No Small Courage

Author : Nancy F. Cott
ISBN : 0195173236
Genre : History
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Presents essays that trace the lives and experiences of women in the United States from the colonial period to the present.
Category: History

The Role Of Female Seminaries On The Road To Social Justice For Women

Author : Kristen Welch
ISBN : 9781630877507
Genre : History
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In the United States, female seminaries and their antecedents, the female academies, were crucial first institutions that played a vital role in liberating women from the "home sphere," a locus that was the primary domain of Euro-American women. The female seminaries founded by Native Americans and African Americans had different founding rationales but also played a key role in empowering women. On the whole, the initial intent of these schools was to prepare women for their proper role in American society as wives and mothers. An unintended effect, however, was to prepare women for the first socially accepted profession for women: teaching. Thus equipped, women played a crucial role in the development of American education at all levels while achieving varying degrees of social justice for themselves and other groups through engagement in the reform movements of their times--including women's suffrage, abolition, temperance, and mental health reform. By recapturing the role religion played in shaping education for women, Welch and Ruelas offer a refreshing take on history that draws on several primary texts and details more than one hundred female seminaries and academies opened in the United States.
Category: History

The Human Body On Trial

Author : Lynne Curry
ISBN : 9781576073490
Genre : History
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Explores the controversial issue of an individual's right over his body versus the government's right to control it, focusing on individual cases, historical contexts, and key people and events.
Category: History

American Women In Cartoons 1890 1920

Author : Katharina Hundhammer
ISBN : WISC:89113831143
Genre : History
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Since no work has systematically analyzed the visual aspect in the quest for woman suffrage, this book fills a gap in the plentiful literature on the American woman suffrage movement. Comparing Woman's and general interest journals, it appeals to students of Social History, Gender Studies and Media Studies and to the general interest reader.
Category: History

Voting For Women

Author : Kathleen A. Dolan
ISBN : UOM:39015059230485
Genre : Political Science
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The focus of this project is to understand how people evaluate women candidates, who votes for them, and why. The book relies on data from actual elections in the U.S., as opposed to earlier works that relied on experiments and hypothetical survey questions to explore public support for women candidates. This approach allows us to gain more complete understanding of the role women candidates play in our political system.
Category: Political Science

The American New Woman Revisited

Author : Martha H. Patterson
ISBN : UOM:39015077117722
Genre : Social Science
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In North America between 1894 and 1930, the rise of the "New Woman" sparked controversy on both sides of the Atlantic and around the world. As she demanded a public voice as well as private fulfillment through work, education, and politics, American journalists debated and defined her. Who was she and where did she come from? Was she to be celebrated as the agent of progress or reviled as a traitor to the traditional family? Over time, the dominant version of the American New Woman became typified as white, educated, and middle class: the suffragist, progressive reformer, and bloomer-wearing bicyclist. By the 1920s, the jazz-dancing flapper epitomized her. Yet she also had many other faces. Bringing together a diverse range of essays from the periodical press of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Martha H. Patterson shows how the New Woman differed according to region, class, politics, race, ethnicity, and historical circumstance. In addition to the New Woman's prevailing incarnations, she appears here as a gun-wielding heroine, imperialist symbol, assimilationist icon, entrepreneur, socialist, anarchist, thief, vamp, and eugenicist. Together, these readings redefine our understanding of the New Woman and her cultural impact.
Category: Social Science

Her Past Around Us

Author : Polly Welts Kaufman
ISBN : 1575241307
Genre : Social Science
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Here is a guide to finding and presenting places that bring new visibility to women's lives and illuminate their goals. Some of these sites, such as city hall, are not generally associated with women; some are sites of long-forgotten women's activities; others, such as kitchens, usually assumed to be women's domain, reflect unexpected complexities of meaning. Eleven essays explore possibilities for using women's history and feminist analysis to look at familiar places through the lens of gender. Case studies become guides for interpreting or reinterpreting similar places. The text also contains lists of suggested sources pertaining to the subjects presented. The sites analyzed here include homes, gardens, factories, cemeteries, business districts, and even entire communities. They are places to learn about women running millinery shops, surviving in a new country by working in another woman's kitchen, stripping tobacco leaves in a factory in the South, laboring for slave owners, commemorating achievement, and mourning the dead. This collection of essays is designed to be useful to teachers and historical societies searching their own communities for new sites significant to the his
Category: Social Science