A Home In The Holy Land

Author : Elizabeth Anne McCaul Finn
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Genre : Jerusalem
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From Home Land To Holy Land

Author : Theresa Jackson
ISBN : OCLC:681530332
Genre : Electronic dissertations
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Imagining The Holy Land

Author : Burke O. Long
ISBN : 0253341361
Genre : History
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Louis World's Fair of 1904, a replica of Ottoman Jerusalem covered eleven acres, while today, 300 miles to the southeast, a seven-story-high Christ of the Ozarks stands above a modern re-creation of the Holy Land set in the Arkansas hills."--Jacket.
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Folklore Of The Holy Land

Author : J. E. Hanauer
ISBN : 0486424936
Genre : Social Science
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Stories of the Creation, saints, and sinners tell of Adam, Abraham, Noah, Moses, and other revered figures; anecdotes describe tribes, people, languages, and sites such as the Jaffa Gate at Jerusalem. Still others illustrate social ideas, superstitions, plant and animal lore, and magical cures. Filled with wit, wisdom, and humor.
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Sacred Landscape

Author : Meron Benvenisti
ISBN : 0520928822
Genre : Religion
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As a young man Meron Benvenisti often accompanied his father, a distinguished geographer, when the elder Benvenisti traveled through the Holy Land charting a Hebrew map that would rename Palestinian sites and villages with names linked to Israel's ancestral homeland. These experiences in Benvenisti's youth are central to this book, and the story that he tells helps explain how during this century an Arab landscape, physical and human, was transformed into an Israeli, Jewish state. Benvenisti first discusses the process by which new Hebrew nomenclature replaced the Arabic names of more than 9,000 natural features, villages, and ruins in Eretz Israel/Palestine (his name for the Holy Land, thereby defining it as a land of Jews and Arabs). He then explains how the Arab landscape has been transformed through war, destruction, and expulsion into a flourishing Jewish homeland accommodating millions of immigrants. The resulting encounters between two peoples who claim the same land have raised great moral and political dilemmas, which Benvenisti presents with candor and impartiality. Benvenisti points out that five hundred years after the Moors left Spain there are sufficient landmarks remaining to preserve the outlines of Muslim Spain. Even with sustained modern development, the ancient scale is still visible. Yet a Palestinian returning to his ancestral landscape after only fifty years would have difficulty identifying his home. Furthermore, Benvenisti says, the transformation of Arab cultural assets into Jewish holy sites has engendered a struggle over the "signposts of memory" essential to both peoples. Sacred Landscape raises troublesome questions that most writers on the Middle East avoid. The now-buried Palestinian landscape remains a symbol and a battle standard for Palestinians and Israelis. But it is Benvenisti's continuing belief that Eretz Israel/Palestine has enough historical and physical space for the people of both nations and that it can one day be a shared homeland.
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The Holy Land

Author : William Hepworth Dixon
Genre : Eretz Israel
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Holy Land

Author : Andrew Mayes
ISBN : 9780281066575
Genre : Religion
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Holy Land? draws us into the evocative landscape of the Holy Land itself. Sacred yet scarred, the lands of the Bible stimulate us to think about a range of issues that are both urgent and timeless. In Jerusalem, 'a veritable melting pot of cultures', we meditate on the question, 'What is home?' At the River Jordan, where John the Baptist delivered his radical call to repentance and baptism, we ask, 'Who am I?' In the cave of Christ's burial and resurrection in the Holy Sepulchre, we wonder, 'How can I face the darkness?' Confronted by the vast desolation of the desert, we cry, 'Dare I be alone with God?' And negotiating the obstacle-strewn Road to Emmaus, we consider, 'Am I ready for change?' Holy Land? will benefit those preparing to undertake a physical pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and those seeking a spiritual resource to deepen the life of faith and discipleship.
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American Interests In The Holy Land Revealed In Early Photographs

Author : Lenny Ben-David
ISBN : 9655242358
Genre : History
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Although Jewish life in the Holy Land reawakened during the 19th century, photographs of Jews in Palestine and the life they lived there were scarce. Collecting photographs from the archives of the the Library of Congress, the Ottoman Imperial Archives, the New York Public Library, libraries in universities and churches around the world, and in families’ albums, Lenny Ben-David provides a unique and visual history of the American fascination and dedication to a Jewish national home in the Holy Land. Photo essays include fascinating stories such as why Lincoln wanted to visit Jerusalem, how the U.S. Navy saved the Jews of Palestine in 1915, why the Chief Rabbi of Palestine visited the White House in 1924, why there was a Ferris wheel on the Holy Mount Zion, where did Mark Twain stay in Jerusalem, and much more.
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365 Fascinating Facts About Israel

Author : Clarence J. Wagner
ISBN : 9781614580300
Genre : Religion
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Written from the unique perspective of one American who has made Israel his home for 22 years, this remarkable compilation gives you a bird's eye view of the Middle East, its people and customs. You'll get unique glimpses into the lives of both Jews and Arabs, and marvel at the power of a region claiming Hebron, Bethlehem, Haifa, Tel Aviv, the Golan... and, of course, that City on a Hill, Jerusalem. Packed with a wealth of information about "Eretz Israel," the Land of Israel, 365 Fascinating Facts about Israel brings the region to life, especially for those who have never been there. From general information about climate, culture, and customs, to concise information about Middle East politics, wars, and efforts for peace, this book is the only handbook you need to understand this magnificent land. Add to your knowledge with such facts as the following: "Palestine" was a word coined by the Roman Empire after the time of Christ. Israel today is a leading exporter of flowers, fulfilling the prophecies that the region would again bloom after God regathered the Jews from their worldwide dispersion. Jerusalem is located in Judea, an area today known to many as the "West Bank." Modern Israel, over 50 years old, is barely younger then neighboring states Jordan, Syria, and Iraq. The Holy Land is bordered on the west by the Mediterranean sea, and on the right by the Jordan River.
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The One Year Holy Land Moments Devotional

Author : Yechiel Eckstein
ISBN : 9781414388533
Genre : Religion
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This year, learn to see Scripture in a whole new way as you embark on a deeper understanding of its history—and your faith’s deep roots in the land, events, people, and faith of Israel. The One Year Holy Land Moments Devotional contains 52 weeks of reflections from both a Jewish rabbi and a Christian theologian, demonstrating the timeless and universal themes in both the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament) and New Testament. Each day offers a fascinating glimpse into the Jewish faith, history, and perspective, while exploring the Christian interpretation of beloved biblical verses, places, people, and events. Spend a reflective moment each day contemplating the history of God’s work in the world, celebrating his word and love for you.
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