Museum Materialities

Author : Sandra Dudley
ISBN : 9781136616549
Genre : History
File Size : 51.94 MB
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This is an innovative interdisciplinary book about objects and people within museums and galleries. It addresses fundamental issues of human sensory, emotional and aesthetic experience of objects. The chapters explore ways and contexts in which things and people mutually interact, and raise questions about how objects carry meaning and feeling, the distinctions between objects and persons, particular qualities of the museum as context for person-object engagements, and the active and embodied role of the museum visitor. Museum Materialities is divided into three sections – Objects, Engagements and Interpretations – and includes a foreword by Susan Pearce and an afterword by Howard Morphy. It examines materiality and other perceptual and ontological qualities of objects themselves; embodied sensory and cognitive engagements – both personal and across a wider audience spread – with particular objects or object types in a museum or gallery setting; notions of aesthetics, affect and wellbeing in museum contexts; and creative and innovative artistic and museum practices that seek to illuminate or critique museum objects and interpretations. Phenomenological and other approaches to embodied experience in an emphatically material world are current in a number of academic areas, most particularly strands of material culture studies within anthropology and cognate disciplines. Thus far, however, there has been no concerted application of this kind of approach to museum collections and interactions with them by museum visitors, curators, artists and researchers. Bringing together essays by scholars and practitioners from a wide disciplinary and international base, Museum Materialities seeks to make just such a contribution. In so doing it makes a valuable and original addition to the literature of both material culture studies and museum studies.
Category: History

The Handbook Of Fashion Studies

Author : Sandy Black
ISBN : 9781472577436
Genre : Design
File Size : 68.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Handbook of Fashion Studies identifies an innovative spectrum of thematic approaches, key strands and interdisciplinary concepts that continue to push forward the boundaries of fashion studies. The book is divided into seven sections: Fashion, Identity and Difference; Spaces of Fashion; Fashion and Materiality; Fashion, Agency and Policy; Science, Technology and New fashion; Fashion and Time and, Sustainable Fashion in a Globalised world. Each section consists of approximately four essays authored by established researchers in the field from the UK, USA, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada and Australia. The essays are written by international subject specialists who each engage with their section's theme in the light of their own discipline and provide clear case-studies to further knowledge on fashion. This consistency provides clarity and permits comparative analysis. The handbook will be essential reading for students of fashion as well as professionals in the industry.
Category: Design

The Thing About Museums

Author : Sandra Dudley
ISBN : 9781136634246
File Size : 74.9 MB
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The Things about Museums constitutes a unique, highly diverse collection of essays unprecedented in existing books in either museum and heritage studies or material culture studies. Taking varied perspectives and presenting a range of case studies, the chapters all address objects in the context of museums, galleries and/or the heritage sector more broadly. Specifically, the book deals with how objects are constructed in museums, the ways in which visitors may directly experience those objects, how objects are utilised within particular representational strategies and forms, and the challenges and opportunities presented by using objects to communicate difficult and contested matters. Topics and approaches examined in the book are diverse, but include the objectification of natural history specimens and museum registers; materiality, immateriality, transience and absence; subject/object boundaries; sensory, phenomenological perspectives; the museumisation of objects and collections; and the dangers inherent in assuming that objects, interpretation and heritage are ‘good’ for us.

Wie Die Dinge Sprechen Lernten

Author : Mario Schulze
ISBN : 9783839439159
Genre : Art
File Size : 74.99 MB
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Vom »schweigenden Objekt« zum »sprechenden Ding« - das Museumsobjekt hat seit den 1970er Jahren eine dramatische Wandlung durchgemacht. Mit den Vorstellungen von der Rolle der Objekte änderten sich auch die Ausstellungsgestaltungen: In den 1980er Jahren lösten Inszenierung und Szenografie die Texttafelausstellung ab, bevor in den 1990er Jahren die »sprechenden Dinge« ins Zentrum des musealen Geschehens rückten. Mario Schulze erzählt entlang der Ausstellungen zweier bundesrepublikanischer Museen - dem Historischen Museum Frankfurt/Main und dem Museum der Dinge Berlin - eine innovative Wissens- und Zeitgeschichte kulturhistorischer Museen.
Category: Art

The Poetics Of Conflict Experience

Author : Sarah De Nardi
ISBN : 9781315308852
Genre : History
File Size : 39.45 MB
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Seventy years after the end of the Second World War we still do not fully appreciate the intensity of the lived experience of people and communities involved in resistance movements and subjected to German occupation. Yet the enduring conjunction between individuals, things and place cannot be understated: from plaques on the wall to the beloved yellowing relics of private museums, materiality is paramount to any understanding of conflict experience and its poetics. This book reasserts the role of the senses, the imagination and emotion in the Italian war experience and its remembrance practices by tracing a cultural geography of the everyday material worlds of the conflict, and by digging deep into the multifaceted interweaving of place, person and conflict dynamics. Loneliness, displacement and paranoia were all emotional states shared by resistance activists and their civilian supporters. But what about the Fascists? And the Germans? In a civil war and occupation where shifting allegiances and betrayal were frequent, traditional binary codes of friend-foe cannot exist uncritically. This book incorporates these different actors’ perceptions, their competing and discordant materialities, and their shared – yet different – sense of loss and placelessness through witness accounts, storytelling and memoirs.
Category: History

Narrating Objects Collecting Stories

Author : Sandra H. Dudley
ISBN : 9780415692717
Genre : Art
File Size : 55.23 MB
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Narrating Objects, Collecting Stories is a wide-ranging collection of essays exploring the stories that can be told by and about objects and those who choose to collect them. Examining objects and collecting in different historical, social and institutional contexts, an international, interdisciplinary group of authors consider the meanings and values with which objects are imputed and the processes and implications of collecting. This includes considering the entanglement of objects and collectors in webs of social relations, value and change, object biographies and the sometimes conflicting stories that things come to represent, and the strategies used to reconstruct and retell the narratives of objects. The book includes considerations of individual and groups of objects, such as domestic interiors, novelty tea-pots, Scottish stone monuments, African ironworking, a postcolonial painting and memorials to those killed on the roads in Australia. It also contains chapters dealing with particular collectors – including Charles Bell and Beatrix Potter – and representational techniques.
Category: Art

Sthetisierung Der Arbeit

Author : Ove Sutter
ISBN : 9783830986713
Genre : Social Science
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Aktuellen Gesellschaftsanalysen zufolge befinden wir uns derzeit im Stadium eines >kognitiven oder auch ästhetischen Kapitalismus. Vor allem in den westlichen Industriegesellschaften findet demnach eine Transformation hin zu einer ästhetischen Ökonomie statt, die auf permanente Innovation ausgerichtet ist und die Ausbreitung eines Kreativitätsdispositivs oder auch eines Ethos der Kreativität befördert. Kreativ zu seinDer Band nimmt sich dieser Diagnosen aus Sicht der Arbeitskulturenforschung an und diskutiert sie in theoretischer Perspektive sowie entlang ethnografischer Forschungen. Wie deuten und verarbeiten die Menschen die Anrufungen von Kreativität? Wie wirken sich die skizzierten Dynamiken der Ästhetisierung auf Arbeitsinhalte, Arbeitshandeln und Arbeitsorganisation aus? In welcher Beziehung stehen sie zu Prozessen der Prekarisierung, in welchem Verhältnis zur Nicht-Arbeit? Wie artikulieren sie sich in Narrativen und Bildern? Wie materialisieren sich Prozesse der Ästhetisierung von Arbeit in verkörperten Performanzen, Arbeitsmitteln oder auch räumlichen Architekturen? Was passiert mit historischen und gegenwärtigen Formen der Arbeit, wenn sie im Museum ausgestellt werden? Wie artikuliert und formiert sich die Kritik der Ästhetisierung?
Category: Social Science

Colonial Collecting And Display

Author : Claire Wintle
ISBN : 9780857459428
Genre : Art
File Size : 44.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In the late-nineteenth century, British travelers to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands compiled wide-ranging collections of material culture for scientific instruction and personal satisfaction. Colonial Collecting and Display follows the compelling history of a particular set of such objects, tracing their physical and conceptual transformation from objects of indigenous use to accessioned objects in a museum collection in the south of England. This first study dedicated to the historical collecting and display of the Islands' material cultures develops a new analysis of colonial discourse, using a material culture-led approach to reconceptualize imperial relationships between Andamanese, Nicobarese, and British communities, both in the Bay of Bengal and on British soil. It critiques established conceptions of the act of collecting, arguing for recognition of how indigenous makers and consumers impacted upon "British" collection practices, and querying the notion of a homogenous British approach to material culture from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Category: Art

Modern Art On Display

Author : K. Porter Aichele
ISBN : 9781611496178
Genre : Art
File Size : 35.68 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Modern Art on Display: The Legacies of Six Collectors is structured as a sequence of case studies that pair collectors of modern art with artists they particularly favored: Duncan Phillips and Augustus Vincent Tack; Albert Barnes and Chaim Soutine; Albert Eugene Gallatin and Juan Gris; Lillie Bliss and Paul Cézanne; Etta Cone and Henri Matisse; G. David Thompson and Paul Klee. The case studies are linked by a thematic focus on the integral relationship between the collectors’ acquired knowledge about the work they amassed and their innovative display models. This focus brings a new perspective to the history of collecting and interpreting modern art in America for nearly half a century (1915-1960). By examining the books the collectors themselves read and analyzing archival photographs of their displays, the author makes a case for the historical significance of how the collectors presented the art they acquired before their collections were institutionalized.
Category: Art

Sensitive Pasts

Author : Carla van Boxtel
ISBN : 9781785333057
Genre : History
File Size : 74.56 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Heritage, as an area of research and learning, often deals with difficult historical questions, due to the strong emotions and political commitments that are often at stake. In this, it poses particular challenges for teachers, museum educators and the publics they serve. Guided by a shared focus on these "sensitive pasts," the contributors to this volume draw on new theoretical and empirical research to provide valuable insights into heritage pedagogy. Together they demonstrate the potential of heritage as a historical-educational domain that transcends myopic patriotism, parochialism and simplistic relativism, helping to enhance critical and sophisticated historical thinking.
Category: History