Portraits Of The Whiteman

Author : Keith H. Basso
ISBN : 0521295939
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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'The Whiteman' is one of the most powerful and pervasive symbols in contemporary American Indian cultures. Portraits of 'the Whiteman': linguistic play and cultural symbols among the Western Apache investigates a complex form of joking in which Apaches stage carefully crafted imitations of Anglo-Americans and, by means of these characterizations, give audible voice and visible substance to their conceptions of this most pressing of social 'problems'. Keith Basso's essay, based on linguistic and ethnographic materials collected in Cibecue, a Western Apache community, provides interpretations of selected joking encounters to demonstrate how Apaches go about making sense of the behaviour of Anglo-Americans. This study draws on theory in symbolic anthropology, sociolinguistics, and the dramaturgical model of human communication developed by Erving Goffman. Although the assumptions and premises that shape these areas of inquiry are held by some to be quite disparate, this analysis shows them to be fully compatible and mutually complementary.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Learning To See

Author : Sherman Wilcox
ISBN : 1563680599
Genre : Education
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Presents the steps necessary to design a curriculum for teaching training interpreters. This revised edition reflects the significant gains in recognition that deaf people and their native language - American Sign Language - have achieved in recent years.
Category: Education

Native Peoples Of The Southwest

Author : Trudy Griffin-Pierce
ISBN : 0826319084
Genre : History
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"Griffin-Pierce has visited each tribal group profiled and has collaborated with native leaders to make the book as up-to-date and accurate as possible. She emphasizes throughout the multiethnic nature of the American Southwest and the living traditions of native cultures. Her book will be useful to students of anthropology, archaeology, history, and Native American studies as well as general readers."--Jacket.
Category: History

Western Apache Language And Culture

Author : Keith H. Basso
ISBN : 0816513236
Genre : Social Science
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Examines the importance of symbol in the Western Apache language, explaining how such elements as place names, metaphor, and the use of silence define Apache culture.
Category: Social Science

Dispatches From The Fort Apache Scout

Author : Lori Davisson
ISBN : 9780816532117
Genre : History
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"The book continues efforts to bridge Ndee (Apache) and non-Indian ideas about what happened in the past and why history matters today. It stakes out a common ground for understanding the earliest relations between very different groups: Apache, Spanish, Mexican, and American"--Provided by publisher.
Category: History

Wisdom Sits In Places

Author : Keith H. Basso
ISBN : 9780826327055
Genre : Social Science
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This remarkable book introduces us to four unforgettable Apache people, each of whom offers a different take on the significance of places in their culture. Apache conceptions of wisdom, manners and morals, and of their own history are inextricably intertwined with place, and by allowing us to overhear his conversations with Apaches on these subjects Basso expands our awareness of what place can mean to people. Most of us use the term sense of place often and rather carelessly when we think of nature or home or literature. Our senses of place, however, come not only from our individual experiences but also from our cultures. Wisdom Sits in Places, the first sustained study of places and place-names by an anthropologist, explores place, places, and what they mean to a particular group of people, the Western Apache in Arizona. For more than thirty years, Keith Basso has been doing fieldwork among the Western Apache, and now he shares with us what he has learned of Apache place-names--where they come from and what they mean to Apaches. "This is indeed a brilliant exposition of landscape and language in the world of the Western Apache. But it is more than that. Keith Basso gives us to understand something about the sacred and indivisible nature of words and place. And this is a universal equation, a balance in the universe. Place may be the first of all concepts; it may be the oldest of all words."--N. Scott Momaday "In Wisdom Sits in Places Keith Basso lifts a veil on the most elemental poetry of human experience, which is the naming of the world. In so doing he invests his scholarship with that rarest of scholarly qualities: a sense of spiritual exploration. Through his clear eyes we glimpse the spirit of a remarkable people and their land, and when we look away, we see our own world afresh."--William deBuys "A very exciting book--authoritative, fully informed, extremely thoughtful, and also engagingly written and a joy to read. Guiding us vividly among the landscapes and related story-tellings of the Western Apache, Basso explores in a highly readable way the role of language in the complex but compelling theme of a people's attachment to place. An important book by an eminent scholar."--Alvin M. Josephy, Jr.
Category: Social Science

The Aztec Kings

Author : Susan D. Gillespie
ISBN : 0816534780
Genre : History
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Scholars have long viewed histories of the Aztecs either as flawed chronologies plagued by internal inconsistencies and intersource discrepancies or as legends that indiscriminately mingle reality with the supernatural. But this new work draws fresh conclusions from these documents, proposing that Aztec dynastic history was recast by its sixteenth-century recorders not merely to glorify ancestors but to make sense out of the trauma of conquest and colonialism. The Aztec Kings is the first major study to take into account the Aztec cyclical conception of time--which required that history constantly be reinterpreted to achieve continuity between past and present--and to treat indigenous historical traditions as symbolic statements in narrative form. Susan Gillespie focuses on the dynastic history of the Mexica of Tenochtitlan, whose stories reveal how the Aztecs used "history" to construct, elaborate, and reify ideas about the nature of rulership and the cyclical nature of the cosmos, and how they projected the Spanish conquest deep into the Aztec past in order to make history accommodate that event. By demonstrating that most of Aztec history is nonliteral, she sheds new light on Aztec culture and on the function of history in society. By relating the cyclical structure of Aztec dynastic history to similar traditions of African and Polynesian peoples, she introduces a broader perspective on the function of history in society and on how and why history must change.
Category: History

Grave Concerns Trickster Turns

Author : Christopher A. LaLonde
ISBN : 0806134089
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Who am I? What am I? Where do I belong? These “grave concerns” take a lifetime for most people to answer. They become even trickier for American Indians, who all too often face literal and figurative burial by those in power. Such concerns permeate the works of Louis Owens, a mixedblood writer of Choctaw-Cherokee-Irish descent. In this first book-length examination of Owens’s writings, Chris LaLonde focuses on five critically acclaimed novels: The Sharpest Sight, Bone Game, Wolfsong, Nightland, and Dark River. According to LaLonde, Owens works his stories like a trickster, turning ideas back against themselves and playing with contradictory possibilities. The conflicting Native and Western perspectives of time, history, humor, and authority dramatize hoe such classes can threaten to undermine any sense of home and identity for Indians. In the process, Owens underscores the sham of the ethnic identities foisted upon American Indians-the Noble Savage, the Silent Indian, the Vanishing Native, and the Indian as Tragic Victim.
Category: Literary Criticism

Language Shift And Cultural Reproduction

Author : Don Kulick
ISBN : 0521599261
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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This book, first published in 1992, is an anthropological study of language and cultural change among the people of Gapun, a small community in the Sepik region of Papua New Guinea.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Western Apache Witchcraft

Author : Keith H. Basso
ISBN : 0816501424
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 29.26 MB
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An ethnographic contribution describing the beliefs and ideas associated with witchcraft as shared "knowledge" that the Apaches have about their universe. Uncovers the types of interpersonal relationships with which witchcraft accusations are regularly associated and posits explanations for these associations.
Category: Social Science