The Secret Chamber Of Osiris

Author : Scott Creighton
ISBN : 9781591431879
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Reveals the true purpose behind the pyramids of Giza and the location of the secret vault of Egyptian treasures hidden on the Giza plateau • Details how the first 16 pyramids represent the allegorical “dismembered body of Osiris” and the legendary missing part is a secret underground chamber • Explains how the pyramids were built as recovery vaults and with the secret chamber contained everything needed to rebuild civilization after the Deluge • Examines the technology used to build the pyramids and “fly the stones into place” After nearly 200 years of the pyramid-as-tomb theory, a growing body of evidence suggests the first 16 pyramids of ancient Egypt were not royal tombs but nearly indestructible recovery vaults designed to revive civilization after an anticipated major catastrophe, the Deluge of Thoth. Scott Creighton examines the prophecy of catastrophe and the ancient Egyptians’ massive undertaking to ensure the survival of their civilization. He explains how the pyramids acted as easily located storehouses for seeds, tools, and civilizing knowledge, yet they would have been too visible to house the precious treasures necessary to restore the rich culture of ancient Egypt. For this, the ancients created a secret chamber whose existence was hidden in myth and whose location was encoded in the Giza pyramids. Creighton shows how, collectively, the first 16 pyramids represent the allegorical “dismembered body of Osiris,” the Egyptian god of agriculture and rebirth, and, as in the myth of Osiris, one part is missing or hidden--a secret chamber under the sands of the Giza plateau. Creighton reveals how the 3 great pyramids of Giza “point” to the secret location and how they were built with technology akin to modern hot air balloons, used to “fly the stones into place” as cited in Egyptian legends and shown in ancient art. Offering a new understanding of this remarkable civilization, the author concludes with a startling revelation: shortly after he revealed the location of the secret chamber of Osiris--a location never before explored--it became the site of a major excavation by the Egyptian authorities, the results of which have yet to be made public.
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Egypt Land

Author : Scott Trafton
ISBN : 0822333627
Genre : History
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Images and ideas of Egypt have figured prominently in American culture since the turn of the nineteenth century. Discoveries about ancient Egypt by European explorers and scientists coincided almost exactly with the earliest explorations of the American West. American surveyors, politicians, and clergy likened the United States to the Egyptian empire; they compared the Mississippi River to the Nile. In popular and professional cultures and sacred and secular forums, the American obsession with ancient Egypt accelerated throughout the nineteenth-century. Arguing that this Egyptomania was directly related to anxieties about race and race-based slavery, Scott Trafton provides the first comprehensive study of the revealing connections between constructions of race and representations of ancient Egypt in nineteenth-century America. Drawing on literary and cultural studies, art history, and the histories of archaeology and ethnology, Trafton considers different manifestations of nineteenth-century American Egyptomania: the development of American Egyptology and the rise of racialized science, the narrative and literary tradition of the imperialist adventure tale, the cultural politics of the Egyptian Revival architectural movement, and the complex invocations of ancient Egypt within nineteenth-century African America. He shows how debates over what America was and what it could become returned again and again to ancient Egypt. From visions of Cleopatra to the tales of Edgar Allan Poe, from the works of Pauline Hopkins to the construction of the Washington Monument, from the measuring of slaves' skulls to the singing of slave spirituals--claims about and representations of ancient Egypt served as linchpins for discussions about nineteenth-century American racial and national identity.
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The Etruscans And The History Of Dentistry

Author : Marshall Joseph Becker
ISBN : 9781317194651
Genre : History
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The Etruscans and the History of Dentistry offers a study of the construction and use of gold dental appliances in ancient Etruscan culture, and their place within the framework of a general history of dentistry, with special emphasis on appliances, from Bronze Age Mesopotamia and Egypt to modern Europe and the Americas. Included are many of the ancient literary sources that refer to dentistry - or the lack thereof - in Greece and Rome, as well as the archaeological evidence of ancient dental health. The book challenges many past works in exposing modern scholars’ fallacies about ancient dentistry, while presenting the incontrovertible evidence of the Etruscans’ seemingly modern attitudes to cosmetic dentistry.
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Ab Bookman S Weekly

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Ancient Egypt

Author : Thomas Garnet Henry James
ISBN : UOM:39015027254310
Genre : History
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Describes the most important archaeological sites in Egypt, reviews ancient Egyptian history, and assesses Egyptian achievements
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Wondrous Curiosities

Author : Stephanie Moser
ISBN : UOM:39015066759062
Genre : Business & Economics
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Based on her exloration of the British Museum's world-famous collection of Egyptian antiquities, this pioneering study reveals the powerful role of museums in shaping our understanding of science, culture, and history.
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Books In Print Supplement

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Vom Nil Zum Neckar

Author : Erika Feucht
ISBN : 9783642933257
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Mit Beiträgen von zahlreichen Fachwissenschaftlern
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