Moral Man And Immoral Society

Author : Reinhold Niebuhr
ISBN : 9780664235390
Genre : Religion
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Arguably his most famous book, Moral Man and Immoral Society is Reinhold Niebuhr's important early study (1932) in ethics and politics. Widely read and continually relevant, this book marked Niebuhr's decisive break from progressive religion and politics toward a more deeply tragic view of human nature and history. Forthright and realistic, Moral Man and Immoral Society argues that individual morality is intrinsically incompatible with collective life, thus making social and political conflict inevitable. Niebuhr further discusses our inability to imagine the realities of collective power; the brutal behavior of human collectives of every sort; and, ultimately, how individual morality can mitigate the persistence of social immorality. This new edition includes a foreword by Cornel West that explores the continued interest in Niebuhr's thought and its contemporary relevance.
Category: Religion

In Our Image

Author : Noreen L. Herzfeld
ISBN : 1451415184
Genre : Religion
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In Our Image brilliantly illuminates who we are as humans by demonstrating the surprisingly deep parallels between our motivations to replicate ourselves through computer technology and our emerging understanding of ourselves as relational beings created in God's image. This book is required reading for anyone--Christian or non-Christian--intrigued by the possibility of artificial intelligence.
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An Other Praxis

Author : Herry M. Mukdani
ISBN : 9781630870867
Genre : Religion
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Today's ecclesial praxis has to add something to human capacity in order for the church to envision itself whole. This book addresses multiple struggles, as creative acts theologically, for rethinking a possibly constructive ecclesial praxis that addresses God's new creation in its relation to God's people. By examining it in broader paradigms, Herry Mukdani proposes an/Other praxis as a critical option for ecclesial freedom. An/Other Praxis searches not only new impulses for theological practices, but the extension of voices from the margins that have contributed both to fresh ideas and to new opportunities for life. It also demands ecclesial praxis to put all existing voices into account, and responsibly re(dis-)cover the subaltern or subordinated others. Thus, this praxis helps the subaltern communities of faith claim their own identities, as border-crossers, in the midst of cultural and religious plurality. They will be active subjects of new theological productions from and for the church. They are able to prove theological creativity possible today that expands beyond its ecclesial limits. An/Other Praxis will be of interest to readers not merely because they want to learn something beyond the existing forms of praxis. Rather, it will always give them refreshing energies capable of making rich and sometimes risky responses to the ministry possible and real. It will also give them attitude and perspective to improve a culturally diverse conversation in theology, and thus, it adds divers(al)ity in ministry and leadership in today's church.
Category: Religion

The Divided Mind Of The Black Church

Author : Raphael G. Warnock
ISBN : 9781479832286
Genre : Religion
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What is the true nature and mission of the church? Is its proper Christian purpose to save souls, or to transform the social order? This question is especially fraught when the church is one built by an enslaved people and formed, from its beginning, at the center of an oppressed community’s fight for personhood and freedom. Such is the central tension in the identity and mission of the black church in the United States. For decades the black church and black theology have held each other at arm’s length. Black theology has emphasized the role of Christian faith in addressing racism and other forms of oppression, arguing that Jesus urged his disciples to seek the freedom of all peoples. Meanwhile, the black church, even when focused on social concerns, has often emphasized personal piety rather than social protest. With the rising influence of white evangelicalism, biblical fundamentalism, and the prosperity gospel, the divide has become even more pronounced. In The Divided Mind of the Black Church, Raphael G. Warnock, Senior Pastor of the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, the spiritual home of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., traces the historical significance of the rise and development of black theology as an important conversation partner for the black church. Calling for honest dialogue between black and womanist theologians and black pastors, this fresh theological treatment demands a new look at the church’s essential mission.
Category: Religion

Winning Revolutions The Psychosocial Dynamics Of Revolts For Freedom Fairness And Rights 3 Volumes

Author : J. Harold Ellens
ISBN : 9781440803734
Genre : Psychology
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The product of 35 senior scholars' research, these volumes examine the psychology driving the religious, political, and economic forces that cause turbulence and violence in human society. • Comprehensively analyzes the entire range of economic, political, and religious factors in social revolts • Brings to bear evidence from ancient archaeology, up-to-date psychological models, thoroughgoing sociological analysis, and objective historical reporting • Provides unprecedented coverage of the relevant issues in Greco-Roman, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim religious dynamics that cause immense sociocultural turbulence and watershed world change • Presents a proposed unified theory of revolution throughout the work while also distinguishing and identifying individual religious, political, and economic forces and outcomes
Category: Psychology

After Evil

Author : Robert Meister
ISBN : 9780231150378
Genre : Philosophy
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The way in which mainstream human rights discourse speaks of such evils as the Holocaust, slavery, or apartheid puts them solidly in the past. Its elaborate techniques of "transitional" justice encourage future generations to move forward by creating a false assumption of closure, enabling those who are guilty to elude responsibility. This approach to history, common to late-twentieth-century humanitarianism, doesn't presuppose that evil ends when justice begins. Rather, it assumes that a time before justice is the moment to put evil in the past. Merging examples from literature and history, Robert Meister confronts the problem of closure and the resolution of historical injustice. He boldly challenges the empty moral logic of "never again" or the theoretical reduction of evil to a cycle of violence and counterviolence, broken only once evil is remembered for what it was. Meister criticizes such methods for their deferral of justice and susceptibility to exploitation and elaborates the flawed moral logic of "never again" in relation to Auschwitz and its evolution into a twenty-first-century doctrine of the Responsibility to Protect.
Category: Philosophy

Climate Justice

Author : T. Thorp
ISBN : 9781137394644
Genre : Social Science
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In this ground-breaking work, Teresa Thorp tackles the causes and effects of climate injustice by methodically mapping out an approach by which to reach a negotiatedconsensus with legal force to protect present and future generations. Using the law and policy of climate change as a vehicle for illustrating how to shape our future,she comprehensively overturns the widely held contemporary view of climate justice as inconstant charitable acts, relative systemic notions and static concepts isolatedfrom the common good and a congruent rule of law. Responding to the adverse impacts of climate change (heat waves, extended drought, severe flooding anddesertification), which represent an urgent and potentially irreversible threat to human societies and the planet, requires a new and cohesive way of thinking aboutglobal policy and the law. The mission of guaranteeing and realising human dignity, human security and human rights is multi-fold. Looking through the lens of kaleidoscopic normativity, anextensible language anchored in common juridical elements should facilitate how norms enter the socio-legal frame and interact within it. Users need to be able todisplay and interpret the congruent legal norm in order to obey and apply it. Galvanising this process by constitutionalising first principles and consequential normsis vital for attaining fraternity between nations and among all people. divClimate Justice – A Voice for the Future is an essential read for scholars, practitioners and all those genuinely interested in reaching consensus on a post-2015 global climate accord, a unified development agenda and a cohesive pact for disaster-risk reduction.
Category: Social Science

King Cotton In International Trade

Author : Meredith A. Taylor Black
ISBN : 9789004313446
Genre : Business & Economics
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In King Cotton in International Trade Meredith A. Taylor Black provides a comprehensive analysis of the WTO Cotton dispute and its significant jurisprudential and negotiating effect on disciplining and containing the negative effects of highly trade-distorting agricultural subsidies of developed countries.
Category: Business & Economics

Social Bonds As Freedom

Author : Paul Dumouchel
ISBN : 9781782386940
Genre : Political Science
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Central to discussions of multiculturalism and minority rights in modern liberal societies is the idea that the particular demands of minority groups contradict the requirements of equality, anonymity, and universality for citizenship and belonging. The contributors to this volume question the significance of this dichotomy between the universal and the particular, arguing that it reflects how the modern state has instituted the basic rights and obligations of its members and that these institutions are undergoing fundamental transformations under the pressure of globalization. They show that the social bonds uniting groups constitute the means of our freedom, rather than obstacles to achieving the universal.
Category: Political Science

Subversive Obedience

Author : Walter Brueggemann
ISBN : 9780334044949
Genre : Religion
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Walter Brueggemann has been one of the leading voices in Hebrew Bible interpretation for decades; his landmark works in Old Testament theology have inspired and informed a generation of students, scholars, and preachers. Those who serve as truth-tellers in the church, like those who listen to the truth-telling in the church, are a mix of yearning and fearfulness, of receptiveness and collusion. In the end, the work of truth-telling is not to offer a new package of certitudes that displaces old certitudes. This truth to be uttered and acted, rather, is the enactment and conveyance of this Person who is truth, so that truth comes as bodily fidelity that stays reliably present to the pain of the world.
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