Pagan Celtic Ireland

Author : Barry Raftery
ISBN : 0500279837
Genre : Social Science
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The established impressions of early Celtic Ireland have come down to us through the great Irish sagas, but recent archaeological research has transformed our understanding of the period. Reflecting this new generation of scholarship, Barry Raftery presents the most convincing and up-to-date account yet published of Ireland in the millennium before the coming of Christianity. The transition from Bronze Age to Iron Age in Ireland brought many changes, including significant advances in travel and transport, and the construction of great royal centers such as Tara and Emain Macha. Professor Raftery also discusses the elusive lives of the common people; technology, arts, and crafts of the period; Ireland's contacts with the Roman world; and the complex religious beliefs of the Irish Celts. Generously illustrated throughout, Pagan Celtic Ireland will be read avidly by everyone interested in Ireland's mysterious past.
Category: Social Science

Atlantic Europe In The First Millennium Bc

Author : Tom Moore
ISBN : 9780199567959
Genre : History
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This volume of 33 papers on the Atlantic region of Western Europe in the first millennium BC reflects a diverse range of theoretical approaches, techniques, and methodologies across current research, and is an opportunity to compare approaches to the first millennium BC from different national and theoretical perspectives.
Category: History

Die Kelten

Author : Bernhard Maier
ISBN : 9783406697531
Genre : History
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Die Kelten sind eines der kulturell faszinierendsten und historisch bedeutendsten Völker der europäischen Geschichte. Bernhard Maiers Standardwerk – die erste große Darstellung der Geschichte der Kelten in deutscher Sprache – wird nun in einer vollständig überarbeiteten und erweiterten Neuausgabe vorgelegt. Sie umfasst den Zeitraum von der Antike bis zur Gegenwart und reicht geographisch von Irland bis nach Kleinasien. Der besondere Reiz der Darstellung liegt darin, dass sie sich nicht wie üblich auf die Bedeutung der Kelten im Altertum beschränkt. Dieses Buch greift viel weiter aus und führt ein in die Ereignisgeschichte der Kelten im Mittelalter, ihre Rolle als Mittler des Christentums in Gestalt der irischen Mönche und – mit Blick auf die Artus-Sage – ihren Beitrag zur Weltliteratur. Es beschreibt Voraussetzung und Entstehung unseres modernen Keltenbegriffs und seine problematische ideologische Vereinnahmung. Mit der Geschichte der Kelten und ihrer Sprache von der frühen Neuzeit bis zur Gegenwart endet die Darstellung, wobei der Nordirlandkonflikt und die Einrichtung der schottischen und walisischen Regionalparlamente am Ende unseres Jahrhunderts die Schlusssteine bilden.
Category: History

The Lives Of Prehistoric Monuments In Iron Age Roman And Medieval Europe

Author : Marta Díaz-Guardamino
ISBN : 9780191036866
Genre : History
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This volume explores the pervasive influence exerted by some prehistoric monuments on European social life over thousands of years, and reveals how they can act as a node linking people through time, possessing huge ideological and political significance. Through the advancement of theoretical approaches and scientific methodologies, archaeologists have been able to investigate how some of these monuments provide resources to negotiate memories, identities, and power and social relations throughout European history. The essays in this collection examine the life-histories of carefully chosen megalithic monuments, stelae and statue-menhirs, and rock art sites of various European and Mediterranean regions during the Iron Age and Roman and Medieval times. By focusing on the concrete interaction between people, monuments, and places, the volume offers an innovative outlook on a variety of debated issues. Prominent among these is the role of ancient remains in the creation, institutionalization, contestation, and negotiation of social identities and memories, as well as their relationship with political economy in early historic European societies. By contributing to current theoretical debates on materiality, landscape, and place-making, The Lives of Prehistoric Monuments in Iron Age, Roman, and Medieval Europe seeks to overcome disciplinary boundaries between prehistory and history, and highlight the long-term, genealogical nature of our engagement with the world.
Category: History

The Hutchinson Illustrated Encyclopedia Of British History

Author : Simon Hall
ISBN : 1579581072
Genre : History
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Conflicting Identities and Multiple Masculinities takes as its focus the construction of masculinity in Western Europe from the early Middle Ages until the fifteenth century, crossing from pre-Christian Scandinavia across western Christendom. The essays consult a broad and representative cross section of sources including the work of theological, scholastic, and monastic writers, sagas, hagiography and memoirs, material culture, chronicles, exampla and vernacular literature, sumptuary legislation, and the records of ecclesiastical courts. The studies address questions of what constituted male identity, and male sexuality. How was masculinity constructed in different social groups? How did the secular and ecclesiastical ideals of masculinity reinforce each other or diverge? These essays address the topic of medieval men and, through a variety of theoretical, methodological, and disciplinary approaches, significantly extend our understanding of how, in the Middle Ages, masculinity and identity were conflicted and multifarious.
Category: History

Iron Age Hillforts In Britain And Beyond

Author : Dennis Harding
ISBN : 9780199695249
Genre : History
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Widely regarded as major visible field monuments of the Iron Age, hillforts are central to an understanding of later prehistoric communities in Britain and Europe from the later Bronze Age. With such a range of variants represented, no single explanation of their function or social significance could satisfy all possible interpretations of their role. Critically reviewing the evidence of hillforts in Britain, in the wider context of Irelandand continental Europe, the volume focuses on their structural features, chronology, landscape context, and their social, economic and symbolic functions, and is well illustrated throughout with siteplans, reconstruction drawings, and photographs. Harding reviews the changing perceptions of hillforts and the future prospects for hillfort research, highlighting aspects of contemporary investigation and interpretation.
Category: History

A History Of Settlement In Ireland

Author : Terry Barry
ISBN : 9781134674633
Genre : Social Science
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A History of Settlement in Ireland provides a stimulating and thought-provoking overview of the settlement history of Ireland from prehistory to the present day. Particular attention is paid to the issues of settlement change and distribution within the contexts of: * environment * demography * culture. The collection goes further by setting the agenda for future research in this rapidly expanding area of academic interest. This volume will be essential reading for all those with an interest in the archaeology, history and social geography of Ireland.
Category: Social Science

The Encyclopedia Of Celtic Mythology And Folklore

Author : Patricia Monaghan
ISBN : 9781438110370
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 67.68 MB
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Presents an illustrated A to Z reference containing over 1,000 entries providing information on Celtic myths, fables and legends from Ireland, Scotland, Celtic Britain, Wales, Brittany, central France, and Galicia.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Archaeology And Folklore

Author : Amy Gazin-Schwartz
ISBN : 9781134634668
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 84.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Archaeology and Folklore explores the complex relationship between the two disciplines to demonstrate what they might learn from each other. This collection includes theoretical discussions and case studies drawn from Western Europe, the Mediterranean and North. They explore the differences between popular traditions relating to historic sites and archaeological interpretations of their history and meaning.
Category: Social Science