Philosophy Ethics And Public Policy An Introduction

Author : Andrew I Cohen
ISBN : 9781317677116
Genre : Philosophy
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What makes a policy work? What should policies attempt to do, and what ought they not do? These questions are at the heart of both policy-making and ethics. Philosophy, Ethics and Public Policy: An Introduction examines these questions and more. Andrew I. Cohen uses contemporary examples and controversies, mainly drawn from policy in a North American context, to illustrate important flashpoints in ethics and public policy, such as: public policy and globalization: sweatshops; medicine and the developing world; immigration marriage, family and education: same-sex marriage; women and the family; education and Intelligent Design justifying and responding to state coercion: torture; reparations and restorative justice the ethics of the body and commodification: the human organ trade, and factory farming of animals. Each chapter illustrates how ethics offers ways of prioritizing some policy alternatives and imagining new ones. Reflecting on various themes in globalization, markets, and privacy, the chapters are windows to enduring significant debates about what states may do to shape our behavior. Overall, the book will help readers understand how ethics can frame policymaking, while also suggesting that sometimes the best policy is no policy. Including annotated further reading, this is an excellent introduction to a fast-growing subject for students in Philosophy, Public Policy, and related disciplines.
Category: Philosophy

Ethics And Public Policy

Author : Jonathan Wolff
ISBN : 9781136721786
Genre : Philosophy
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Ethics and Public Policy:€A Philosophical Inquiry€is the first book to subject important and controversial areas of public policy, such as drugs, health and€gambling€to philosophical scrutiny.
Category: Philosophy

Economics Ethics And Public Policy

Author : Charles K. Wilber
ISBN : 0847687902
Genre : Business & Economics
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Ethics, argue the contributors to this book, plays an important role in economics. Economists have ethical values that help shape the way they work; economic actors have ethical values that help shape their behavior; and economic institutions and policies affect people differently, so that different ethical evaluations must supplement economic evaluations. In Economics, Ethics, and Public Policy, a host of distinguished philosophers and economists investigates the interaction between ethics and economics, both in economic theory and economic policy. This is a very important book for students and scholars of economics, philosophy, and public policy and for those concerned with the way these fields interrelate.
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Morality Leadership And Public Policy

Author : Eric Thomas Weber
ISBN : 9781441157461
Genre : Philosophy
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In Morality, Leadership, and Public Policy, Eric Weber argues for an experimentalist approach to moral theory in addressing practical problems in public policy. The experimentalist approach begins moral inquiry by examining public problems and then makes use of the tools of philosophy and intelligent inquiry to alleviate them. Part I surveys the uses of practical philosophy and answers criticisms - including religious challenges - of the approach, presenting a number of areas in which philosophers' intellectual efforts can prove valuable for resolving public conflicts. Part II presents a new approach to experimentalism in moral theory, based on the insights of John Dewey's pragmatism. Focusing on the elements of good public inquiry and the experimentalist attitude, Weber discusses ways of thinking about the effective construction and reconstruction of particular problems, including practical problems of public policy prioritization. Finally, in Part III the book examines real-world examples in which the experimentalist approach to ethics proves useful, including instances of "bandwidth theft" and the controversies surrounding activist judges in the US Supreme Court.
Category: Philosophy

Economic Analysis Moral Philosophy And Public Policy

Author : Daniel M. Hausman
ISBN : 9781139450652
Genre : Political Science
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This 2006 book shows through accessible argument and numerous examples how understanding moral philosophy can improve economic analysis, how moral philosophy can benefit from economists' analytical tools, and how economic analysis and moral philosophy together can inform public policy. Part I explores rationality and its connections to morality. It argues that in defending their model of rationality, mainstream economists implicitly espouse contestable moral principles. Part II concerns welfare, utilitarianism and standard welfare economics, while Part III considers important moral notions that are left out of standard welfare economics, such as freedom, rights, equality, and justice. Part III also emphasizes the variety of moral considerations that are relevant to evaluating policies. Part IV then introduces technical work in social choice theory and game theory that is guided by ethical concepts and relevant to moral theorizing. Chapters include recommended readings and the book includes a glossary of relevant terms.
Category: Political Science

Human Cloning

Author : Barbara MacKinnon
ISBN : 0252070585
Genre : Medical
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"Is human cloning a science fiction nightmare come true? Or is it a practical avenue toward beneficial new medical treatments and techniques?In this concise volume, experts on all sides of the debate make arguments for why we should either pursue, regulate, or ban the cloning of human beings. From this collection, readers will gain a clearer picture of the history of cloning in agriculture and animal science, the various biological procedures that are encompassed by the term ""cloning,"" the philosophical arguments in support of and opposed to cloning humans, and the considerations that should inform discussions about public policy matters related both the cloning research and to human cloning itself.Balancing scientific detail with philosophical argument, Human Cloning succinctly outlines what cloning is and is not (e.g., cloning does not produce identical individuals), what has led to recent scientific developments, what is now possible, and what ethical dilemmas cloning presents. Opponents claim that cloning subverts human dignity, makes a mockery of spousal love, and poses serious safety hazards. Proponents cite a range of potential benefits, such as producing transplant tissue that is less likely to be rejected, extending current techniques of artificial insemination, and controlling genetic abnormalities to prevent birth defects.Cloning itself is not new, but as the science of cloning continues to advance - and as human cloning thus inches closer to reality - we are compelled to consider its implications for society. Human Cloning is a lucid, substantive guide to this contentious and potentially revolutionary issue."
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Author : Simon Blackburn
ISBN : 3863120515
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Public Policy

Author : Jonathan Boston
ISBN : 9781921666735
Genre : Climate changes
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Ethics And The Politics Of Food

Author : Matthias Kaiser
ISBN : 9789086860081
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 86.5 MB
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Addresses the ethics and the politics of food from a broad range of academic disciplines, including sociology, philosophy, nutrition, anthropology, ethics and more. The chapters expose novel problem areas and suggest guidelines for approaching them. Topics range from fundamental issues to sustainability and more.
Category: Technology & Engineering