Latinoamerica Su Civilizacion Y Su Cultura

Author : Eugenio Chang-Rodriguez
ISBN : 9781111801472
Genre : Foreign Language Study
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Bring the richness and complexity of Latin American culture to life for your students, with LATINOAMÉRICA. Featuring a thematic organization supported by comprehension questions, expansion questions, timelines, chapter summaries, photos, illustrations, Internet activities, video suggestions, and maps, the text takes students on a 20-chapter tour of the progression of Latin culture-from the pre-Columbia era to Hispanics in the United States today. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
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Iberoam Rica

Author : Carlos A. Loprete
ISBN : UOM:39015050696510
Genre : Foreign Language Study
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Impartial, modern, and friendly, this book introduces readers to the civilization and culture of Latin America-- from the most obscure beginnings to the present--and at the same time provides them with opportunities to improve their listening, speaking and writing skills. Comprehensive and chronological in approach, it offers well-researched coverage that goes beyond historical facts to include aspects of modern interest, sociology, economy, politics, philosophy, literature, arts, and communication. It covers the traditions in all of Spanish America--"Mesoamerica" and the Caribbean, as well as South America. It uses a rich and formal vocabulary, including new words recently incorporated into Spanish. Cultural glosses or footnotes, written in Spanish, provide explanations, if necessary. Iberoamérica Aborigen: Los protagonistas y su escenario; Las principales culturas indias; Iberoaméica Colonial: El descubrimiento y la conquista; La colonización y la cultura; El Brasil colonial; Iberoamérica Independiente: La independencia, la ilustración y el caudillismo; La organización de las naciones: El romanticismo y el positivismo; Siglo XX: En busca del nuevo orden; La actualidad: Política y religión; La economía; Sociedad y educación; La literatura; Las artes, el teatro, el cine y la comunicación; Brasil imperial y Brasil republicano. For anyone interested in the Spanish language and Latin American Civilization.
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Visiones De Latinoam Rica

Author : Robert N. Phillips
ISBN : 0060452234
Genre : Foreign Language Study
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Las Culturas Y Civilizaciones Latinoamericanas

Author : Floyd Merrell
ISBN : 9780761868019
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Las culturas y civilizaciones latinoamericanas has been updated. This textbook not only describes the history of Latin America, but it sets a mood that allows the reader to get a genuine sense of the languages, cultures, and civilizations of this complex and colorful land. It provides an account of how Columbus's voyages gave rise to utopian dreams, the ramifications of which led to a brilliant display of hybrid cultures, changed the ethnic composition of two continents, accelerated lines of commerce, and refashioned the Western World's diet. The textbook takes the reader through the "discovery," conquest, and colonization of the New World and on to independence and the national period. In addition, each chapter offers general concepts, important terms, questions, and topics for classroom debates. Comprehensive and compelling, this book chronicles the history of an important region in a way that will interest students and teachers alike.
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The History Of Capitalism In Mexico

Author : Enrique Semo
ISBN : 9780292776692
Genre : History
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What lies at the center of the Mexican colonial experience? Should Mexican colonial society be construed as a theoretical monolith, capitalist from its inception, or was it essentially feudal, as traditional historiography viewed it? In this pathfinding study, Enrique Semo offers a fresh vision: that the conflicting social formations of capitalism, feudalism, and tributary despotism provided the basic dynamic of Mexico's social and economic development. Responding to questions raised by contemporary Mexican society, Semo sees the origin of both backwardness and development not in climate, race, or a heterogeneous set of unrelated traits, but rather in the historical interaction of each social formation. In his analysis, Mexico's history is conceived as a succession of socioeconomic formations, each growing within the "womb" of its predecessor. Semo sees the task of economic history to analyze each of these formations and to construct models that will help us understand the laws of its evolution. His premise is that economic history contributes to our understanding of the present not by formulating universal laws, but by studying the laws of development and progression of concrete economic systems. The History of Capitalism in Mexico opens with the Conquest and concludes with the onset of the profound socioeconomic transformation of the last fifty years of the colony, a period clearly representing the precapitalist phase of Mexican development. In the course of his discussion, Semo addresses the role of dependency—an important theoretical innovation—and introduces the concept of tributary despotism, relating it to the problems of Indian society and economy. He also provides a novel examination of the changing role of the church throughout Mexican colonial history. The result is a comprehensive picture, which offers a provocative alternative to the increasingly detailed and monographic approach that currently dominates the writing of history. Originally published as Historia del capitalismo en México in 1973, this classic work is now available for the first time in English. It will be of interest to specialists in Mexican colonial history, as well as to general readers.
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Die Verlobung In St Domingo

Author : Heinrich von Kleist
ISBN : 9783159612744
Genre : Foreign Language Study
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Klassenlektüre und Textarbeit einfach gemacht: Die Reihe "Reclam XL – Text und Kontext" erfüllt alle Anforderungen an Schullektüre und Bedürfnisse des Deutschunterrichts: * Das Format ist größer als die gelben Klassiker der Universal-Bibliothek, mit ausreichend Platz für Notizen am Seitenrand. * schwierige Wörter werden am Fuß jeder Seite erklärt, ausführlichere Sacherläuterungen stehen im Anhang. * Zusatz-Materialien im Anhang erleichtern das Verständnis des Werkes und liefern Impulse für Diskussionen im Unterricht: zu Quellen und Stoff, Biographie des Autors, Epoche und Rezeptionsgeschichte. Die Bände von Reclam XL sind im Textteil seiten- und zeilenidentisch mit den gelben Ausgaben der Universal-Bibliothek. UB- und XL-Ausgaben sind also nicht nur im Unterricht nebeneinander verwendbar – es passen auch weiterhin alle Lektüreschlüssel, Erläuterungsbände und Interpretationen dazu. E-Book mit Seitenzählung der gedruckten Ausgabe: Buch und E-Book können parallel benutzt werden.
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Teacher S Handbook

Author : Judith L. Shrum
ISBN : 1413004628
Genre : Education
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TEACHER'S HANDBOOK is geared toward teacher training courses in college foreign language departments, since many TA's/GSI's teaching lower-division language courses are required to take a methods course or are education majors or students pursuing a teaching credential.
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Decolonizing Modernism

Author : JoseLuis Venegas
ISBN : 9781351570015
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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James Joyce's Ulysses (1922) has been recognized as a central model for the Spanish American 'New Narrative'. Joyce's linguistic and technical influence became the unequivocal sign that literature in Spanish America had definitively abandoned narrow regionalist concerns and entered a global literary canon. In this bold and wide-ranging study, Jose Luis Venegas rethinks this evolutionary conception of literary history by focusing on the connection between cultural specificity and literary innovation. He argues that the intertextual dialogue between James Joyce and prominent authors such as Argentines Jorge Luis Borges and Julio Cortazar, Cuban Guillermo Cabrera Infante, and Mexican Fernando del Paso, reveals the anti-colonial value of modernist form. Venegas explores the historical similarities between Joyce's Ireland during the 1920s and Spanish America between the 1940s and 70s to challenge depoliticized interpretations of modernist aesthetics and propose unsuspected connections between formal experimentation and the cultural transformations demanded by decolonizing societies. Jose Luis Venegas is Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
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Identity And Modernity In Latin America

Author : Jorge Larrain
ISBN : 9780745667515
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 65.93 MB
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In this important new book Jorge Larrain examines the trajectories of modernity and identity in Latin America and their reciprocal relationships. Drawing on a large body of work across a vast historical and geographical range, he offers an innovative and wide-ranging account of the cultural transformations and processes of modernization that have occurred in Latin America since colonial times. The book begins with a theoretical discussion of the concepts of modernity and identity. In contrast to theories which present modernity and identity in Latin America as mutually excluding phenomena, the book shows their continuity and interconnection. It also traces historically the respects in which the Latin American trajectory to modernity differs from or converges with other trajectories, using this as a basis to explore specific elements of Latin America's culture and modernity today. The originality of Larrain's approach lies in the wide coverage and combination of sources drawn from the social sciences, history and literature. The volume relates social commentaries, literary works and media developments to the periods covered, to the changing social end economic structure, and to changes in the prevailing ideologies. This book will appeal to second and third-year undergraduates and Masters level students doing courses in sociology, cultural studies and Latin American history, politics and literature. .
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