The Accidental City

Author : Lawrence N. Powell
ISBN : 9780674065444
Genre : History
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Chronicles the history of the city from its being contended over as swampland through Louisiana's statehood in 1812, discussing its motley identities as a French village, African market town, Spanish fortress, and trade center.
Category: History

The Accidental City

Author : Paul Ashton
ISBN : 0868064874
Genre : City planning
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Traces the development and impact of modern town planning on Sydney within a broad social context. Examines plans and planning devices, as well as personalities and politics involved in attempts to control growth in Sydney since 1788. Illustrated with many previously unpublished images. Includes a chronology, a bibliography and an index. The author is a freelance historian whose other publications include TCentennial Park: A history'.
Category: City planning

Accidental City

Author : Robert Fulford
ISBN : UOM:39015038165240
Genre : Architecture
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Toronto is one of the world's great cities and the commercial and cultural capital of English-speaking Canada. But it is also a classic example of a modern city that has sustained and withstood every kind of urban force. Robert Fulford, in this compelling book, recounts the exciting story of the postwar transformation of an aging city. In the 1950s Toronto was a gray lady - "a good place to mind your own business", as Northrop Frye said. Built in a strange and challenging ravine-threaded landscape on the shore of Lake Ontario by generations of architects, the city is now the home of the Canadian National Tower, of an extraordinary subway system, of the Blue Jays and their SkyDome, of the Royal Ontario Museum. Today Toronto bristles with vitality, glitters with every fascination that architecture, planning, and cultural and intellectual life can give to a city. It has fallen into many of the characteristic mistakes of modern urban planning, yet it has also saved itself from the worst of them. This graceful narrative, moving from one part of Toronto to another, paints a portrait of the city, its recent history, its urban planning, and its economic growth.
Category: Architecture

Das Verr Ckte Leben Der Jessie Jefferson

Author : Paige Toon
ISBN : 9783959679725
Genre : Fiction
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An Jessies 15. Geburtstag verunglückt ihre Mutter tödlich - ohne je verraten zu haben, wer ihr leiblicher Vater ist. Außer sich vor Trauer und Wut, entlockt Jessie ihrem Stiefvater das schockierende Geheimnis: Ihr Erzeuger ist der Mega-Rockstar Johnny Jefferson, der nichts von ihrer Existenz ahnt! Klar, dass Jessie ihren berühmten Dad unbedingt treffen will, doch der Besuch im sonnigen Kalifornien, wo Johnny mit seiner Familie lebt, verläuft zunächst holprig. Dank des heißen Nachwuchsmusikers Jack findet Jessie schließlich Gefallen an der Glitzerwelt von L.A. Aber kann sie in dieser Glamourwelt wirklich bestehen? "Wundervoll und clever. Macht süchtig nach mehr!" Cosmopolitan "Überraschend und aufregend - und gleichzeitig süß und romantisch!" Heat "Einfach unwiderstehlich" Company "Witzig und fesselnd - die perfekte Urlaubslektüre!" Closer "Es ist großartig, wieder von Johnny und Meg zu hören - aus der Perspektive seiner Tochter Jessie." Leserstimme auf Goodreads
Category: Fiction

Die Zuf Llige

Author : Ali Smith
ISBN : 9783641197162
Genre : Fiction
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Eine englische Familie macht Ferien in einem Sommerhaus in Norfolk. Der Vater Michael, ein Literaturprofessor, trifft sich wie gewohnt mit Studentinnen. Die Mutter Eve, eine erfolgreiche Autorin, versucht, ihre Schreibblockade zu überwinden. Die Kinder Magnus und Astrid leben in ihrer eigenen abgeschotteten Welt. Bis plötzlich Amber auftaucht, eine geheimnisvolle, charismatische Fremde, und das Leben dieser ganz normalen neurotischen Familie gehörig durcheinanderbringt. Ausgezeichnet mit dem Whitbread Award für den besten Roman.
Category: Fiction

Die Reisen Des Mr Leary

Author : Anne Tyler
ISBN : 9783036992983
Genre : Fiction
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Der kauzige, aber durchaus reizende Mr Leary schreibt Reiseführer für Leute, die geschäftlich unterwegs sein müssen, das Reisen aber hassen – ganz wie er selbst! In sein höchst organisiertes Leben platzt Muriel, eine junge Frau, die eigentlich seinen Hund erziehen soll, aber plötzlich Mr Leary selbst als faszinierende pädagogische Aufgabe begreift. Und Mr Leary steht mit einem Mal zwischen Muriel und seiner Ehefrau Sarah, die ihn eigentlich verlassen wollte.
Category: Fiction

Making Space

Author : Andrew MacLaran
ISBN : 9781444144673
Genre : Political Science
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Making Space studies the built environment by examining the private-sector forces responsible for its development and the urban planning systems put in place to influence, guide and manipulate its outcomes. The first part provides a theoretical context for understanding the functions of the property development sector and the state's interventions through the medium of urban planning. It analyses the relationship between planning and development, and focuses on the increasingly widespread adoption of more pro-active entrepreneurial planning agendas as a response to a growing disenchantment with traditional regulatory approaches. The second part comprises case studies (drawn from Australia, New Zealand, the USA, the United Kingdom and Ireland) which investigate the ways in which urban planning in different socio-political contexts has influenced the outcomes of the property development process as well as the manner in which such planning systems have changed in order to enhance their influence.
Category: Political Science

The Accidental Anarchist

Author : Bryna Kranzler
ISBN : 9780984556304
Genre : Jewish soldiers
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At 25, Jacob Marateck was a Jewish officer in the notoriously anti-Semitic Russian army during the Russo-Japanese War. After avoiding a firing squad for a third time, he escaped from a Siberian forced labor camp with Warsaw's colorful "King of Thieves." This is the remarkable, true story of an ordinary man made extraordinary by participating in the history-making events of the 1900s in Russia and Poland.
Category: Jewish soldiers


Author : Robert E. Lang
ISBN : 9780815751120
Genre : Business & Economics
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A glance at a list of America's fastest growing "cities" reveals quite a surprise: most are really overgrown suburbs. Places such as Anaheim, California, Coral Springs, Florida, Naperville, Illinois, North Las Vegas, Nevada, and Plano, Texas, have swelled to big-city size with few people really noticing—including many of their ten million residents. These "boomburbs" are large, rapidly growing, incorporated communities of more than 100,000 residents that are not the biggest city in their region. Here, Robert E. Lang and Jennifer B. LeFurgy explain who lives in them, what they look like, how they are governed, and why their rise calls into question the definition of urban. Located in over twenty-five major metro areas throughout the United States, numerous boomburbs have doubled, tripled, even quadrupled in size between census reports. Some are now more populated than traditional big cities. The population of the biggest boomburb—Mesa, Arizona—recently surpassed that of Minneapolis and Miami. Typically large and sprawling, boomburbs are "accidental cities," but not because they lack planning. Many are made up of master-planned communities that have grown into one another. Few anticipated becoming big cities and unintentionally arrived at their status. Although boomburbs possess elements found in cities such as housing, retailing, offices, and entertainment, they lack large downtowns. But they can contain high-profile industries and entertainment venues: the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Arizona Cardinals are among over a dozen major-league sports teams who play in the boomburbs. Urban in fact but not in feel, these drive-by cities of highways, office parks, and shopping malls are much more horizontally built and less pedestrian friendly than most older suburbs. And, contrary to common perceptions of suburbia, they are not rich and elitist. Poverty is often seen in boomburb communities of small single-family homes, neighborhoods that once represented the American dream. Boomburbs are a quintessential American landscape, embodying much of the nation's complexity, expansiveness, and ambiguity. This fascinating look at the often contradictory world of boomburbs examines why America's suburbs are thriving and how they are shaping the lives of millions of residents.
Category: Business & Economics

Flood Of Images

Author : Bernie Cook
ISBN : 9780292771369
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 25.30 MB
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Anyone who was not in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent flooding of the city experienced the disaster as a media event, a flood of images pouring across television and computer screens. The twenty-four-hour news cycle created a surplus of representation that overwhelmed viewers and complicated understandings of the storm, the flood, and the aftermath. As time passed, documentary and fictional filmmakers took up the challenge of explaining what had happened in New Orleans, reaching beyond news reports to portray the lived experiences of survivors of Katrina. But while these narratives presented alternative understandings and more opportunities for empathy than TV news, Katrina remained a mediated experience. In Flood of Images, Bernie Cook offers the most in-depth, wide-ranging, and carefully argued analysis of the mediation and meanings of Katrina. He engages in innovative, close, and comparative visual readings of news coverage on CNN, Fox News, and NBC; documentaries including Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke and If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don't Rise, Tia Lessin and Carl Deal's Trouble the Water, and Dawn Logsdon and Lolis Elie's Faubourg Treme; and the HBO drama Treme. Cook examines the production practices that shaped Katrina-as-media-event, exploring how those choices structured the possible memories and meanings of Katrina and how the media's memory-making has been contested. In Flood of Images, Cook intervenes in the ongoing process of remembering and understanding Katrina.
Category: Performing Arts