Muslims In Spain 1500 To 1614

Author : L. P. Harvey
ISBN : 9780226319650
Genre : History
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On December 18, 1499, the Muslims in Granada revolted against the Christian city government's attempts to suppress their rights to live and worship as followers of Islam. Although the Granada riot was a local phenomenon that was soon contained, subsequent widespread rebellion provided the Christian government with an excuse—or justification, as its leaders saw things—to embark on the systematic elimination of the Islamic presence from Spain, as well as from the Iberian Peninsula as a whole, over the next hundred years. Picking up at the end of his earlier classic study, Islamic Spain, 1250 to 1500— which described the courageous efforts of the followers of Islam to preserve their secular, as well as sacred, culture in late medieval Spain—L. P. Harvey chronicles here the struggles of the Moriscos. These forced converts to Christianity lived clandestinely in the sixteenth century as Muslims, communicating in aljamiado— Spanish written in Arabic characters. More broadly, Muslims in Spain, 1500 to 1614, tells the story of an early modern nation struggling to deal with diversity and multiculturalism while torn by the fanaticism of the Counter-Reformation on one side and the threat of Ottoman expansion on the other. Harvey recounts how a century of tolerance degenerated into a vicious cycle of repression and rebellion until the final expulsion in 1614 of all Muslims from the Iberian Peninsula. Retold in all its complexity and poignancy, this tale of religious intolerance, political maneuvering, and ethnic cleansing resonates with many modern concerns. Eagerly awaited by Islamist and Hispanist scholars since Harvey's first volume appeared in 1990, Muslims in Spain, 1500 to 1614, will be compulsory reading for student and specialist alike. “The year’s most rewarding historical work is L. P. Harvey’s Muslims in Spain 1500 to 1614, a sobering account of the various ways in which a venerable Islamic culture fell victim to Christian bigotry. Harvey never urges the topicality of his subject on us, but this aspect inevitably sharpens an already compelling book.”—Jonathan Keats, Times Literary Supplement
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Islamic Spain 1250 To 1500

Author : L. P. Harvey
ISBN : 0226319628
Genre : History
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Originally published in hardcover in 1990.
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Ibn Battuta

Author : L. P. Harvey
ISBN : 1845113942
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Ibn Battuta was famous in his own lifetime during the 14th Century as the greatest traveller of the age. He traversed the whole Islamic world (from his native Tangier to China), and crossed over its boundaries in Europe and sub-Saharan Africa. He was variously attacked by pirates, shipwrecked, marooned and kidnapped. His observations on political power, and on legal, commercial and cultural practices in the numerous places that he visited. give his Travels an enduring fascination. This narrative of high adventure rivals, or even surpasses, the explorations of Battuta's near contemporary, Marco Polo. Told with hum our, irony and pathos, his travelogue is filled with marvels which blend idealism with reality. L. P. Harvey reviews Ibn Battuta's journeys and discusses the major themes of the Travels. He examines the financing of Ibn Battuta's adventures; how geography and natural history are presented by him; how the Travels engage with issues of race and gender; and the religious milieu through which Ibn Battuta moved. Harvey's account of the traveller reveals the vivid portrait of a man with his fair share of human failings, but who was nonetheless remarkable for his courage, unbounded curiosity, and for the candor and skill with which he reported on the world as he had found it.
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Parables Of Coercion

Author : Seth Kimmel
ISBN : 9780226278285
Genre : History
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Focuses on how questions surrounding the conversion of Muslims and Jews to Christianity in 16th and 17th century Spain drove religious reform and scholarly innovation.
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Blood And Faith

Author : Matthew Carr
ISBN : 9781849040273
Genre : Christianity and other religions
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In 1609, Philip III signed an edict denouncing the Muslims of Spain as heretics & the entire population was given three days to leave, on threat of death. In the exodus, 300,000 Muslims were deported & by 1614 Spain had successfully implemented the largest act of ethnic cleansing in European history. The author chronicles this episode.
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Muslims Of Medieval Latin Christendom C 1050 1614

Author : Brian A. Catlos
ISBN : 9780521889391
Genre : History
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An innovative study which explores how the presence of Muslim communities transformed Europe and stimulated Christian society to define itself.
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Deleuze And Race

Author : Arun Saldanha
ISBN : 9780748669615
Genre : Philosophy
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The first collection to theorise race and racism through the philosophy of Gilles DeleuzeIn this volume, an international and multidisciplinary team of scholars inaugurates the Deleuzian study of race through a wide-ranging and evocative array of case studies.Deleuze and Guattari provided new concepts of how humans are differentiated, through processes of state formation, capitalism, madness and desire. While sexual difference has received much attention in Deleuze studies, racial difference is a thornier problematic. As this collection of essays shows, Deleuze and Guattari had extremely original things to say about race, and the politics of phenotype and origin is never far from any engaged consideration of how the world works.
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Islamic Law And The Crisis Of The Reconquista

Author : Alan Verskin
ISBN : 9789004284531
Genre : Law
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In Islamic Law and the Crisis of the Reconquista, Alan Verskin examines the efforts of Islamic jurists to articulate a new law which would address the predicament of Muslims living under Christian rule in Iberia.
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The Sum Of All Heresies

Author : Frederick Quinn
ISBN : 9780195325638
Genre : Philosophy
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Quinn traces the Western image of Islam from its earliest days to recent times. It establishes four basic themes around which the image of Islam gravitates throughout history in this portrayal of Islam in literature, art, music, and popular culture.
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