Paul Tillich S Theology Of Culture In Dialogue With African Theology

Author : Sylvester I. Ihuoma
ISBN : UVA:X004825434
Genre : Religion
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This fundamental theological study is innovative, eye-opening and interdisciplinary in orientation. The book makes a constructive contribution to the debate on both Tillich's theology of culture and African contextual theology. It reconstructs Tillich's theology of culture in an original manner and contemporaneously helps readers understand the religious cultural thought of the Igbo, especially with regard to the idea of the Supreme Being.
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Jesus In Post Missionary Africa

Author : Nicholas Ibeawuchi Mbogu
ISBN : 9783656241171
Genre : Religion
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Fachbuch aus dem Jahr 2012 im Fachbereich Theologie - Sonstiges, , Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Since the 1960s African theology has been a locus of debate on the relevance of the Christian God in African societies. Pioneer African theologians felt the need to protest against what was considered as the disregard or even denial of African religions cultures by Western missionaries. They called for a theology that would take seriously African religious values. The Christological inquiry, that is, the question about how to present Christ meaningfully to Africans has dominated this debate for more than 30 years. This enquiry is based on the assumption that missionary Christianity did not bring God to Africa, rather it brought Christ. Hence presenting Christ through African symbols will help Africans to become Christians without losing their identity. However, there seem to be a shift in the recent times. Young African theologians see the need to move away from a cultural nostalgic anti-missionary theology to a free expression of the Christian faith in such a way that it responds to the Africans‘ present search for meaning as well as the necessary healthy tension between the Gospel and Cultures. This theology is more critical and kerygmatic. While prlonging the intuition of pioneer African theologians, it seeks to offer broader scriptural and dogmatic bases to faith interpretation in Africa. The book, Jesus in Post-Missionary Africa-Questions and Issues in African Contextual Christology, proposed here by the Claretian theologian, Nicholas Mbogu takes its place in this refreshing shift of emphasis. The author states clearly that our proclamation of God in Africa will be seriously deficient without an adequate Christology. The book is presented in ten chapters. Chapters 1-3 present the origin and development of theology in Africa. It is shown clearly that since the seminal gestures of Black priests who wrote the famous book, Des pretres noirs s’interrogant, 1956, asking whether and how catholicity can integrate the Negritude, African theology has affirmed and consolidated itself as a contextual theology that is mindful of orthodoxy. With dexterity, the author shows the interpretation of theology and historical events, as well as historical science and literature. Political and economic developments, especially the searach for independence and distorted systems of post-colonial government also affected theology in Africa. [...]
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Die Deutschen Dominikaner Und Dominikanerinnen Im Mittelalter

Author : Sabine von Heusinger
ISBN : 9783110482386
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Dieser Band bietet einen Überblick über den aktuellen Stand der Forschung zur Geschichte des Dominikanerordens im deutschen Sprachraum im Mittelalter. Dabei werden nicht nur die Brüdergemeinschaften, sondern auch die bisher häufig vernachlässigten Schwestern behandelt. Die Beiträge sind interdisziplinär angelegt und umfassen ganz unterschiedliche Fachgebiete wie Geschichte und Kunstgeschichte, Philosophie, Theologie oder Literaturwissenschaft. Dabei werden nicht nur Überblicksartikel, sondern auch exemplarische Studien zur Ordensgeschichte vereint, die hier erstmals veröffentlicht werden. Die Bedeutung des Bandes liegt sowohl in den innovativen Ansätzen als auch in den neuen Perspektiven auf altbekannte Themen wie Predigt und Studium, aber auch Inquisition, Ketzerei oder Hexenverfolgung.
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Religiosit T Und Rituale

Author : Sarah Demmrich
ISBN : 3374042848
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English summary: This book deals with rituals of young people in the non-denominational context of Eastern Germany. It explores the psychological functions of these rituals as well as the possible religious experiences which can occur therewith. For this purpose a questionnaire survey based on interviews with 400 young people was undertaken. A key result is that adolescents during the practice of rituals can make religious experiences that are conceptualized as a relation to a superhuman power. However, there are differences between religious and non-religious rituals in regard of processes of self-reflection, identity-building and regulation of emotions. German description: Dieses Buch beschaftigt sich mit Ritualen Jugendlicher im konfessionslosen Kontext Ostdeutschland. Es fragt vertieft nach psychologischen Funktionen dieser sowie nach religiosen Erfahrungen, die in solchen Ritualen gemacht werden konnen. Hierzu wurde auf Basis einer Interviewstudie eine Fragebogenuntersuchung an mehr als 400 Jugendlichen durchgefuhrt. Zentrale Ergebnisse sind, dass Adoleszente wahrend der Ritualausfuhrung religiose Erfahrungen machen konnen, indem sie einen Bezug zu einer ubermenschlichen Macht wahrnehmen. Dabei unterscheiden sich religiose von nicht-religiosen Ritualen in selbstreflektierenden, identitatsbildenden und emotionsregulativen Prozessen, wobei letztere durch die emotionale Pragung ubermenschlicher Machte beeinflusst werden.
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Author : Wilfried Härle
ISBN : 9783110272765
Genre : Religion
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A textbook for students of theology, exam preparations, and all those seeking a systematic grasp of applied dogmatics in church and school. The discipline of dogmatic theology describes the central creeds of Christianity and examines the truth of the Christian understanding of God and the world. It strives for clarity in terminology, continuity with biblical and church traditions, and mediation between thought and experience in present-day life.
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