Raising Race Questions

Author : Ali Michael
ISBN : 9780807755990
Genre : Education
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Raising Race Questions explores the opportunities and challenges that arise when White teachers are willing to deal directly with race and the role it plays in their classrooms. Based on lessons gleaned from experienced White teachers in a variety of settings, it lays out a path for using inquiry to develop sustained, productive engagement with challenging, and common, questions about race. It suggests that guilt and conflict need not be the end point of raising race questions and offers alternative destinations: anti-racist classrooms, positive racial identities, and a restoration of the wholeness that racism undermines. This book features: new insight on race and equity in education; case studies of expert and experienced White teachers who still have questions about race; approaches for talking about race in the K - 12 classroom; strategies for facilitating race conversations among adults; a variety of different resources useful in the teacher inquiry groups described in the book; and research with teachers, not on teachers, including written responses from each teacher whose classroom is featured in the book.
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Everyday White People Confront Racial And Social Injustice

Author : Eddie Moore
ISBN : 1620362074
Genre : Education
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"Allyship, Friendship, Kinship, Relationships. The suffix 'ship' expresses quality, condition or state of being. Allyship is the quality or condition of being an ally. This book is an exploration of that state of being, which the authors in this volume have spent their lives developing. Being an ally is typically thought of as a role that a person from a privileged group plays toward a person in an oppressed group. But as you will find in reading this volume, it is also so much more. This book is not called 'Allies' because most of these authors included here would not self-identify as an 'ally.' That label itself is situation-dependent and personal, and most authors would rather allow their friends and colleagues of color to decide whether they consider them an ally, rather than proclaim the title for themselves. But through the collective stories, paths and challenges that the authors share with us in this volume, a picture of what allyship can and should be begins to emerge in sharp relief"--Provided by publisher.
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The Guide For White Women Who Teach Black Boys

Author : Eddie Moore Jr.
ISBN : 9781506351766
Genre : Education
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Real problems, real challenges, real solutions If we want to change outcomes for Black boys, we need new approaches that acknowledge systemic inequities and that work for the majority of Black boys. White women, who make up 65% of the teaching force, must be part of this change. This extraordinary resource brings together research, activities, personal stories, and links to video interviews to help you: • Develop learning environments that help Black boys feel a sense of belonging, nurturance, challenge, and love at school • Change school culture so that Black boys can show up in the wholeness of their selves • Overcome unconscious bias and forge authentic connections
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Other People S English

Author : Vershawn Ashanti Young
ISBN : 9780807772539
Genre : Education
File Size : 26.86 MB
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This book presents an empirically grounded argument for a new approach of teaching writing to diverse students in the English language arts classroom. Responding to advocates of the “code-switching” approach, four uniquely qualified authors make the case for “code-meshing”—allowing students to use standard English, African American English, and other Englishes in formal academic writing and classroom discussions. This practical resource translates theory into a concrete roadmap for pre- and in-service teachers who wish to use code-meshing in the classroom to extend students’ abilities as writers and thinkers and to foster inclusiveness and creativity. The text provides activities and examples from middle and high schools as well as college and addresses the question of how to advocate for code-meshing with skeptical administrators, parents, and students. Book Features: A rationale for the social and educational value of code-meshing, including answers to frequently asked questions about language variation. Authors from the fields of linguistics, writing studies, English education, and teacher education.Teaching tips that have been used with students and in professional development workshops.Action plans that invite readers to make code-meshing a shared project that informs instructional practices and addresses cultural prejudices. “This book is a beautiful blend of theory, linguistics research, practical classroom applications, and maybe most important (not ‘most importantly’ if you know the rules of Standard English), it’s a conversation, not in your face, not a demand for conversion, but a conversation based on personal experiences, classroom experiences, and decades of research and scholarship.” —From the Foreword by Victor Villanueva, Regents Professor, Washington State University “Other People’s English demonstrates the possibilities of a Twenty-First Century pedagogy for Ebonics-speaking students, other students who speak marginalized English varieties, and ultimately all students. The authors make a persuasive case and are to be commended for shedding new light on an old problem. Their work takes the literacy field to the next level. Would I buy this book and recommend it to others? No doubt.” —Geneva Smitherman, University Distinguished Professor Emerita of English and African American and African Studies, Michigan State University
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Promoting Racial Literacy In Schools

Author : Jr. Stevenson
ISBN : 9780807755044
Genre : Education
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Based on extensive research, this provocative volume explores how schools are places where racial conflicts often remain hidden at the expense of a healthy school climate and the well-being of other students of colour. Most schools fail to act on racial microaggressions because the stress of negotiating such conflicts is extremely high due to fears of incompetence, public exposure, and accusation. Instead of facing these conflicts head on, schools perpetuate a set of avoidance or coping strategies. The author of this much-needed book uncovers how racial stress undermines student achievement. Students, educators, and social service support staff will find workable strategies to improve their racial literacy skills to read, recast, and resolve racially stressful encounters when they happen. This book features: a model that applies culturally relevant behavioural stress management strategies to problem-solve racial stress in schools; examples demonstrating workable solutions relevant within predominantly White schools for students, parents, teachers, and adminsitrators; measurable outcomes and strategies for developing racial literacy skills that can be integrated into the K - 12 curriculum and teacher professional development; and teaching and leadership skills that will create a more tolerant and supportive school environment for all students.
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Mindful Parenting

Author : Kristen Race
ISBN : 9781250020314
File Size : 79.70 MB
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An expert in child, family and school psychology and the founder of Mindful Life presents a revolutionary approach to parenting that, rooted in the science of the brain and integrating cognitive neuroscience and child development, helps children feel happier, healthier, less anxious and less stressed. Original.

Transforming Teacher Education For Social Justice

Author : Patricia Clark
ISBN : 9780807757086
Genre : Education
File Size : 42.16 MB
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Transforming Teacher Education for Social Justice offers teacher educators a new way to think about the development of culturally responsive educators. The authors identify the core components needed to restructure and reorient programs of teacher education to adequately prepare new teachers for the racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse communities they will serve upon graduation. They propose a new model of teacher preparation that capitalizes on the strengths of programs evidencing important outcomes. Chapters address the notion of situated learning embedded in communities, the need for extensive clinical experience in authentic teaching situations, strategies for interweaving theory, content, pedagogy, and classroom practice, the importance of student engagement and motivation, and the implementation of critical service learning. Key policy implications of this model are also discussed within the current landscape of teacher education reform. The book features: a specific approach for realizing the promise of culturally responsive teaching; a flexible model for a community-engaged leader preparation that is accessible for a variey of university and community settings; compelling data on student learning outcomes based on university/school/community collaboration as evidence of eliminating the acheivement gap.
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Raising The Race

Author : Riché J. Daniel Barnes
ISBN : 0813561981
Genre : Social Science
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"Raising the Race "is the first study to examine how black, married career women juggle their relationships with their extended and nuclear families, the expectations of the black community, and their desires to raise healthy, independent children. Including extensive interviews from women whose voices have been underrepresented in debates about work-family balance, Riche J. Daniel Barnes draws upon their diverse perspectives to propose policy initiatives that would improve the work and family lives of "all" Americans. "
Category: Social Science

Unequal Childhoods

Author : Annette Lareau
ISBN : 9780520271425
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 56.5 MB
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This book is a powerful portrayal of class inequalities in the United States. It contains insightful analysis of the processes through which inequality is reproduced, and it frankly engages with methodological and analytic dilemmas usually glossed over in academic texts.
Category: Social Science