New Orleans And The Global South Caribbean Creolization Carnival

Author : Ottmar Ette
ISBN : 9783487155043
Genre : History
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Innerhalb der USA gilt New Orleans seit jeher als die „unamerikanischste“ Stadt, als exotisch und anders, gar als „sozio-geographischer Unfall“. Hier überkreuzen sich nicht nur die Einflüsse verschiedener Kolonialkulturen, sondern auch die Routen des atlantischen Sklavenhandels und der asiatischen Arbeitsmigration und nicht zuletzt die ideellen wie materiellen Transferbewegungen zwischen den beiden Amerikas. Der vorliegende Band macht es sich zur Aufgabe, diese vielfältigen transarealen Zirkulationsprozesse zu analysieren und das Potential New Orleans' zur paradigmatischen Metropole des Globalen Südens auszuloten. Im Fokus stehen verschiedene Formen der kulturellen Kreolisierung, wie sie sich in der Sprache, der Literatur, der Musik, aber auch in Alltagsphänomen wie dem Karneval oder Computerspielen manifestieren. Within the USA, New Orleans has long been considered the ‘un-American’ city, seen as exotic and different, even as a ‘socio-geographical accident’. It is a crossroads not only for the influences of different colonial cultures but also for the routes of the Atlantic slave trade and immigration of Asian workers, and not least for material and non-material transfer between the two Americas. This volume seeks to analyse these manifold transareal circulation processes and to explore New Orleans’s potential as a paradigmatic metropolis of the Global South. The focus is on different forms of creolisation as manifested in language, literature and music, but also in everyday phenomena such as Carnival or computer games.
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Author : Ottmar Ette
ISBN : 9783110287202
Genre : Literary Criticism
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This volume takes the view that globalization is not a recent phenomenon, but instead an enduring process, marked by four periods of accelerated change. The Early Modern period in European historiography is linked to our present experience of globalization by way of the diverse global trends that took place during the Age of Modernity. The literatures of the world provide a visceral understanding of what can only be understood from the perspectives of multiple logics – namely, the life of our planet and its inhabitants. The wisdom of literature cannot be replaced by any other kind of knowledge: it is life’s wisdom about life.
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Rebuilding Urban Places After Disaster

Author : Eugenie Birch
ISBN : 0812219805
Genre : Political Science
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Disasters--natural ones, such as hurricanes, floods, or earthquakes, and unnatural ones such as terrorist attacks--are part of the American experience in the twenty-first century. The challenges of preparing for these events, withstanding their impact, and rebuilding communities afterward require strategic responses from different levels of government in partnership with the private sector and in accordance with the public will. Disasters have a disproportionate effect on urban places. Dense by definition, cities and their environs suffer great damage to their complex, interdependent social, environmental, and economic systems. Social and medical services collapse. Long-standing problems in educational access and quality become especially acute. Local economies cease to function. Cultural resources disappear. The plight of New Orleans and several smaller Gulf Coast cities exemplifies this phenomenon. This volume examines the rebuilding of cities and their environs after a disaster and focuses on four major issues: making cities less vulnerable to disaster, reestablishing economic viability, responding to the permanent needs of the displaced, and recreating a sense of place. Success in these areas requires that priorities be set cooperatively, and this goal poses significant challenges for rebuilding efforts in a democratic, market-based society. Who sets priorities and how? Can participatory decision-making be organized under conditions requiring focused, strategic choices? How do issues of race and class intersect with these priorities? Should the purpose of rebuilding be restoration or reformation? Contributors address these and other questions related to environmental conditions, economic imperatives, social welfare concerns, and issues of planning and design in light of the lessons to be drawn from Hurricane Katrina.
Category: Political Science

Blues For New Orleans

Author : Roger D. Abrahams
ISBN : 0812201000
Genre : Social Science
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In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, as the citizens of New Orleans regroup and put down roots elsewhere, many wonder what will become of one of the nation's most complex creole cultures. New Orleans emerged like Atlantis from under the sea, as the city in which some of the most important American vernacular arts took shape. Creativity fostered jazz music, made of old parts and put together in utterly new ways; architecture that commingled Norman rooflines, West African floor plans, and native materials of mud and moss; food that simmered African ingredients in French sauces with Native American delicacies. There is no more powerful celebration of this happy gumbo of life in New Orleans than Mardi Gras. In Carnival, music is celebrated along the city's spiderweb grid of streets, as all classes and cultures gather for a festival that is organized and chaotic, individual and collective, accepted and licentious, sacred and profane. The authors, distinguished writers who have long engaged with pluralized forms of American culture, begin and end in New Orleans—the city that was, the city that is, and the city that will be—but traverse geographically to Mardi Gras in the Louisiana Parishes, the Carnival in the West Indies and beyond, to Rio, Buenos Aires, even Philadelphia and Albany. Mardi Gras, they argue, must be understood in terms of the Black Atlantic complex, demonstrating how the music, dance, and festive displays of Carnival in the Greater Caribbean follow the same patterns of performance through conflict, resistance, as well as open celebration. After the deluge and the finger pointing, how will Carnival be changed? Will the groups decamp to other Gulf Coast or Deep South locations? Or will they use the occasion to return to and express a revival of community life in New Orleans? Two things are certain: Katrina is sure to be satirized as villainess, bimbo, or symbol of mythological flood, and political leaders at all levels will undoubtedly be taken to task. The authors argue that the return of Mardi Gras will be a powerful symbol of the region's return to vitality and its ability to express and celebrate itself.
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Louisiana Culture From The Colonial Era To Katrina

Author : John Lowe
ISBN : 9780807134856
Genre : History
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In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson acquired 828,000 square miles of French territory in what became known as the Louisiana Purchase. Although today Louisiana makes up only a small portion of this immense territory, this exceptional state embraces a larger-than-life history and a cultural blend unlike any other in the nation. Louisiana Culture from the Colonial Era to Katrina, a collection of fourteen essays compiled and edited by John Lowe, captures all of the flavor and richness of the state's heritage, illuminating how Louisiana, despite its differences from the rest of the United States, is a microcosm of key national concerns -- including regionalism, race, politics, immigration, global connections, folklore, musical traditions, ethnicity, and hybridity. Divided into five parts, the volume opens with an examination of Louisiana's origins, with pieces on Native Americans, French and German explorers, and slavery. Two very different but complementary essays follow with investigations into the ongoing attempts to define Creoles and creolization. No collection on Louisiana would be complete without attention to its remarkable literary traditions, and several contributors offer tantalizing readings of some of the Pelican State's most distinguished writers -- a dazzling array of artists any state would be proud to claim. The volume also includes pieces on a couple of eccentric mythologies distinct to Louisiana and explorations of Louisiana's unique musical heritage. Throughout, the international slate of contributors explores the idea of place, particularly the concept of Louisiana as the center of the Caribbean wheel, where Cajuns, Creoles, Cubans, Haitians, Jamaicans, and others are part of a New World configuration, connected by their linguistic identity, landscape and climate, religion, and French and Spanish heritage. A poignant conclusion considers the devastating impact of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita and what the storms mean for Louisiana's cultural future. A rich portrait of Louisiana culture, this volume stands as a reminder of why that culture must be preserved.
Category: History

Just Below South

Author : Jessica Adams
ISBN : 0813926009
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Just Below South is the first book to examine the U.S. South and the Caribbean as a "regional interculture" shaped by performance--as a space defined not so much by a shared set of geographical boundaries or by a single, common culture as by the weave of performances and identities moving across and throughout it. By offering fresh ways for thinking about region, language, and performance, the volume helps to reimagine the possibilities for American Studies. It advances beyond current analyses of historical or literary commonalities between the South and the Caribbean to explore startling and significant connections between a range of performances, including Trinidadian carnival, Civil War reenactments, the Martinican dance form kalenda, dramatic adaptations of Uncle Tom's Cabin, rituals of spirit possession, the teaching of Haitian Kreyòl, the translation of Louisiana Creole, and the imaginative "travels" of southern and Caribbean writers. While generating textual conversations among scholars of Francophone, Anglophone, and Hispanophone literature and culture and forging innovative ties between cultural studies, performance studies, linguistics, literary analysis, and studies of the African diaspora, these essays raise provocative new questions about race, ethnicity, gender, class, and nationality. ContributorsJessica Adams, University of California, Berkeley * Carolyn Vellenga Berman, The New School * Anne Malena, University of Alberta * Cécile Accilien, Columbus State University, Georgia * Don E. Walicek, University of Puerto Rico-Río Piedras * Julian Gerstin, San Jose State University * Rawle Gibbons, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine * Kathleen M. Gough, University of Glasgow * Shirley Toland-Dix, University of South Florida, Tampa * Michael P. Bibler, University of Mary Washington * Jana Evans Braziel, University of Cincinnati
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Roland Barthes

Author : Ottmar Ette
ISBN : 3862530388
Genre : Landscapes in literature
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Der Einzige Mann Auf Dem Kontinent

Author : Terézia Mora
ISBN : 9783641037154
Genre : Fiction
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Das Leben eines Mannes im globalisierten Nirgendwo Umgeben von globalen Wirtschaftskatastrophen macht sich ein Mann daran, sein Lebensidyll zu verteidigen, auch wenn er schon längst zugeben müsste, dass die Firma, für die er arbeitet, zusammengebrochen ist und seine Ehe vor dem Aus steht ... „Der einzige Mann auf dem Kontinent“ erzählt eine Woche im Leben von Darius Kopp. Er ist Anfang vierzig, verheiratet und einziger Vertreter einer US-amerikanischen Firma für drahtlose Netzwerke. Darius sieht sich als Gewinner der neuen Zeit. Er stammt aus der DDR, war als Informatiker nach deren Zusammenbruch ein gefragter Mann und legt Wert darauf, ein zufriedener Mensch zu sein. In letzter Zeit laufen die Geschäfte allerdings mehr schlecht als recht. Eines Tages lässt ein säumiger Kunde eine Pappschachtel mit Geld in seinem Büro liegen. In der Folge versucht Darius Kopp vergeblich, einen seiner Chefs in London oder Los Angeles zu erreichen, um zu beraten, was mit dem Geld geschehen soll. Fast scheint es, als gebe es die Firma überhaupt nicht mehr. Darius Kopp leidet zunehmend unter dem Verlust seiner Sicherheiten, doch er kann dies weder sich gegenüber zugeben, noch will er Flora, seine hypersensible Frau, damit belasten. Denn Flora findet sich in ihrem Leben nur schwer zurecht. Nicht nur in seinem Beruf, muss Darius schließlich erkennen, kämpft er um das nackte Überleben, auch seine Ehe, die Liebe seines Lebens, droht vor dem Aus zu stehen. Nach „Alle Tage“ hat Terézia Mora erneut einen hochaktuellen und überaus wachen und sensiblen Roman eines Mannes geschrieben, der glaubt, in der besten aller Welten zu leben, auch wenn sein Leben genauso wie die Welt um ihn herum längst in Stücke zerbricht. Krisen von noch so globaler und intim-verworrener Natur sollen ihm nichts anhaben können. In der umspannenden vernetzten Welt mag zerbrechen, was will, sein Lebensidyll nicht. Das neue Buch der Autorin des preisgekrönten Romans „Alle Tage“.
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Author : Ottmar Ette
ISBN : 3037343818
Genre : Art, Modern
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