spielt ein vergessener, über drei Generationen nicht geöffneter Brief eine entscheidende Rolle. «Transatlantik» ist ein kraftvolles Epos über die Kollision von Geschichte und persönlichem Schicksal – geschrieben mit unvergleichlicher dichterischer Intensität, mit leuchtenden Szenen und klingender Sprache.
Category: Fiction