Tactical Biopolitics

Author : Beatriz Da Costa
ISBN : 9780262514910
Genre : Art
File Size : 55.42 MB
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Scientists, scholars, and artists consider the political significance of recent advances in the biological sciences.
Category: Art

Introduction To International And Global Studies Second Edition

Author : Shawn C. Smallman
ISBN : 9781469621661
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 36.72 MB
Format : PDF
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This innovative introduction to international and global studies, updated and revised in a new edition, offers instructors in the social sciences and humanities a core textbook for teaching undergraduates in this rapidly growing field. Encompassing the latest scholarship in what is a markedly interdisciplinary endeavor, Shawn Smallman and Kimberley Brown introduce key concepts, themes, and issues and then examine each in lively chapters on essential topics that include the history of globalization; economic, political, and cultural globalization; security, energy, and development; health; agriculture and food; and the environment. Within these topics, the authors explore such timely and pressing subjects as commodity chains, labor (including present-day slavery), human rights, multinational corporations, and the connections among them. New to this edition: * The latest research on debates over privacy rights and surveillance since Edward Snowden's disclosures * Updates on significant political and economic developments throughout the world, including a new case study of European Union, Icelandic, and Greek responses to the 2008 fiscal crisis * The newest information about the rise of fracking, the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the decline of the Peak Oil movement, and climate change, including the latter's effects on the Arctic and Antarctica * A dedicated website with authors' blog and a teaching tab with syllabi, class activities, and well-designed, classroom-tested resources * An updated teacher's manual available online, including sample examination questions, additional resources for each chapter, and special assistance for teaching ESL students * Updated career advice for international studies majors
Category: Political Science

Green Light Toward An Art Of Evolution

Author : George Gessert
ISBN : 9780262291583
Genre : Art
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Humans have bred plants and animals with an eye to aesthetics for centuries: flowers are selected for colorful blossoms or luxuriant foliage; racehorses are prized for the elegance of their frames. Hybridized plants were first exhibited as fine art in 1936, when the Museum of Modern Art in New York showed Edward Steichen's hybrid delphiniums. Since then, bio art has become a genre; artists work with a variety of living things, including plants, animals, bacteria, slime molds, and fungi. Many commentators have addressed the social and political concerns raised by making art out of living material. In Green Light, however, George Gessert examines the role that aesthetic perception has played in bio art and other interventions in evolution. Gessert looks at a variety of life forms that humans have helped shape, focusing on plants--the most widely domesticated form of life and the one that has been crucial to his own work as an artist. We learn about pleasure gardens of the Aztecs, cultivated for intoxicating fragrance; the aesthetic standards promoted by national plant societies; a daffodil that looks like a rose; and praise for weeds and wildflowers.
Category: Art

Activist Media And Biopolitics

Author : Wolfgang Sützl
ISBN : 9783903122192
Genre : Social Science
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After tactical media became less important, many media activist projects repositioned themselves: in the context of biopolitics they challenge the hegemony of biopower. This volume contains theoretical and empirical contributions to a conference on issues of media activism and biopolitics which has been organized by Innsbruck Media Studies in 2010. Theorists and activists describe and analyze media, whose goal is to enable resistance against regimes of biopower. The control of mobility and visibility, the biopolitics of death, the creation of virtual subjects and chimeras as well as biopolitical production are areas in which activists have intervened and gave rise to a theoretical discourse to which this volume contributes.
Category: Social Science

Starve And Immolate

Author : Banu Bargu
ISBN : 9780231538114
Genre : Philosophy
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Category: Philosophy

Queering The Biopolitics Of Citizenship In The Age Of Obama

Author : J. Rohrer
ISBN : 9781137488206
Genre : Political Science
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The book from the interdisciplinary fields of queer theory, critical race theory, feminist political theory, disability studies, and indigenous studies to demonstrate that analyzing contemporary notions of citizenship requires understanding the machinations of governmentality and biopolitics in the (re)production of the proper citizen.
Category: Political Science

The Biopolitics Of The War On Terror

Author : Julian Reid
ISBN : 9781847796561
Genre : Political Science
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Newly available in paperback, this book overturns existing understandings of the origins and futures of the War on Terror for the purposes of International Relations theory. It demonstrates why this is not a war in defence of the integrity of human life, but a war over the political constitution of life in which the limitations of liberal accounts of humanity are a fundamental cause of the conflict. The question of the future of humanity is posed by this war, but only in the sense that its resolution depends on our abilities to move beyond the limits of dominant understandings of the human and its politics. Theorising with and beyond the works of Foucault, Deleuze, Baudrillard, Virilio and Negri, this book examines the possibilities for such a movement. What forms does human life take, it asks, when liberal understandings of humanity are no longer understood as horizons to strive for, but impositions against which the human must struggle in order to fulfil its destiny? What forms does the human assume when war against liberal regimes becomes the determining condition of its possibility? Answers to such questions are pressing, this book argues, if we earnestly desire an escape from the current impasses of international politics.
Category: Political Science

Global Media Biopolitics And Affect

Author : Britta Timm Knudsen
ISBN : 9781317698685
Genre : Computers
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Global Media, Biopolitics and Affect shows how mediations of bodily vulnerability have become a strong political force in contemporary societies. In discussions and struggles concerning war involvement, healthcare issues, charity, democracy movements, contested national pasts, and climate change, performances of bodily vulnerability is increasingly used by citizens to raise awareness, create sympathy, encourage political action, and to circulate information in global media networks. The book thus argues that bodily vulnerability can serve as a catalyst for affectively charging and disseminating particular political events or issues by means of media. To investigate how, when and why that happens, and to evaluate the long-term social impacts of mediating bodily vulnerability, the book offers a theoretical framework for understanding the role of bodily vulnerability in contemporary digital media culture. Likewise, it presents a range of close empirical case studies in the areas of illness blogging, global protests after the killing of Neda Agda Soltan in Iran, charity communication, green media activism, online war commemoration and digital witnessing related to conflicts in Sarajevo and Ukraine.
Category: Computers

The Biopolitics Of Race

Author : Sokthan Yeng
ISBN : 9780739182246
Genre : Philosophy
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Many political figures insist that their anti-immigration sentiments have nothing to do with race and racism. Americans seem largely unconvinced, which is why politicians must protest so loudly and often. In order to deflect accusations of racism, public figures evoke the neo-liberal principle that calls for protection of state health and resources. Yet contemporary philosophers such as Hanna Arendt, Michel Foucault, and Giorgio Agamben argue that neo-liberal ideology is racist. Sokthan Yeng applies their analysis to the debate over immigration policies to show that neo-liberalism not only recodes traditional racist rhetoric but also expands systemic racism. Politicians can say that their anti-immigration policies are meant to protect the nation’s economy and strength. It is no coincidence, however, that the populations most affected by these regulations are ethnic and cultural minorities such as Mexican and Muslim immigrants. The analysis presented in The Biopolitics of Race will be valuable to philosophers and other scholars or students interested in critical race theory, feminism, and queer theory. It also has implications for anyone working in public health, bioethics, or migration studies.
Category: Philosophy


Author : Joseph Pugliese
ISBN : 9780415874878
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 35.23 MB
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Biometric technologies, such as finger- or facial-scan, are being deployed across a variety of social contexts in order to facilitate and guarantee identity verification and authentication. In the post-9/11 world, biometric technologies have experienced an extraordinary period of growth as concerns about security and screening have increased. This book analyses biometric systems in terms of the application of biopolitical power âe" corporate, military and governmental âe" on the human body. It deploys cultural theory in examining the manner in which biometric technologies constitute the body as a target of surveillance and as a data-information object. The book thereby provides a comprehensive overview and critical analysis of both the local and global ramifications of biometric technologies.
Category: Political Science