Author : Dan Millman
ISBN : 9783641012830
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Spannung und Spiritualität Ein hochspannender Roman mit einer Fülle spiritueller Erkenntnisse: Dan Millman erzählt die Lebensgeschichte seines geheimnisvollen Lehrers Socrates. Die faszinierende Entwicklung vom brutalen Elitekämpfer der Zarenzeit über den Deserteur, der sich nach Frieden sehnt, hin zum friedvollen Krieger, der sich noch einem letzten Kampf stellen muss – gegen den Mann, der seine Familie ermordet hat.
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Socrates On Trial

Author : Thomas C. Brickhouse
ISBN : 9780198239383
Genre : Philosophy, Ancient
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This interpretation of Plato's Apology of Socrates argues that Plato's Socrates offers a sincere defence against the charges he faces. In doing so the book offers an exhaustive historical and philosophical interpretation of and commentary on the text.
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On Socrates

Author : Plato
ISBN : 1905716729
Genre : Philosophers, Ancient
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For Socrates, as for Jesus Christ, we have few biographical details, and of those we do have nearly all come from Plato, his greatest admirer. But it is clear that Socrates contributed three new ideas to the development of philosophy: that goodness consists not in helping friends and harming enemies, but in not harming anyone at all; that goodness and knowledge are one and the same thing; and that for progress to be made in argument, there must be step-by-step agreement between those arguing. Like Jesus, Socrates too was put to death for defying the conventions of his day, and by the manner of his life and death he, too, sets an example which is at the same time an inspiration and an impossible ideal.
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A Life Of Socrates

Author : Gustav Friedrich Wiggers
ISBN : HARVARD:32044085166015
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Socrates On Trial

Author : A. D. Irvine
ISBN : 9780802095381
Genre : Drama
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More than 2,400 years after his death, Socrates remains an iconic but controversial figure. To his followers, he personified progressive Greek ideals of justice and wisdom. To his detractors, he was a corruptor of the young during wartime and one of the reasons Athens had suffered a humiliating defeat to Sparta in 404 BC. Socrates' story is one of historic proportions and his unyielding pursuit of truth remains controversial and relevant to the present day. Socrates on Trial presents the story of Socrates as told to us by Aristophanes, Plato, Xenophon, and others. The play uses fresh language to emphasize what is important in the works of these ancient authors, while at the same time remaining faithful to the general tenor and tone of their writings. Andrew Irvine has created a script that not only fits comfortably into the space of a single theatrical performance, but is also informative and entertaining. Suited for informal dramatic readings as well as regular theatrical performances, Socrates on Trial will undoubtedly appeal to instructors and students, and its informative introduction enhances its value as a resource. Complete with production and classroom notes, this modern recasting of the Socrates story will make riveting reading both inside and outside the classroom.
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Socrates And Plato

Author : Seth Benardete
ISBN : STANFORD:36105112591842
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The Cambridge Companion To Socrates

Author : Donald R. Morrison
ISBN : 9780521833424
Genre : History
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Essays from a diverse group of experts providing a comprehensive guide to Socrates, the most famous Greek philosopher.
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Author : Jun Lim
ISBN : 1404205640
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Biography of Greek philosopher and teacher Socrates describing his lasting influence on human understanding.
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Socrates In The Nineteenth And Twentieth Centuries

Author : Michael Trapp
ISBN : 9781351899086
Genre : History
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Socrates, son of Sophroniscus, of Alopece is arguably the most richly and diversely commemorated - and appropriated - of all ancient thinkers. Already in Antiquity, vigorous controversy over his significance and value ensured a wide range of conflicting representations. He then became available to the medieval, renaissance and modern worlds in a provocative variety of roles: as paradigmatic philosopher and representative (for good or ill) of ancient philosophical culture in general; as practitioner of a distinctive philosophical method, and a distinctive philosophical lifestyle; as the ostensible originator of startling doctrines about politics and sex; as martyr (the victim of the most extreme of all miscarriages of justice); as possessor of an extraordinary, and extraordinarily significant physical appearance; and as the archetype of the hen-pecked intellectual. To this day, he continues to be the most readily recognized of ancient philosophers, as much in popular as in academic culture. This volume, along with its companion, Socrates from Antiquity to the Enlightenment, aims to do full justice to the source material (philosophical, literary, artistic, political), and to the range of interpretative issues it raises. It opens with an Introduction summarizing the reception of Socrates up to 1800, and describing scholarly study since then. This is followed by sections on the hugely influential Socrateses of Hegel, Kirkegaard and Nietzsche; representations of Socrates (particularly his erotic teaching) principally inspired by Plato's Symposium; and political manipulations of Socratic material, especially in the 20th century. A distinctive feature is the inclusion of Cold War Socrateses, both capitalist and communist.
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