Oxford Handbook Of Food Ethics

Author : Anne Barnhill
ISBN : 9780199372263
Genre : Cooking
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Academic food ethics incorporates work from philosophy but also anthropology, economics, the environmental sciences and other natural sciences, geography, law, and sociology. Scholars from these fields have been producing work for decades on the food system, and on ethical, social, and policy issues connected to the food system. Yet in the last several years, there has been a notable increase in philosophical work on these issues-work that draws on multiple literatures within practical ethics, normative ethics and political philosophy. This handbook provides a sample of that philosophical work across multiple areas of food ethics: conventional agriculture and alternatives to it; animals; consumption; food justice; food politics; food workers; and, food and identity.
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Indigenes Erbe Im Internet

Author : Laura M. Corkovic
ISBN : 9783839440018
Genre : Social Science
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Die Chicanos kämpfen seit den späten 1960er Jahren um kulturelle Anerkennung und soziale Gleichberechtigung in der US-amerikanischen Gesellschaft. Ihr indigenes Erbe stellt dabei ein essentielles Element der eigenen Identität und künstlerischen Authentizität dar. Ausgehend von 27 Interviews mit Chicano-Fotografen und -Aktivisten wie Delilah Montoya, Kathy Vargas, Lupita Murillo Tinnen, Harry Gamboa Jr., Oscar Castillo, Orlando Lara, Robert C. Buitrón und David Bacon analysiert Laura M. Corkovic, wie effizient sie das Internet für ihren Kampf nutzen. In vier konkreten Fallstudien arbeitet sie die Bedeutung der indigenen Kulturen in der zeitgenössischen Chicano-Fotografie sowie ihre Online-Präsentation im Vergleich zu den Printmedien heraus.
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Carolina Del Norte Geographies Of Latinization In The South

Author : Robert Brinkmann
ISBN : 9780807882856
Genre : Social Science
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Table of Contents, Volume 51, Number 2: Special Issue Carolina del Norte: Geographies of Latinization in the South Guest Editors: Altha J. Cravey and Gabriela Valdivia Carolina del Norte: An Introduction Altha J. Cravey and Gabriela Valdivia part i: notes from the field We Play Too: Latina Integration through Soccer in the ''New South'' Paul Cuadros part ii: papers Latino Migration and Neoliberalism in the U.S. South: Notes Toward a Rural Cosmopolitanism Jeff Popke Mexican Families in North Carolina: The Socio-historical Contexts of Exit and Settlement Krista M. Perreira Borders, Border-Crossing, and Political Art in North Carolina Gabriela Valdivia, Joseph Palis, and Matthew Reilly The Emerging Geographies of a Latina/o Studies Program Maria DeGuzman Commentary: New Directions in the Nuevo South Jamie Winders part iii: 2010 aag study of the american south specialty group's plenary paper Introduction Jonathan Leib Re-Placing Southern Geographies: The Role of Latino Migration in Transforming the South, Its Identities, and Its Study Jamie Winders Robert Yarbrough and Thomas Chapman, Discussants
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Corridos In Migrant Memory

Author : Martha I. Chew Sánchez
ISBN : 0826334784
Genre : Music
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"Corridos in Migrant Memory" examines the role of ballads in shaping the cultural memories and identities of transnational Mexican groups.
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Der Umweg Nach Santiago

Author : Cees Nooteboom
ISBN : 9783518736951
Genre : Fiction
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Als Cees Nootebooms Reisebericht erstmals erscheint, ist man sich einig: Mit Der Umweg nach Santiago liegt das Spanienbuch schlechthin vor. Nooteboom bricht von Barcelona nach Santiago de Compostela auf, ohne jede Eile, denn der Weg ist das Ziel. Der große niederländische Erzähler ergänzt sein erfolgreiches Reisebuch nun durch weitere Texte über das Land seiner Leidenschaft.
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Thick Skin Dominated Orogens

Author : M. Nemčok
ISBN : 9781862393585
Genre : Science
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This volume studies the driving dynamic for thick-skin tectonics. It evaluates the role of various factors that control the development of thick-skin architecture. The studied driving dynamics include individual plate movement rates, overall convergence rates, orogen movement sense with respect to mantle flow and pro-wedge versus retro-wedge location. Numerous internal factors that influence the architecture of thick-skinned dominated orogens have been considered. These include the role of the rheology of the deforming layers, the presence or absence of potential detachment horizons, basement buttresses, crustal thickness variations, inherited strength contrasts and the impact of pre-existing anisotropy in thick-skin orogenic deformation. External factors discussed include the role of both syn-tectonic erosion and deposition in deformation. The study areas begin with worldwide examples and close with a detailed coverage of the Northern Andes natural laboratory, which is characterized by particularly robust data coverage.
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