Literature And The Development Of Feminist Theory

Author : Robin Truth Goodman
ISBN : 9781107126084
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This book offers an insightful look at the development of feminist theory through a literary lens. Stressing the significance of feminism's origins in the European Enlightenment, it traces the literary careers of feminism's major thinkers in order to elucidate the connection of feminist theoretical production to literary work.
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Fantasies Of Gender And The Witch In Feminist Theory And Literature

Author : Justyna Sempruch
ISBN : 1557534918
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Lincoln's Censor examines the effect of government suppression on the Democratic press in Indiana during the spring of 1863. President Abraham Lincoln, who suspended the writ of habeas corpus in 1862, claiming presidential prerogatives given by the Constitution at times of invasion or rebellion, had some political misgivings about the intimidation of Democratic newspapers, but let the practice continue in Indiana from April through June of 1863.
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A History Of Feminist Literary Criticism

Author : Gill Plain
ISBN : 1139465821
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Feminism has transformed the academic study of literature, fundamentally altering the canon of what is taught and setting new agendas for literary analysis. In this authoritative history of feminist literary criticism, leading scholars chart the development of the practice from the Middle Ages to the present. The first section of the book explores protofeminist thought from the Middle Ages onwards, and analyses the work of pioneers such as Wollstonecraft and Woolf. The second section examines the rise of second-wave feminism and maps its interventions across the twentieth century. A final section examines the impact of postmodernism on feminist thought and practice. This book offers a comprehensive guide to the history and development of feminist literary criticism and a lively reassessment of the main issues and authors in the field. It is essential reading for all students and scholars of feminist writing and literary criticism.
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The Cambridge Companion To Feminist Literary Theory

Author : Ellen Rooney
ISBN : 9781139826631
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Feminism has dramatically influenced the way literary texts are read, taught and evaluated. Feminist literary theory has deliberately transgressed traditional boundaries between literature, philosophy and the social sciences in order to understand how gender has been constructed and represented through language. This lively and thought-provoking Companion presents a range of approaches to the field. Some of the essays demonstrate feminist critical principles at work in analysing texts, while others take a step back to trace the development of a particular feminist literary method. The essays draw on a range of primary material from the medieval period to postmodernism and from several countries, disciplines and genres. Each essay suggests further reading to explore this field further. This is the most accessible guide available both for students of literature new to this developing field, and for students of gender studies and readers interested in the interactions of feminism, literary criticism and literature.
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Feminist Literary Studies

Author : K. K. Ruthven
ISBN : 0521398525
Genre : Literary Criticism
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The rise of feminism is undeniably one of the major events in the development of literary criticism this century. Feminist approaches have pushed forward both the theory of literary criticism and the understanding of individual works of literature. K. K. Ruthven's lucid introduction to the subject offers a broad survey, looking at the impact of Marxism, structuralism, and post-structuralism on feminist critical practice; the argument that literary language has been shaped by masculine bias; and feminist claims for distinctive styles and traditions of women's writing. As a lively contribution written by a man to a highly controversial topic dominated by women, K. K. Ruthven's study is original and even provocative, but above all serves as a valuably clear and sympathetic guide to the complexities of an important issue in modern literary studies.
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Changing Subjects

Author : Gayle Greene
ISBN : 9780415523561
Genre : Literary Criticism
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These twenty autobiographical essays by eminent feminist literary critics explore the process by which women scholars became feminist scholars, articulating the connections between the personal and political in their lives and work. They describe the experiences that radicalised women within academia and without, as students, professors, scholars, political activists, women. From these diverse histories a collective history emerges of the development of feminism as an intellectual and social movement, as a heuristic tool, as the redefinition of knowledge and power. This book presents a history of the field through the eyes of those who have created it. Offering a spectrum of experiences and critical positions that engage with current debates in feminism, it will be valuable to teachers and students of feminist theory, women’s studies, and the history of the women’s movement. It will interest female writers and scholars in all disciplines and anyone who cares about feminism and its future.
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The Literary Theory Of Shimamura H Getsu 1871 1918 And The Development Of Feminist Discourse In Modern Japan

Author : Massimiliano Tomasi
ISBN : 0773450009
Genre : Literary Criticism
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"Shimamura Htgetsu (1871-1918) was one of the most intriguing and pivotal literary figures of modern Japan. He was deeply involved in literary criticism, the study of aesthetics and rhetoric, and the presentation of Western drama to the Japanese public. This book investigates his scholarly contributions, providing unequivocal evidence of his centrality to modern Japanese literary and intellectual history. This work explores the debate that characterized the evolution of modern literary language in Japan, describing Htgetsu s key role in the acceptance of the vernacular in the process of literary signification. It fills a vacuum in Japanese literary history not only because it elucidates the multifaceted character of Japanese naturalism, but also because it explores through the magnifying glass of a single critic s perspective, the complex and varied process of Japan s modernization, as it unfolded in linguistic, literary, dramatic and feminist discourse."--BOOK JACKET.
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Contemporary Feminist Theories

Author : Stevi Jackson
ISBN : 0748606890
Genre : Feminism
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Feminist theory has grown into a vast field. Feminist writers, thinkers, and activists have produced an often bewildering body of knowledge concerned with difference and diversity, identity and inequality, ethnicity, race, and class, as well as gender. Despite its growing influence, however, no single comprehensive text encompasses the past, present, and future of feminist theory. Contemporary Feminist Theories was inspired by a dissatisfaction with existing introductions, which often fail to fully track change and capture diversity within feminist thought. The volume draws on the expertise of a range of Western feminists in order to reflect the breadth of feminist theory as well as shifts within it. Each chapter maps the development of feminist thought in a particular area over time, and suggests future directions. Reflecting the diversity of feminist theory in fields from literature and linguistics to science and politics, this multi-disciplinary map of feminist thinking is an ideal classroom text.
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Analyzing The Different Voice

Author : Jerilyn Fisher
ISBN : 0847686418
Genre : Literary Criticism
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The essays collected in Analyzing the Different Voice: Feminist Psychological Theory and Literary Texts apply influential, pathbreaking psychological studies about women's lives to literature. In their analyses of fictional portraits, contributors both challenge and confirm psychological theories about female identity, about 'connection/separation' as developmental catalysts, and about the impact of gender on 'voice, ' moral decision-making, and epistemology in relation to classical and contemporary literary texts, written by both women and men.
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Masculinity Studies And Feminist Theory

Author : Judith Kegan Gardiner
ISBN : 0231504918
Genre : Social Science
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Why is there so much talk of a "crisis" of masculinity? How have ideas of manhood been transformed by feminism? Does feminism hold the key to the development of more egalitarian forms of masculinity? Masculinity Studies and Feminist Theory addresses ce
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