Spinning Straw Into Gold

Author : Joan Gould
ISBN : 9780307769848
Genre : Family & Relationships
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What’s your favorite fairy tale? Whether it’s “Cinderella,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Hansel and Gretel,” or another story, your answer reveals something significant about you, your experiences, and your soul. In this penetrating book, Joan Gould brings to the surface the hidden meanings in fairy tales and myths, and illuminates what they can tell you about the stages in your own life. As Gould explores the transformations that women go through from youth to old age–leaving home and mother, the first experience of sexuality, the surprising ambivalence of marriage, the spiritual work required by menopause and aging–her keen observations will enrich your awareness of your inner life. Full of archetypal figures known to us all, Spinning Straw into Gold also includes stories from the lives of ordinary women that clarify the insights to be gained from the beloved tales that have been handed down from one generation to the next. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Category: Family & Relationships

Turning Points And Transformations

Author : Christine DeVine
ISBN : 9781443832366
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
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From the Irish Cailleach and other shape-shifters of folk legends to modern movie “transformers”; from Ovid’s Metamorphoses to the moment when Gregor Samsa woke up one morning to find himself transformed into an insect in Kafka’s novella; from conversion narratives to slave narratives, turning points and transformations have always been central to literary works and to cultural developments. In fact, with Freytag’s pyramid in mind, one could claim that all literary works focus on the trope of a transformation born of a turning point, because such moments comprise the very essence and vitality of human life and culture. But why are turning points necessarily transformational and in what way? And what brings about those turning points in language, literature, culture and human lives? These are essentially the questions the essays in this volume seek to answer. The contributors examine turning points and transformations – personal, literary and cultural – brought about through the randomness of the universe as well as through human interference, and discuss ways in which humans in general and writers in particular, through their art, experience and cope with the ineluctable results.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction


Author : Malinda Lo
ISBN : 3426283441
Genre :
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Author : Jane Bailey Bain
ISBN : 9781780990392
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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Why did your life turn out this way? Who are the most important people in your world? What would you do differently, if you had the chance? Ever since you were a child, you have been writing your life script. You use fragments of story to weave your own personal narrative. The parts in your script are acted by people around you. Some of the oldest stories in the world are the ones called myths. The characters in them are easy to recognize: the princess, the hero, the good mother, the wise old man. These characters are based on universal figures called ‘archetypes’. LifeWorks introduces the twelve major archetypes, with examples from books and films. For each figure, there is a story, followed by points to consider and tasks to perform. You use classic stories and archetypal figures to compose your own life script. LifeWorks is a practical handbook which combines insights from psychology and anthropology. You will learn how to identify relationship patterns and life themes. Stories and exercises help you to develop your own personal mythology.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Es War Einmal

Author : Max Lüthi
ISBN : 9783525208571
Genre : History
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Max Lüthi zeigt uns, dass das Volksmärchen kein isoliertes und kurioses Phänomen, sondern ein spezifischer Bestandteil der gesamten menschlichen Kultur und Hochliteratur ist. "Kein anderer Forscher hat die Verbindungen der Märchenforschung mit der Literaturwissenschaft wieder so eng geknüpft wie er. Vor allem versteht Lüthi, jeden auch noch so einfachen Text nach seinen Leitworten zu befragen und so zu einer wesentlichen Aussage zu gelangen." (Lutz Röhrich). Dennoch wird der Lesegenuss weder durch übertriebene Wissenschaftlichkeit noch durch überspitzte Interpretationen getrübt. Ein Buch, das nicht nur Märchenkenner mitreißen wird.
Category: History

Die Drei Federn

Author : Jacob Grimm
ISBN : 3000531890
Genre :
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Once Upon A Time There Was A Little Girl

Author : Marcella Hannon Shields Ph. D.
ISBN : 9780595461066
Genre : Psychology
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Once Upon a Time There Was a Little Girl shares the moving stories of seven women who as young girls experienced the early loss of their mothers through death or physical or emotional abandonment. The women explore their personal traumas through their responses to seven fairy tales in which there was no nurturing maternal presence.Dr. Marcella Shields is a psychologist with over thirty years of experience who reveals the inspiring journeys of these women who eventually triumph over suffering and learn to rely on the bond they have formed with each other to help reclaim their passion for life. By exploring seven timeless fairy tales in which the heroine finds her way through the grief of abandonment, the women offer a deeper understanding of the significance of the mother-daughter bond and the devastating consequences for the daughter if this bond is ruptured early.The poignant life stories and dreams courageously offered by these women show how fairy tales allowed them to understand and refashion themselves, and provide a source of encouragement and hope for other women who have experienced early maternal loss. Fathers raising daughters without a consistent maternal presence will also find the reflections valuable.
Category: Psychology

Fillory Der K Nig Der Zauberer

Author : Lev Grossman
ISBN : 9783104028385
Genre : Fiction
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Quentin muss die sieben goldenen Schlüssel finden, um nicht nur Fillory sondern alle magischen Welten und damit die Welt selbst zu retten. Quentin und seine Freunde, Julia, Janet und Eliot, sind nach Fillory zurückgekehrt, um in dieser magischen Welt als Könige und Königinnen zu leben. Aber schon bald wird Quentin dieser so ausgeglichenen und unveränderlichen Welt überdrüssig – er will das Abenteuer und er will sich nützlich machen. Als die Außeninsel ihre Steuern nicht bezahlt, nimmt er das zum Anlass, sich dorthin auf die Reise zu machen. Er hat ein uraltes Segelschiff gefunden, dass er aufwendig restaurieren lässt und sticht schließlich mit Julia und seinen Freunden in See. Doch was sie nicht wissen, ist, dass Julia sich auf einen gefährlichen Handel mit einer Gruppe abtrünniger Magier eingelassen hat. Sie erhält außergewöhnliche Kräfte, büßt dafür aber ihre Menschlichkeit ein. Und diese Magier haben zudem die alten Götter heraufbeschworen, die die magischen Welten zerstören wollen. Nur wenn Quentin und seine Freunde die sieben goldenen Schlüssel finden, können sie die Welt retten. Eine fantastische Suche beginnt, die die Freunde von Fillory über Chesterton, Massachusetts, Venedig und die Jenseitsinsel bis ans Ende der Welt führt.
Category: Fiction