Meta Regulation In Practice

Author : F.C. Simon
ISBN : 9781315308906
Genre : Social Science
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Meta-regulation presents itself as a progressive policy approach that can manage complexity and conflicting objectives better than traditional command and control regulation. It does this by ‘harnessing’ markets and enlisting a broad range of stakeholders to reach a more inclusive view of the public interest that a self-regulating business can then respond to. Based on a seventeen year study of the Australian energy industry, and via the lens of Niklas Luhmann’s systems theory, Meta-Regulation in Practice argues that normative meta-regulatory theory relies on questionable assumptions of stakeholder morality and rationality. Meta-regulation in practice appears to be most challenged in a complex and contested environment; the very environment it is supposed to serve best. Contending that scholarship must prioritise an understanding of communicative possibilities in practice, this book will be of interest to undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as postdoctoral researchers interested in subjects such as business regulation, systems theory and corporate social responsibility.
Category: Social Science

Audit Committees

Author : Gerald S. Backman
ISBN : 9780735546011
Genre : Business & Economics
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To help companies comply with the new recently enacted requirements, the authors have compiled this edition as a working volume on audit committees for everyday use by corporate audit committee members, directors, general counsel, outside counsel and legal scholars specializing in this area of corporate governance, among others. This thoroughly new edition includes all the materials one might need to consult in order to create, maintain, advise and/or serve on a well-functioning audit committee, including: the relevant provisions of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act the newly adopted SEC rules and regulations impacting audit committee independence, duties, powers and disclosures the revised listing standards of the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ and the American Stock Exchange relating to audit committee composition, responsibilities and functions. It also contains an illustrative selection of "best practices" for audit committee chairs and members. For the convenience of the reader, the authors have included an index that is designed to identify the location of information by subject matter that may not be readily apparent from the Table of Contents.
Category: Business & Economics

Consultation At Work

Author : Mark Hall
ISBN : 9780199605460
Genre : Business & Economics
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Managers in firms with fifty or more employees are meant, under EU inspired law, to consult employees, through their representatives, about planned changes that affect the workforce. The book explores justifications for consultation over time and why it is much more important now that trade unions are weaker. It shows why and how the EU came to legislate in this area, and explains the half-hearted response of employers, unions, and the government in the UK.Examining comparative practices in other EU countries, the book asks what needs to be done to ensure the practice of consultation is more widely adopted.
Category: Business & Economics

Regulation In Practice

Author : Martino Maggetti
ISBN : 9781907301285
Genre : Political Science
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This book develops and applies an inventive theoretical approach to the comparative study of the neglected aspect of the real (or "de facto") independence of regulatory agencies. The book begins with an examination of the organisational and institutional factors shaping the de facto independence of regulatory agencies in Western Europe. There follows an analysis of the role of independent regulatory agencies in the policy-making process, using de facto independence as an explanatory variable. The final section is devoted to the relationship between regulatory agencies and the news media. In the conclusive discussion, the author also tackles a set of normative questions, which relates to the virtues and perils of independence
Category: Political Science

Regulation In Practice

Author : Anjali Garg
ISBN : 8179931277
Genre : Business & Economics
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This publication focuses on the impact of tariff orders (distribution) issued by nine SERCs (state electricity regulatory commissions) in India during 2003/04, 2004/05, and 2005/06. The states covered are Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Delhi, Jharkhand, Kerala,Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand, and West Bengal. The analysis has been undertaken based on data and information available up to January 2007. The book assesses whether the orders have resulted in reducing regulatory uncertainty and information asymmetry, and led to better performance of the distribution utilities. Different indicators have been used to assess the impact on consumption and access, efficiency, financial performance, competition, and consumer-related issues in the power sector of these states. In addition, various parameters have been studied to assess whether the regulatory systems follow the principles of good regulation in these nine states. br>The commercial loss (without subsidy) incurred by state power utilities increased from Rs 197 220 million in 2003/04 to Rs 221 290 million in 2004/05. In view of the huge losses being incurred by the utilities, the tariff determination function forms a central part of the reform process. A comprehensive survey of tariff orders issued by these SERCs for the distribution licensees has been undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of regulatory orders in the electricity sector. It assesses whether the orders have resulted in reducing regulatory uncertainty and information asymmetry and better performance of the distribution utilities. However, tariff orders are only one index of effectiveness of the regulatory commissions. It is recognized that there are many other important functions of the SERCs besides tariff-setting, and some of them have also been covered in this study.In addition, other documents available in the public domain, including the Power Sector Rating Report, prepared by the Ministry of Power, Annual Report on the Regulation in practice: impact of tariff orders on the Indian electricity sector Working of State Electricity Boards and Electricity Departments, 1 and the Report on Restructuring of APDRP (Accelerated Power Development and Reform Programme),2 were also studied.
Category: Business & Economics

Current Topics In Cellular Regulation

Author : Bernard L. Horecker
ISBN : 9781483217277
Genre : Science
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Current Topics in Cellular Regulation: Volume 28 is a collection of papers that deals with enzyme-enzyme interactions, regulation of metabolic reaction pathways, the relevance of intracellular amino acid pool in the regulation of protein metabolism, and the production of superoxide by phagocytic leukocytes. Other papers discuss the regulation of adrenergic receptor function by phosphyrylation, a membrane-bound metallo-endopeptidase (meprin), as well as the covalent modification as a mechanism of marking proteins for degradation. One paper notes that the transfer pathway involving enzyme-enzyme recognition is associated with molecular specificity features over those demanded by the molecular structural constraints of the individual enzyme sites. The Albery and Knowles principle, under certain conditions, shows that intermediary metabolites within a particular pathway exist in states of nearly equal free energy. One paper describes that the amino acid pool size and content are governed by the conditioning of intracellular proteins and the metabolic activity of the cell. The paper also suggests that intracellular pools do not regulate protein metabolism. The collection can prove beneficial for biochemists, micro-biologists, cellular researchers, and academicians involved in the study of cellular biology or physiology.
Category: Science

Money Market Funds In The Eu And The Us

Author : Viktoria Baklanova
ISBN : 0199687250
Genre : Law
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Bringing together a team of renowned academics and skilled practitioners from around the world, this book provides the first comprehensive examination of the money market fund sector, and offers comparative analysis of the regulatory environment in the EU and in the US.
Category: Law

Scholarly Misconduct

Author : Ian R. Freckelton
ISBN : 0198755406
Genre : College teachers
File Size : 67.37 MB
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Professional misconduct within the academic community is highly publicized. Retractions of falsified research have reached record levels and allegations of fraud and misconduct by scholars generate high-profile investigations and sometimes professional disgrace. Such cases frequently reach the courts, with tribunals determining whether research fraud, plagiarism, sexual misconduct, defamation, discrimination, forensic impropriety, thefts, and other forms of improper behavior have been committed. With claims including patient deaths, miscarriages of justice, and exploitation of funding agencies, the legal, reputational, and financial stakes for the individuals and institutions concerned are extremely high. Scholarly Misconduct: Law, Practice, and Regulation is the first text of its kind to scrutinize the topic of academic integrity through a legal lens and across disciplines. Freckelton chronicles and analyses case law from around the globe, looking specifically at the legal and regulatory responses that were generated. The work also assesses the current policies and practices of academic and research institutions and government agencies worldwide. Finally, it reflects on the measures that need to be undertaken to reclaim and promote scholarly integrity and to institute rigorous, fair, and clear processes to establish whether scholars have indeed engaged in misconduct.
Category: College teachers

Clinical Social Work Practice And Regulation

Author : Laura W. Groshong
ISBN : 9780761848905
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 60.81 MB
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Clinical Social Work Practice and Regulation: An Overview offers a description of the mental health treatment being provided by over 200,000 licensed clinical social workers in the United States and a summary of the fifty-one licensure laws and regulations which govern licensed clinical social work practice. The public is confused by the fact that no two licensure laws are the same; there are thirty-eight different titles governing clinical social work and social work practice; and scopes of practice vary across the country. LCSWs often have difficulty taking their license to another state. This book aims to contribute to a discussion about standardizing clinical social work licensure laws and regulations. Clinical social work licensure laws and rules are described and analyzed in 18 different areas. Additionally, recommendations are provided for licensure language that would lessen the confusion that exists for the public, and across state laws.
Category: Social Science

Real Estate Finance

Author : Andrew V. Petersen
ISBN : 1405734515
Genre : Real estate investment
File Size : 78.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A comprehensive and practical guide covering all the key topics relating to the financing of and investing in real estate for lawyers advising originators, arrangers, issuers, banks, lenders, investors and financial service providers. It covers the practical details needed by lawyers to ensure they provide clients with the best advice both on strategy and the ‘nuts and bolts’ of a real estate finance deal. This new title is a real practitioner's work with comprehensive coverage of legal and structuring issues, including interesting new developments and technology as well as considering the legal and regulatory environment currently facing the global real estate structured finance and investment market.
Category: Real estate investment