Puer Tea

Author : Jinghong Zhang
ISBN : 9780295804873
Genre : History
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Puer tea has been grown for centuries in the �Six Great Tea Mountains� of Yunnan Province, and in imperial China it was a prized commodity, traded to Tibet by horse or mule caravan via the so-called Tea Horse Road and presented as tribute to the emperor in Beijing. In the 1990s, as the tea�s noble lineage and unique process of aging and fermentation were rediscovered, it achieved cult status both in China and internationally. The tea became a favorite among urban connoisseurs who analyzed it in language comparable to that used in wine appreciation and paid skyrocketing prices. In 2007, however, local events and the international economic crisis caused the Puer market to collapse. Puer Tea traces the rise, climax, and crash of this phenomenon. With ethnographic attention to the spaces in which Puer tea is harvested, processed, traded, and consumed, anthropologist Jinghong Zhang constructs a vivid account of the transformation of a cottage handicraft into a major industry�with predictable risks and unexpected consequences. Watch the videos: http://www.washington.edu/uwpress/books/Zhang_PUER_TEA_videos.html
Category: History

Andean Waterways

Author : Mattias Borg Rasmussen
ISBN : 9780295806082
Genre : Social Science
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Andean Waterways explores the politics of natural resource use in the Peruvian Andes in the context of climate change and neoliberal expansion. It does so through careful ethnographic analysis of the constitution of waterways, illustrating how water becomes entangled in a variety of political, social, and cultural concerns. Set in the highland town of Recuay in Ancash, the book traces the ways in which water affects political and ecological relations as glaciers recede. By looking at the shared waterways of four villages located in the foothills of Cordillera Blanca, it addresses pertinent questions concerning water governance and rural lives. This case study of water politics will be useful to anthropologists, resource managers, environmental policy makers, and other readers who are interested in the effects of environmental change on rural communities. Watch the book trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voiLZkIWNU4
Category: Social Science

Conjuring Property

Author : Jeremy M. Campbell
ISBN : 9780295806198
Genre : Social Science
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Since the 1960s, when Brazil first encouraged large-scale Amazonian colonization, violence and confusion have often accompanied national policies concerning land reform, corporate colonization, indigenous land rights, environmental protection, and private homesteading. Conjuring Property shows how, in a region that many perceive to be stateless, colonists - from highly capitalized ranchers to landless workers - adopt anticipatory stances while they await future governance intervention regarding land tenure. For Amazonian colonists, property is a dynamic category that becomes salient in the making: it is conjured through papers, appeals to state officials, and the manipulation of landscapes and memories of occupation. This timely study will be of interest to development studies scholars and practitioners, conservation ecologists, geographers, and anthropologists.
Category: Social Science

The Nature Of Whiteness

Author : Yuka Suzuki
ISBN : 9780295999555
Genre : Social Science
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The Nature of Whiteness explores the intertwining of race and nature in postindependence Zimbabwe. Nature and environment have played prominent roles in white Zimbabwean identity, and when the political tide turned against white farmers after independence, nature was the most powerful resource they had at their disposal. In the 1970s, �Mlilo,� a private conservancy sharing boundaries with Hwange National Park, became the first site in Zimbabwe to experiment with �wildlife production,� and by the 1990s, wildlife tourism had become one of the most lucrative industries in the country. Mlilo attained international notoriety in 2015 as the place where Cecil the Lion was killed by a trophy hunter. Yuka Suzuki provides a balanced study of whiteness, the conservation of nature, and contested belonging in twenty-first-century southern Africa. The Nature of Whiteness is a fascinating account of human-animal relations and the interplay among categories of race and nature in this embattled landscape.
Category: Social Science

Forests Are Gold

Author : Pamela D. McElwee
ISBN : 9780295806464
Genre : History
File Size : 25.70 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Forests Are Gold examines the management of Vietnam's forests in the tumultuous twentieth century�from French colonialism to the recent transition to market-oriented economics�as the country united, prospered, and transformed people and landscapes. Forest policy has rarely been about ecology or conservation for nature�s sake, but about managing citizens and society, a process Pamela McElwee terms �environmental rule.� Untangling and understanding these practices and networks of rule illuminates not just thorny issues of environmental change, but also the birth of Vietnam itself.
Category: History

Nature S Pharmacopeia

Author : Dan Choffnes
ISBN : 9780231540155
Genre : Medical
File Size : 24.39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This beautifully illustrated, elegantly written textbook pairs the best research on the biochemical properties and physiological effects of medicinal plants with a fascinating history of their use throughout human civilization, revealing the influence of nature’s pharmacopeia on art, war, conquest, and law. By chronicling the ways in which humans have cultivated plant species, extracted their active chemical ingredients, and investigated their effects on the body over time, Nature’s Pharmacopeia also builds an unparalleled portrait of these special herbs as they transitioned from wild flora and botanical curiosities to commodities and potent drugs. The book opens with an overview of the use of medicinal plants in the traditional practices and indigenous belief systems of people in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and ancient Europe. It then connects medicinal plants to the growth of scientific medicine in the West. Subsequent chapters cover the regulation of drugs; the use of powerful plant chemicals—such as cocaine, nicotine, and caffeine—in various medical settings; and the application of biomedicine’s intellectual frameworks to the manufacture of novel drugs from ancient treatments. Geared toward nonspecialists, this text fosters a deep appreciation of the complex chemistry and cultural resonance of herbal medicine, while suggesting how we may further tap the vast repositories of the world’s herbal knowledge to realize more novel pharmaceuticals.
Category: Medical

Der Kochende Fluss Eine Reise Zum Amazonas

Author : Andrés Ruzo
ISBN : 9783104038339
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 65.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Der junge Geowissenschaftler und »National Geographic«-Autor Andrés Ruzo schreibt in seinem TED Book über ein bislang unerforschtes Wunder der Natur: den kochenden Fluss. Schon als Kind hatte Andrés Ruzo von diesem geheimnisvollen Mythos gehört und macht sich als Erwachsener auf die Reise in die Tiefen des Amazonas. Er begegnet Holzfällern, Schamanen und Indianern, die ihm bei seiner Suche helfen. Und tatsächlich: An einer Stelle des Flusses ist das Wasser so heiß, dass es brodelt und die Einheimischen ihren Tee damit zubereiten; kleine Tierchen, die hineinfallen, sind auf der Stelle durchgegart. Als einer der Ersten untersucht und dokumentiert Ruzo dieses Wunder der Natur. Eine Mischung aus Abenteuerroman und verblüffender Wissenschaft.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Coffee Style

Author : Horst A. Friedrichs
ISBN : 3791383205
Genre :
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Das Buch Vom Tee Neu Bersetzung

Author : Kakuzo Okakura
ISBN : 9783730690765
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 61.86 MB
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Kakuzo Okakuras 'Buch vom Tee', 1906 erstmals erschienen, ist nicht nur eine zarte poetische Hinführung zum Zeremoniell des Teegenusses, sondern gewährt erhellende Einblicke in die Geheimnisse japanischer Kultur. In sieben Kapiteln erzählt es von der engen Verbundenheit des Teekultes mit Taoismus und Zen-Lehre, schildert seinen Einfluss auf Architektur und Kunst, besonders auf die Blumensteckkunst Ikebana, und verdeutlicht, wie tief die rituelle Teebereitung im japanischen Lebensgefühl verwurzelt ist.
Category: Philosophy

Denen Man Vergibt

Author : Lawrence Osborne
ISBN : 9783803142184
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 45.46 MB
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Ein Roman wie ein schwarzer Panther, geschmeidig, schön, glänzend, der sich sanft anschleicht und brutal zupackt. Seine Szenen brennen sich ins optische Gedächtnis. In einer träumerischen Landschaft inmitten der Wüste Marokkos veranstalten Richard und Dally für ihre Freunde eine dreitägige extravagante Party im Gatsby-Stil, mit Kokain, Champagner, Pool und Feuerwerk. Auf dem Weg dorthin überfährt das britische Paar David und Jo, angetrunken und heillos zerstritten, einen Fossilienverkäufer am Straßenrand und möchte die Leiche am liebsten verschwinden lassen. Aber da taucht die Familie des Opfers auf und verlangt Davids Anwesenheit bei der Beerdigung in einem abgelegenen Dorf, während Jo sich weiter auf der ausgelassenen Party vergnügt. Die strebt ungebrochen ihrem Höhepunkt zu – unter den argwöhnischen Augen des Hausangestellten Hamid. Lawrence Osborne seziert seine Figuren gnadenlos, ihre Persönlichkeit und ihre Beziehungen, erfindet eindrückliche, filmische Szenen und schwankt in seiner feinen Schreibweise zwischen Zärtlichkeit und Zynismus.
Category: Fiction