The Complete Valley Of The Kings

Author : Nicholas Reeves
ISBN : 0500284032
Genre : History
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Here is a paperback edition of the definitive account of the Valley of the Kings, visited by millions and famous throughout the world as the burial place of the great New Kingdom pharaohs. Reeves and Wilkinson, both world authorities on the valley, bring together the art, archaeology and history in an exciting narrative to create both an essential sourcebook and an entertaining guide for tourists, scholars, students and all armchair travellers.
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Tutankhamum S Tomb

Author : Carl Nicholas Reeves
ISBN : 1841197386
Genre : Excavations (Archaeology)
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An up-to-date history of the excavation of Tutankhamun's tomb - includes new evidence on the Paraoh's Curse and previously unpublished material from original documents.
Category: Excavations (Archaeology)

The Valley Of The Kings

Author : Kent R. Weeks
ISBN : 9781617975721
Genre : Business & Economics
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During the New Kingdom (c. 1570–1070 BCE), the Valley of the Kings was the burial place of Egypt’s pharaohs, including such powerful and famous rulers as Amenhotep III, Rameses II, and Tutankhamen. They were buried here in large and beautifully decorated tombs that have become among the country’s most visited archaeological sites. The tourists contribute millions of badly needed dollars to Egypt’s economy. But because of inadequate planning, these same visitors are destroying the very tombs they come to see. Crowding, pollution, changes in the tombs’ air quality, ever-growing tourist infrastructure—all pose serious threats to the Valley’s survival. This volume, the result of twenty-five years of work by the Theban Mapping Project at the American University in Cairo, traces the history of the Valley of the Kings and offers specific proposals to manage the site and protect its fragile contents. At the same time, it recognizes the need to provide a positive experience for the thousands of visitors who flock here daily. This is the first major management plan developed for any Egyptian archaeological site, and as its proposals are implemented, they offer a replicable model for archaeologists, conservators, and site managers throughout Egypt and the region. Published in both English and Arabic editions and supported by the World Monuments Fund, this critical study will help to ensure the survival of Egypt’s patrimony in a manner compatible with the country’s heavy reliance on tourism income.
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In The Valley Of The Kings

Author : Daniel Meyerson
ISBN : 9780345515278
Genre : History
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In 1922, the British archaeologist Henry Carter opened King Tutankhamun’s tomb, illuminating the glories of an ancient civilization. And while the world celebrated the extraordinary revelation that gave Carter international renown and an indelible place in history, by the time of his death, the discovery had nearly destroyed him. Now, in a stunning feat of narrative nonfiction, Daniel Meyerson has written a thrilling and evocative account of this remarkable man and his times. Carter began his career inauspiciously. At the age of seventeen–unknown, untrained, untried–he was hired as a copyist of tomb art by the brash, brilliant, and boldly unkempt father of modern archaeology, W. F. Petrie. Carter struck out on his own a few years later, sensing that something amazing lay buried beneath his feet, waiting for him to uncover it. But others had the same idea: The ancient cities of Egypt were crawling with European adventurers and their wealthy sponsors, each hoping to outdo the others with glittering discoveries–even as growing nationalist resentment against foreigners plundering the country’s most treasured antiquities simmered dangerously in the background. Not until Carter met up with the risk-taking, adventure-loving occultist Lord Carnarvon did his fortunes change. There were stark differences in personality and temperament between the cantankerous Carter and his gregarious patron, but together they faced down endless ridicule from the most respected explorers of the day. Seven dusty and dispiriting years after their first meeting, their dream came to astonishing life. But there would be a price to pay for this partnership, their discovery, and the glory and fame it brought both men–and the chain of events that transpired in the wake of their success remains fascinating and shocking to this day. An enthralling story told with unprecedented verve, In the Valley of the Kings is a tale of mania and greed, of fame and lost fortune, of history and its damnations. As he did in The Linguist and the Emperor, Daniel Meyerson puts his exciting storytelling powers on full display, revealing an almost forgotten time when past and present came crashing together with the power to change–or curse–men’s lives. From the Hardcover edition.
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The Oxford Handbook Of The Valley Of The Kings

Author : Kent Weeks
ISBN : 9780199931637
Genre : Tombs
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The royal necropolis of New Kingdom Egypt, known as the Valley of the Kings (KV), is one of the most important--and celebrated--archaeological sites in the world. Located on the west bank of the Nile river, about three miles west of modern Luxor, the valley is home to more than sixty tombs, all dating to the second millennium BCE. The most famous of these is the tomb of Tutankhamun, first discovered by Howard Carter in 1922. Other famous pharaoh's interred here include Hatshepsut, the only queen found in the valley, and Ramesses II, ancient Egypt's greatest ruler. Much has transpired in the study and exploration of the Valley of the Kings over the last few years. Several major discoveries have been made, notably the many-chambered KV5 (tomb of the sons of Ramesses II) and KV 63, a previously unknown tomb found in the heart of the valley. Many areas of the royal valley have been explored for the first time using new technologies, revealing ancient huts, shrines, and stelae. New studies of the DNA, filiation, cranio-facial reconstructions, and other aspects of the royal mummies have produced important and sometimes controversial results. The Oxford Handbook of the Valley of the Kings provides an up-to-date and thorough reference designed to fill a very real gap in the literature of Egyptology. It will be an invaluable resource for scholars, teachers, and researchers with an interest in this key area of Egyptian archaeology. First, introductory chapters locate the Valley of the Kings in space and time. Subsequent chapters offer focused examinations of individual tombs: their construction, content, development, and significance. Finally, the book discusses the current status of ongoing issues of preservation and archaeology, such as conservation, tourism, and site management. In addition to recent work mentioned above, aerial imaging, remote sensing, studies of the tombs' architectural and decorative symbolism, problems of conservation site management, and studies of KV-related temples are just some of the aspects not covered in any other work on the Valley of the Kings. This volume promises to become the primary scholarly reference work on this important World Heritage Site.
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Das Hatschepsut Puzzle

Author : Michael Höveler-Müller
ISBN : 9783945751251
Genre : History
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Stück für Stück – dem Menschen Hatschepsut genähert Sie war eine der wichtigsten Herrschergestalten des Neuen Reichs und ihre Regierungsjahre galten als eine der Glanzzeiten der ägyptischen Geschichte – Hatschepsut der weibliche König von Ägypten (ca. 1489–1467 v. Chr.). Ein Flakon und sein Inhalt – eine ca. 3500 Jahre alte Substanz – gewähren überraschend tiefe und persönliche Einblicke in das Leben dieser legendären Pharaonin. Der Tod der Hatschepsut blieb über 3500 Jahre rätselhaft. War eine der berühmtesten ägyptischen Königinnen zum Opfer eines Mordkomplotts geworden? Ein handtellergroßer Flakon mit dem Namen der Hatschepsut wurde in dieser Frage zum entscheidenden Puzzleteil für die Forschung und lieferte entscheidende Indizien zur Lösung dieses Falls. Der vorliegende Band „Das Puzzle der Hatschepsut“ bietet erstmals einen fundierten Überblick der Forschungsarbeiten an dem Gefäß der Königin, das 2009 originalversiegelt geröntgt wurde. Naturwissenschaftliche Analysen entlarven die anfänglich für ein Parfum gehaltene Originalsubstanz als ein Heilmittel für Hautkrankheiten. Diese Erkenntnisse liefern tiefe und persönliche Einblicke in das Leben und den Tod der außergewöhnlichen Herrscherin und fügen ihrer Geschichte ein entscheidendes Kapitel hinzu. Ein spannender Wissenschaftskrimi, der dem Leser die weibliche Pharaonin näherbringt, die zu Lebzeiten geliebt, gehasst und gefürchtet wurde.
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Das Tal Der K Nige

Author : Erik Hornung
ISBN : 3406479952
Genre : Moral painting and decoration, Egyptian
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Category: Moral painting and decoration, Egyptian

Ancient Egypt

Author : Donald P. Ryan
ISBN : 9781317247043
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 74.32 MB
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Ancient Egypt: The Basics offers an accessible and comprehensive introduction to the history, archaeology and influence of this fascinating civilization. Coverage includes: A survey of Egyptian history from its earliest origins to the coming of Islam Life and death in ancient Egypt Key archaeological discoveries and important characters Egypt’s impact and reception through to the modern day Lively and engaging, this is an indispensable resource for anyone beginning their studies of Egyptian history, culture and archaeology, and a must-read for anyone who wants to learn more about the country’s long and captivating past.
Category: Social Science