Le Site Neolithique De Tell Mureybet Bar

Author : Jaques Cauvin
ISBN : 1407303309
Genre : History
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Tell Mureybet in the middle Euphrates valley is a site of crucial importance to the understanding of the development of the Natufian to the Pre-Pottery Neolithic. These two volumes provide an account of the excavations and reports and analysis of the materials found, lithics, bone, environmental. structural.
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Radiocarbon Dating Second Edition

Author : R.E. Taylor
ISBN : 9781598745900
Genre : Science
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This volume is a major revision and expansion of Taylor s seminal book Radiocarbon Dating: An Archaeological Perspective, again providing a benchmark for the method and critically reflecting on the data that underpins the chronologies used to understand the prehistoric archaeological record."
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The Birth Of The Gods And The Origins Of Agriculture

Author : Jacques Cauvin
ISBN : 0521651352
Genre : History
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A study of social and economic transformations in the Near East during Palaeolithic-Neolithic transition, first published in 2000.
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Quaternary Of The Levant

Author : Yehouda Enzel
ISBN : 9781316841846
Genre : Science
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Quaternary of the Levant presents up-to-date research achievements from a region that displays unique interactions between the climate, the environment and human evolution. Focusing on southeast Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Israel, it brings together over eighty contributions from leading researchers to review 2.5 million years of environmental change and human cultural evolution. Information from prehistoric sites and palaeoanthropological studies contributing to our understanding of 'out of Africa' migrations, Neanderthals, cultures of modern humans, and the origins of agriculture are assessed within the context of glacial-interglacial cycles, marine isotope cycles, plate tectonics, geochronology, geomorphology, palaeoecology and genetics. Complemented by overview summaries that draw together the findings of each chapter, the resulting coverage is wide-ranging and cohesive. The cross-disciplinary nature of the volume makes it an invaluable resource for academics and advanced students of Quaternary science and human prehistory, as well as being an important reference for archaeologists working in the region.
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Le Site N Olithique De Tell Mureybet Syrie Du Nord

Author : Juan José Ibàñez
ISBN : 1407303309
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A major report on the Neolithic site of Tell Mureybet (northern Syria). Contents: Introduction (J.J. Ibanez); Jacques Cauvin, In memoriam (M. Molist ); Historique (M.-C. Cauvin); Chronostratigraphie de Mureybet. Apport des datations radiocarbone (J. Evin et D. Stordeur); Stratigraphie et repartition des architectures a Mureybet (D. Stordeur et J.J. Ibanez ); Foyers et fours du site de Mureybet (M. Molist); Les nouvelles donnees archeobotaniques de Mureybet et la neolithisation du Moyen Euphrate (G. Willcox); Etude archeozoologique de Mureybet (L. Gourichon et D. Helmer); L'outillage lithique: Introduction (M.-C. Cauvin); Matieres premieres siliceuses et comportements techniques (F. Abbes et J.A. Sanchez Priego); Analyse technologique (F. Abbes); Analyse du mobilier retouche (M.-C. Cauvin et F. Abbes); Analyse fonctionnelle de l'outillage lithique de Mureybet (J.J. Ibanez, J.E. Gonzalez Urquijo et A. Rodriguez Rodriguez); Analyse technologique et fonctionnelle des herminettes de Mureybet (J.A. Sanchez Priego); Conclusion sur l'outillage lithique (M.-C. Cauvin, F. Abbes, J.E. Gonzalez Urquijo, J.J. Ibanez, A. Rodriguez Rodriguez et J.A. Sanchez Priego); L'industrie de l'os (D. Stordeur et R. Christidou); L'outillage de mouture et de broyage (M.-C. Nierle); Les recipients en pierre (M. Lebreton); Les elements de parure de Mureybet (C. Marechal et H. Alarashi); Figurines, pierres a rainures, " petits objets divers " et manches de Mureybet (D. Stordeur et M. Lebreton); Conclusion (French) (J.J. Ibanez); Conclusion (English); Conclusion (Arabic) J.J. Ibanez (translated into Arabic by Hala Alarashi); Bibliography.

On Human Nature

Author : Michel Tibayrenc
ISBN : 9780127999159
Genre : Science
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On Human Nature: Biology, Psychology, Ethics, Politics, and Religion covers the present state of knowledge on human diversity and its adaptative significance through a broad and eclectic selection of representative chapters. This transdisciplinary work brings together specialists from various fields who rarely interact, including geneticists, evolutionists, physicians, ethologists, psychoanalysts, anthropologists, sociologists, theologians, historians, linguists, and philosophers. Genomic diversity is covered in several chapters dealing with biology, including the differences in men and apes and the genetic diversity of mankind. Top specialists, known for their open mind and broad knowledge have been carefully selected to cover each topic. The book is therefore at the crossroads between biology and human sciences, going beyond classical science in the Popperian sense. The book is accessible not only to specialists, but also to students, professors, and the educated public. Glossaries of specialized terms and general public references help nonspecialists understand complex notions, with contributions avoiding technical jargon. Provides greater understanding of diversity and population structure and history, with crucial foundational knowledge needed to conduct research in a variety of fields, such as genetics and disease Includes three robust sections on biological, psychological, and ethical aspects, with cross-fertilization and reciprocal references between the three sections Contains contributions by leading experts in their respective fields working under the guidance of internationally recognized and highly respected editors
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Wild Harvest

Author : Karen Hardy
ISBN : 9781785701269
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 60.97 MB
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Plants are fundamental to life; they are used by all human groups and most animals. They provide raw materials, vitamins and essential nutrients and we could not survive without them. Yet access to plant use before the Neolithic can be challenging. In some places, plant remains rarely survive and reconstructing plant use in pre-agrarian contexts needs to be conducted using a range of different techniques. This lack of visible evidence has led to plants being undervalued, both in terms of their contribution to diet and as raw materials. This book outlines why the role of plants is required for a better understanding of hominin and pre-agrarian human life, and it offers a variety of ways in which this can be achieved. Wild Harvest is divided into three sections. In section 1 each chapter focuses on a specific feature of plant use by humans; this covers the role of carbohydrates, the need for and effects of processing methods, the role of plants in self-medication among apes, plants as raw materials, and the extent of evidence for plant use prior to the development of agriculture in the Near East. Section 2 comprises seven chapters which cover different methods available to obtain information on plants, and the third section has five chapters, each covering a topic related to ethnography, ethnohistory, or ethnoarchaeology, and how these can be used to improve our understanding of the role of plants in the pre-agrarian past.
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Pal Orient

Author :
ISBN : NWU:35556039245246
Genre : Archaeology
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