Pronoun Envy

Author : Anna Livia
ISBN : 0198031688
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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Controversy over gendered pronouns, for example using the generic "he," has been a staple of feminist arguments about patriarchal language over the last 30 years, and is certainly the most contested political issue in Western feminist linguistics. Most accounts do not extend beyond policy issues like the official institution of non-sexist language. In this volume, Anna Livia reveals continuities both before and after the sexist language refore movement and shows how the creative practices of pronoun use on the part of feminist writers had both aesthetic and political ends. Livia uses the term "pronoun envy" ironically to show that rather being a case of misguided envy, battles over gendered language are central to feminist concerns. Livia examines a broad corpus of written texts in English and French, concentrating on those texts which problematize the traditional functioning of the linguistic gender system. They range from novels and prose poems to film scripts and personal testimonies, and in time from the 19th century to the present. Some withhold any indication of gender; others have non-gendered characters. Livia's goal is two-fold; to help bridge the divide between linguistic and literary analysis, and to show how careful study of the manipulation of linguistic gender in these texts informs larger concerns. This fresh and highly interdisciplinary work lies at the intersection of several vital areas, including language and gender, sociolinguistics, and feminist literary analysis.
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Pronoun Envy

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Mother Tongue Father Time

Author : Alette Olin Hill
ISBN : 0253338794
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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"Alette Hill's unusually insightful and captivating style, combined with her breadth of interdisciplinary detail, make this an extraordinary book." -- Wendy Martyna "An insightful look at the changes taking place in this society, and its reflection in our language." -- Come-All-Ye Does a women's language -- a different mother tongue -- exist? With wit and a keen critical sense, Alette Hill shows how the language we speak simultaneously reflects social change as it helps create it for the future.
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Vocabula Bound

Author : Robert Hartwell Fiske
ISBN : 0972993762
Genre : Literary Collections
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A collection of twenty-five essays ranging in topic from the importance of teaching poetry to the "secret nature" of nicknames, as well as twenty-six poems.
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Gender Shifts In The History Of English

Author : Anne Curzan
ISBN : 1139436686
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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How and why did grammatical gender, found in Old English and in other Germanic languages, gradually disappear from English and get replaced by a system where the gender of nouns and the use of personal pronouns depend on the natural gender of the referent? How is this shift related to 'irregular agreement' (such as she for ships) and 'sexist' language use (such as generic he) in Modern English, and how is the language continuing to evolve in these respects? Anne Curzan's accessibly written and carefully researched study is based on extensive corpus data, and will make a major contribution by providing a historical perspective on these often controversial questions. It will be of interest to researchers and students in history of English, historical linguistics, corpus linguistics, language and gender, and medieval studies.
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The Feminization Of The Church

Author : Kaye Ashe
ISBN : 1580510280
Genre : Religion
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Explores the extent and nature of changing roles in the Church. How has feminization impacted language, ethics, ministry, and leadership? Is the Church responding to the involvement of women? Timely, balanced, and fair.
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Author : Anne Carson
ISBN : 1101946857
Genre : Poetry
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From the renowned classicist and MacArthur Prize winner: a new collection that explores myth and memory, beauty and loss, all the while playing with--and pushing--the limits of language and form. Anne Carson consistently dazzles with her inventive, shape-shifting work and the vividness of her imagination. Float reaches an even greater level of brilliance and surprise. Presented in an arrestingly original format--individual chapbooks that can be read in any order, and that float inside a transparent case--this collection conjures a mix of voices, time periods, and structures to explore what makes people, memories, and stories "maddeningly attractive" when observed in spaces that are suggestively in-between. One can begin with Carson contemplating Proust on a frozen Icelandic plain, or on the art-saturated streets of downtown New York City. Or journey to the peak of Mount Olympus, where Zeus ponders his own afterlife. Or find a chorus of Gertrude Steins performing an essay about falling--a piece that also unearths poignant memories of Carson's own father and great-uncle in rural Canada. And a poem called "Wildly Constant" piercingly explores the highs and lows of marriage and monogamy, distilled in a wife's waking up her husband from the darkness of night, and asking him to make them eggs for breakfast. Exquisite, heartbreaking, disarmingly funny, Float kaleidoscopically illuminates the uncanny magic that comes with letting go of expectations and boundaries. It is Carson's most intellectually electrifying, emotionally engaging book to date. From the Hardcover edition.
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Gender Neutral Language Reform Necessary Process Or Mere Demand Of Hypersensitive Feminists

Author : Juliane Amthor
ISBN : 3668062579
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Essay from the year 2012 in the subject Women Studies / Gender Studies, grade: 1,3, Free University of Berlin (Institut fur englische Philologie), course: Linguistic Theory and the Grammar of English, language: English, abstract: What has been ridiculed by male columnists as feminists' "pronoun envy," and exaggeratedly depicted as their wish to change words like 'manhole cover' to 'personhole cover," and 'manipulate' to 'personipulate', in fact, is too important and well-grounded a demand to be ridiculed. Emerging in the 1960s / 70s, the issue of sexist language by many is still seen as a persistent problem today. The continuity of this claim shows that feminists in favour of gender-neutral language use are by no means concerned with trivialities, but with core concepts of language. (Cf. Penfield 1987:6) This essay is based on the positive statement of the above quotation that meanings are not fixed, but language responds to new demands posed on it by its speakers. Its aim is to prove that, especially in English with its natural gender system, strong sexist tendencies exist, and therefore language reform is possible and necessary to contribute to the formal and actual equality of women."


Author : Anne Garreta
ISBN : 9781941920091
Genre : Fiction
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A landmark literary event: the first novel by a female member of Oulipo in English, a sexy genderless love story.
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