Painting In Spain

Author : Jonathan Brown
ISBN : 0300064748
Genre : Art
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A revised edition of the Golden Age of Painting in Spain in the YALE UNIVERSITY PRESS PELICAN HISTORY OF ART series. As well as describing and analysing Spanish painting, sculpture, and architecture, the author considers the political, economic and religious contexts of the art and artists.
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Painting In Spain

Author : Jonathan Brown
ISBN : 0300064721
Genre : Art
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Focusing on the interaction between art and the socio-economic and political conditions that prevailed in Spain's golden age, this book offers information about religious beliefs, social attitudes the activities of patrons and collectors, and how these were absorbed and interpreted by painters. The author sets the history of Spanish painting within a European context and explores Spain's contact with artistic centres in Italy and the Netherlands. He discusses not only Spanish artists but also such non-Spanish painters as Titian, Rubens, and Luca Giordano, who either worked in Spain or influenced other artists there. Brown also examines the collections of foreign paintings that Spanish noblemen and prelates assembled and how these collections affected the production of art and the social status of the Spanish artist. In this up-to-date and innovative analysis of two hundred years of Spanish painting, Brown describes a country that brilliantly transformed the artistic impulses it received from abroad to fit the needs of its own society.
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The Golden Age Of Painting In Spain

Author : Jonathan Brown
ISBN : 0300047606
Genre : Art
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El Greco, Ribera, Velazquez, Murillo - these were but a few of the great 16th and 17th century artists whose genius illuminated Spain's golden age of painting. In this book, Jonathan Brown surveys the development of painting in Spain during this period, focussing on the interaction between art and the prevailing socio-economic and political conditions.
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From El Greco To Goya Painting In Spain 1561 1828

Author : Janis Tomlinson
ISBN : 1780670281
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This book covers 250 years of painting in Spain starting with works created at the splendid sixteenth-century court of Philip II to those produced at the Hapsburg and Bourbon courts of Madrid, and in the cities of Seville, Valencia, and Toledo. The result was an art of extraordinary stature and international scope. With the aid of 116 illustrations, most in color, Janis Tomlinson traces the myriad influences reflected in the paintings of generations of artists from Sofonisba Anguissola, El Greco, Velásquez, and Zubarán to the unique accomplishment of Francisco Goya.
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The Spanish Masters

Author : Emelyn W. Washburn
ISBN : 1334036748
Genre : Art
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Amanda In Spain

Author : Darlene Foster
ISBN : 9781926760506
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
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Amanda Jane Ross is certainly becoming a world traveller; she's now in sunny Spain on vacation with her friend Leah. While there, she encounters a mysterious young girl who looks eerily like the girl in a famous painting she saw in a Madrid museum. Even weirder, the girl keeps showing up wherever Amanda finds herself - Madrid, the remote mountains of rural Spain, the beaches on the Mediterranean Sea, a lively fiesta and the busy streets of Barcelona. Amanda wants to help this sweet, young girl and her beloved pony escape the clutches of a mean horse-dealer. Come with Amanda on her next adventure as she attempts to unravel the mystery behind the Girl in the Painting while she treks across Spain - always one step ahead of danger!
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Painting And The Turn To Cultural Modernity In Spain

Author : Andrew Ginger
ISBN : 1575911132
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Cultural modernity has habitually been defined as a focus on the means of representation themselves, as opposed to art that imitates external reality or expresses its maker's inner life. The crucial moment is usually considered the emergence of Edouard Manet in mid-nineteenth-century France, and the features of French developments have been seen as defining terms in the theory of modernity. However, recent art and cultural history have often spoken of plural modernities, distinct from the pattern set in France. For the first time, this study in cultural history explores how Spanish culture took a radical turn toward the medium of representation itself in the 1850s and early 1860s. It argues that this happened in a way that is critically at odds with many fundamental theoretical suppositions about modernity.
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Painting In Spain

Author : Janis A. Tomlinson
ISBN : 0297836293
Genre : Painting, Modern
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Painting In Spain During The Later Eighteenth Century

Author : Michael Helston
ISBN : UCSD:31822021586425
Genre : Painting
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Between the period of Velazquez and Goya, Madrid had a lively artistic establishment, which by the end of the 18th century provided works of high quality. The paintings of Melendez, Paret and many others are featured in this volume, which also describes the art and architecture of the period.
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