The Cherokee Nation

Author : Robert J. Conley
ISBN : 9780826332356
Genre : History
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Robert Conley's history of the Cherokees is the first to be endorsed by the Cherokee Nation and to be written by a Cherokee.
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The Cherokee Indian Nation

Author : Duane H. King
ISBN : 1572334517
Genre : History
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This important book explores the truth behind the legends, offering new insights into the turbulent history of these Native Americans. The book's readable style will appeal to all those interested in American Indians. "Any serious historian or reader of Native American literature must add Dr. King's classic book to their collection to appreciate its dimension and quality of research reporting." --Don Shadburn, Forsyth County News (Cummings, GA)
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Demanding The Cherokee Nation

Author : Andrew Denson
ISBN : 9780803294677
Genre : History
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Demanding the Cherokee Nation examines nineteenth-century Cherokee political rhetoric in reassessing an enigma in American Indian history: the contradiction between the sovereignty of Indian nations and the political weakness of Indian communities. Drawing from a rich collection of petitions, appeals, newspaper editorials, and other public records, Andrew Denson describes the ways in which Cherokees represented their people and their nation to non-Indians after their forced removal to Indian Territory in the 1830s. He argues that Cherokee writings on nationhood document a decades-long effort by tribal leaders to find a new model for American Indian relations in which Indian nations could coexist with a modernizing United States. Most non-Natives in the nineteenth century assumed that American development and progress necessitated the end of tribal autonomy, and that at best the Indian nation was a transitional state for Native people on the path to assimilation. As Denson shows, however, Cherokee leaders articulated a variety of ways in which the Indian nation, as they defined it, belonged in the modern world. Tribal leaders responded to developments in the United States and adapted their defense of Indian autonomy to the great changes transforming American life in the middle and late nineteenth century, notably also providing cogent new justification for Indian nationhood within the context of emergent American industrialization.
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An Oral History Of Tahlequah And The Cherokee Nation

Author : Deborah L. Duvall
ISBN : 9781439627969
Genre : Social Science
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These pages are filled with memories and favorite tales that capture the essence of life in the Cherokee Nation. Ms. Duvall invites the reader to follow the tribe from its pre-historic days in the southeast, to early 20th century life in the Cookson Hills of Oklahoma. Learn about Pretty Woman, who had the power over life and death, or the mystical healing springs of Tahlequah. Spend some time with U.S. Deputy Marshals as they roam the old Cherokee Nation in pursuit of Indian Territory outlaws like Zeke Proctor and Charlie Wickliffe, or wander the famous haunted places where ghost horses still travel an ancient trail and the spirits of long-dead Spaniards still search for gold.
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The Cherokee Nation In The Civil War

Author : Clarissa W. Confer
ISBN : 9780806184661
Genre : Social Science
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No one questions the horrific impact of the Civil War on America, but few realize its effect on American Indians. Residents of Indian Territory found the war especially devastating. Their homeland was beset not only by regular army operations but also by guerillas and bushwhackers. Complicating the situation even further, Cherokee men fought for the Union as well as the Confederacy and created their own “brothers’ war.” This book offers a broad overview of the war as it affected the Cherokees—a social history of a people plunged into crisis. The Cherokee Nation in the Civil War shows how the Cherokee people, who had only just begun to recover from the ordeal of removal, faced an equally devastating upheaval in the Civil War. Clarissa W. Confer illustrates how the Cherokee Nation, with its sovereign status and distinct culture, had a wartime experience unlike that of any other group of people—and suffered perhaps the greatest losses of land, population, and sovereignty. Confer examines decision-making and leadership within the tribe, campaigns and soldiering among participants on both sides, and elements of civilian life and reconstruction. She reveals how a centuries-old culture informed the Cherokees’ choices, with influences as varied as matrilineal descent, clan affiliations, economic distribution, and decentralized government combining to distinguish the Native reaction to the war. The Cherokee Nation in the Civil War recalls a people enduring years of hardship while also struggling for their future as the white man’s war encroached on the physical and political integrity of their nation.
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The Cherokee Nation And Tahlequah

Author : Deborah L. Duvall
ISBN : 0738502898
Genre : History
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The Cherokee Nation, world-famous for its turbulent and colorful past, is home to the second-largest American Indian tribe in the United States. This fascinating visual history spans 14 counties of northeast Oklahoma, from the Arkansas River to the Kansas border, and features the capital, Tahlequah. The U.S. government's harsh treatment of the Cherokees culminating in the notorious "Trail of Tears" is documented here. In Indian Territory, the Cherokees quickly established systems of democratic government, education, and communication. Many lived in the same manner as their white counterparts of the time, as wealthy plantation owners and ranchers. They were completely literate in their own written language, printing newspapers, magazines, and books. Devastation struck as the Civil War split the Cherokees into factions, dividing families and neighbors and destroying communities and homes. Again, the resilient Cherokees rebuilt their nation, enjoying growth and renewed prosperity until land allotment and statehood stripped away their self-governance. The progressive, accomplished character of the Cherokees is evidenced by the pictures and stories in this book. Here you will meet the leaders who helped rebuild the great Cherokee Nation, legendary figures like Sequoyah and Will Rogers, and the patriots and artisans who have kept the tribe's culture and tradition alive throughout history.
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Slavery In The Cherokee Nation

Author : Patrick Neal Minges
ISBN : 9781135942083
Genre : History
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This work explores the dynamic issues of race and religion within the Cherokee Nation and to look at the role of secret societies in shaping these forces during the nineteenth century.
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