Das Unbehagen In Der Kultur

Author : Sigmund Freud
ISBN : 9783958019645
Genre : Fiction
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Eines der einflussreichsten kulturkritischen Erzeugnisse des 20. Jahrhunderts im Original: Sigmund Freud erforscht die Grundlagen unserer kulturellen Entwicklung. Er sieht das Wachsen unserer Kultur in einer unabdingbaren Relation zu einem parallel ansteigenden Schuldgefühl, das sich aufgrund des notwendigen Triebverzichts einstellt und spricht sich gänzlich gegen jede Art von Kultur aus. Noch heute wird sein Werk kontrovers diskutiert.
Category: Fiction

The Law Of God

Author : Pieter Vos
ISBN : 9789004281844
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In today s society, religion as adherence to the law of God is often considered inherently violent and a threat to civilization. This volume contains theological and philosophical explorations of clashes as well as disclosures of God and civilization."

Die Spur Der G Tter

Author : Graham Hancock
ISBN : 3404641493
Genre : History
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Lange vor unserer Zeitrechnung gab es bereits eine andere, technisch fortschrittliche Kultur. Zu diesem Schluß kommt Graham Hancock nach dem eingehenden Studium von Karten aus dem 16. Jahrhundert, die zum Teil vermutlich auf noch älterenExemplaren basieren und auf denen der Küstenverlauf der seit Jahrtausenden mit einer dicken Eisschicht bedeckten Antarktis genau eingezeichnet ist.Wie kamen die damaligen Kartographen zu ihren Kenntnissen über eine Landmasse, die sich erstheutzutage mit den modernsten Geräten erforschen läßt? Ist es möglich, daß durch eine Verschiebung der Erdkruste Landmassen unter Wasser gesetzt wurden und damit eine hochentwickelte Zivilisation vernichtet wurde?Graham Hancock machte sichauf den Weg, diesen Fragen und ungeklärten Rätseln nachzuspüren, um überall auf der Welt Beweise zu finden, die seine Theorie stützen.
Category: History

The Origin Of God

Author : Sorin Cerin
ISBN : 9781589398924
Genre : Fiction
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The author is the main character of this work in which he travels through other dimensions and the origin of the universe is revealed to him.
Category: Fiction

Civilization God And The End Of Democracy

Author : Gordon Garrett
ISBN : 9781434937049
Genre : Political Science
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As far as the roots of civilization dwell, therein lies the birth of its intertwining with religion. Religion has often been the origin of dissent or war amongst different nations in their efforts to conform opposing societies to their own view of what is "right." Gathering together a cohesive timeline from the onset of organized religion and government to its current manifestation in premiere countries such as England, the United States, and China, Civilization, God, and the End of Democracy reviews opposing viewpoints and evidence for what could potentially be the beginning of the end of democracy as we know it. However, although this democracy has become corrupt and distorted in places, there is still hope that it will serve as a version, but an as-yet unseen one, of its original intent.
Category: Political Science

The God Secret

Author : Greg Rigby
ISBN : 9781606938287
Genre : Religion
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Greg Rigby's The God Secret uncovers a startling truth about the greatest mystery of all times-the origins of the Judeo/Christian God and its teachings. Rigby's intensive research of ancient Egypt, Astronomy, The Book of Revelation and the history of religion in Europe illustrates tangible evidence of how myths beginning as early as 6750 determined what most of us believe. In ancient times wise men studied the starts and joined them into patterns that depicted pictures of gods and goddesses. Their theories formed the basis for the subsequent belief of formalized religions. Rigby's 185 illustrations give the reader an easy to follow guide that gives question to present day beliefs and to the common thread that most religions represent-eternal damnation for anyone consorting with the Horned One or devil. Rigby cites examples from the Grail myths and illustrates how the chalice and the sword link them to the Christ story. He presents overwhelming evidence that connects the seven stars of the big dipper constellation to the Grail Cup and shows how initial interpretations of this heavenly constellation led to an enduring theme among organized religions. Explore the connection between The Egyptian Mysteries, The Grail Myths, The Tarot, The Book of Revelation, and the Adam and Eve story.
Category: Religion

Medieval Civilization

Author : Jeffrey Burton Russell
ISBN : 9781597521031
Genre : Religion
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From the Preface: This book is intended as an investigation of the civilization of western Europe from the third to the fifteenth centuries. It presents not only the results, but some of the important problems, of contemporary scholarship in medieval history. It follows a topical treatment of economic, social, political, and cultural history within a chronological framework. Rather than trying to achieve consistently detailed coverage of every aspect of medieval civilization, I have concentrated upon individual or collective examples of important ideas, attitudes, institutions, or events. Discussions of the sources appear in each chapter, and the sources are quoted frequently in the body of the text in order to permit the reader to feel, as well as intellectually to grasp, the nature of medieval life. Pictures and maps are integrated with the text as illustrations of the topics discussed.
Category: Religion

The Pivot Of Civilization In Historical Perspective

Author : Margaret Sanger
ISBN : 1587420082
Genre : History
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Today's heated debates over social issues such as abortion, birth control, ethnicity, immigration, race, religion, sexual behavior, and welfare did not begin in the 1960s. They began in the last years of the nineteenth century and reached their zenith in the 1920s, when this book sold over 200,000 copies. Here is all the text of Margaret Sanger's 1922 best-seller along with 31 chapters by her contemporaries to set what she advocated in historical perspective. This is not history told after the fire and passion have died out. These are words spoken in the heat of battle, at a time when Sanger and others believed that the fate of civilization depended on their ideas winning acceptance here and around the world.
Category: History