Biblical Heritage Awakening

Author : Navee Yaacov Yisrael
ISBN : 1426948824
Genre : Religion
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Biblical Heritage Awakening, is an exhortation to all Non-Awakened Black African people, nations, tongues, exiles, etc. throughout the world (which do not know Yahavah their Yaheem), who, have not as yet, considered, who they are (Black African Hebrews of the Nation Yisrael, of the BRHAL)? Where they are (still in exile bondage, of the Biblical Black African Hebrew Slave Trade)? And, Where there inheritance lies (promised Motherland of Africa/Yisrael)? Now, without the acceptance of this knowledge, the Non-Awakened Black African Nation (presently, known, and called, throughout the world by false byword lie terms, for their identity, as, So-Negroes, Blacks, Afro’s, Colored People, exiles, etc.), will always be, still dead to own heritage identity, lost without inspirational directions, without consideration for own inheritance, beliefs, and customs. Now, in order for the Non-Awakened Black African Nation of Yisrael, to become mentally sane, and physically free, they must go back to the basic, of accepting being descendants of their Black African Hebrew Ancestors, of the Biblical Black African Hebrew Slave Trade, and rejecting all falsehood lies and cursed byword terms for their identity, and proudly accept who they really are, Black African Hebrews of the Nation Yisrael, those that are awakened and not dead.
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The Black Role In The Bible

Author : Aylmer von Fleischer
Genre :
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This eBook mentions many great Biblical characters whose Black identities are not generally known. It also touches on the important roles Blacks have played in the Bible. Those who have a copy of 'Retake Your Fame: Black Contribution to World Civilization, Volume 1' by the same author need not buy this ebook.

Black And Slave

Author : David M. Goldenberg
ISBN : 9783110522471
Genre : Religion
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Studies of the Curse of Ham, the belief that the Bible consigned blacks to everlasting servitude, confuse and conflate two separate origins stories (etiologies), one of black skin and the other of black slavery. This work unravels the etiologies and shows how the Curse, an etiology of black slavery, evolved from an earlier etiology explaining the existence of dark-skinned people. We see when, where, why, and how an original mythic tale of black origins morphed into a story of the origins of black slavery, and how, in turn, the second then supplanted the first as an explanation for black skin. In the process we see how formulations of the Curse changed over time, depending on the historical and social contexts, reflecting and refashioning the way blackness and blacks were perceived. In particular, two significant developments are uncovered. First, a curse of slavery, originally said to affect various dark-skinned peoples, was eventually applied most commonly to black Africans. Second, blackness, originally incidental to the curse, in time became part of the curse itself. Dark skin now became an intentional marker of servitude, the visible sign of the blacks’ degradation, and in the process deprecating black skin itself.
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I Don T Want Your Man I Want My Own

Author : Dr. Alveda C. King
ISBN : 1477138528
Genre : Religion
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I DON’T WANT YOUR MAN, I WANT MY OWN SECOND EDITION “ A compelling allegory, a must have “spiritual tool” for generations to come.” - Dr. John L. Johnson, publisher and author Of THE BLACK BIBLICAL HERITAGE Our Vision “Uniting the dream of Civil Rights and moral justice for abundant life." Our Mission “Enhancing lives spiritually, intellectually, physically and holistically.”
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Breaking Strongholds In The African American Family

Author : Clarence Earl Walker
ISBN : 9780310200079
Genre : Religion
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A practical guidebook for African-American churches to help black families prevail in the spiritual warfare being waged against them.
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King Truths

Author : Alveda King
ISBN : 9781629994550
Genre : History
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Unlock Your Spiritual Potential There is power inside of you, power to discover, heal, and accomplish so much more in your life. Alveda King, niece of the civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., shares twenty-one keys to help you unlock your spiritual potential. As your tour guide on this journey of discovery, she reveals how her famous family taught her that when you use your God-given gifts, you can impact the world. Sharing secrets to unlocking a divine family, divine salvation, divine forgiveness, and much more, King inspires you to unlock authority to use your spiritual gifts to their greatest potential. Learn how to live “in spirit and in truth” to discover what “to you it has been given” means for your life. King teaches how your worship can be expressed in your music, creative writing, scientific genius, medical breakthrough, business savvy, or countless other deeds and strengths. Bolstered with scriptures and personal experiences, King Truths is for those with a stirring in their souls to not only discover their purpose in life but also use their gifts for the glory of God.
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Biblical Strategies For A Community In Crisis

Author : Colleen Birchett
ISBN : 0940955202
Genre : Religion
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Biblical Strategies For A Community In Crisis contains inspirational messages and warnings by eleven leading Christian thinkers whose dreams have had a major impact on the African American community during the closing decades of the 20th Century.
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